Drill is an electrician tool for drilling holes on a variety of materials. It is a versatile tool that is not limited to professional technicians and it should be kept in a house for use and convenience in repairing and decorating the house. Presently, there are many types of drill that can confuse buyers. HomeGuru, therefore, would like to invite everyone to know the type of each drill and which type is suitable to use, and how to buy a drill and how to safely use the drill. What is drill bit? Including various drill bit types. Which has been compiled in this article.


Types of Drill

If divided by actual use, there are many types of drill, from mobile to large desktops. Today, HomeGuru will talk about mobile drill that many people are familiar with.

Electric screwdriver drill has not much power, available in both wireless and battery. The main function is screwing, having a torque and rotation control system, can be reversed to be suitable for both screw fixing and loosening screws.

Electric drill has approximately 300 – 550 watts of power, suitable for drilling wood, steel and plastic or the material is not very thick. The advantage is that there is a power cable so it can be used continuously.

Electric impact drill has approximately 550 – 720 watts of power. It has 2 systems: ordinary system and shock system that acts like a hammer which helps to penetrate plastered masonry.

Rotary drill has approximately of 650 watts or more, divided into 2 systems: drill and impact systems and 3 system type: drill, impact and extraction system to help increase the mortar surface. It is a drill especially for drilling mortar.

Wireless drill or battery drill no need to use electricity, it is convenient to use outside or higher place. Suitable for drilling wood, steel or screws. But there are limitations that cannot be used continuously because you must keep charging or changing batteries.

Type of drill bit

A device that many people may overlook. Do you know that various types of drill bit affect the material that needs to be drilled and lifespan of equipment more than expected?

High speed drill bit – steel, stainless drill bit produced from carbon steel and mixed with an element that give hardness such as chromium which has a solid, tough, resistant to cracking properties and can drill at high speed, can drill wood, steel, metal, copper, aluminum and plastic.

Carbide drill bit – hardened steel drill bit produced from a material that is very hard, therefore, able to drill materials with hardness that is accurate and diverse, and can be used to drill cement-concrete.

How to use drill safely

  • Dress tightly, wear protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, mask, neatly fold the sleeves up and do not wear jewelry around your hands.
  • Inspect the equipment before use: both equipment and wire.
  • Choose the right equipment for the job.
  • Tighten the drill bit, do not swing or move while in use.
  • If you want to drill the material, always bring materials to support.
  • If you want to drill the moving material, you should lock the material tightly first.
  • Every time before drilling, you should use steel to bring the center to the point where you want to drill.
  • Hold the device tightly and to the point. While drilling, your hand should be pressed against the rotation of the device.

How to buy a drill

Choose the electric power that has high watts, in addition to having more drilling power, it can still use more continuously. But the higher the number of watts, the more weight and consume more power.

Choose from the need for use if you don’t need to do hard work, electric drill is enough for you. But if you need to do hard work, an impact drill or rotary drill is the answer.

Choose from area of use if you have to use in the area without electricity on a regular basis or would like to put it in the car in case of an emergency, a wireless drill is a good choice.

But if you still can’t choose which brand of electric drill to buy, HomeGuru recommends to choose from reliable manufacturers and have product warranty.

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