Engineered flooring is one of the popular floorings used as a material in floor decoration, especially for living room, bedroom, office. Because engineered hardwood is a hardwood floor with texture and texture like real wood, natural, moody, and warm. Most importantly, environmentally friendly. You must not miss out on choosing engineered hardwood as a flooring material for your home for the family, who is also an eco-type. But before buying and installing engineered flooring, HomeGuru has good knowledge about engineered flooring and ideas to decorate the floor for every home.

What is engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring or engineered wood flooring is a flooring material produced from planted forests that are environmentally friendly through processing by drying technology. This technology helps the wood be strong, durable. The pattern and the texture are as beautiful as natural wood and are termite-proof and insect-proof. Most importantly, the price is not high when compared to natural wood that is obtained from nature. Most of the time, the name of engineered wood flooring is referred to by the surface, such as Makha wood and Oakwood. The structure of each layer of wood is as follows.

The top surface of engineered wood flooring is solid wood such as Teak, Natural oak, and Makha, with a 2-3 mm thickness.
The middle layer structure of engineered wood flooring comprises 7-9 layers of alternating hardwood to help reduce the shrinkage and expansion of the wood floor and the sealant for termite and insect protection.
The ground layer structure of engineered wood flooring gives strength and balance to the wood floor. It is a hardwood that is more rigid than the middle layer structure.


Advantage of engineered flooring

• Environmentally friendly, although engineered hardwood is made from natural wood. But it is a wood that comes from a plantation forest, not a natural wood that occurs naturally.
• Patterns and textures like real wood. Because the top surface texture of the engineered flooring is real wood, the pattern is natural, giving a warm feeling. There are various options to choose from according to the needs and suitability of home decoration design.
• Engineered hardwood is durable and does not bend or shrink with temperature because the top structure is made from real wood.
• Convenient, easy, and quick to install. Because of its lightweight, it can be used immediately after installation.
• Engineered wood flooring is not very expensive compared to natural wood flooring. As a result, it has become an equally popular flooring material.

Disadvantage of engineered flooring

• Should be installed on a flat surface because if engineered wood flooring is installed on uneven floors, it will cause noise when walking.
• The surface of engineered hardwood is relatively thin, so it is prone to scratches. And it is difficult to polish and repair to look like new, so be careful not to scratch.
• Coloring is quite difficult and complex, requiring specialists to achieve a beautifully engineered wood floor.
• Not suitable for outdoor use.
• Engineered flooring costs more than laminate flooring.

ไม้เอ๊นจิเนียร์ พื้นไม้เอ็นจิเนียร์ พื้นไม้ engineering wood

How to maintain engineered flooring?


For homes with engineered flooring, one thing to be careful of and maintain is to prevent scratching the floor, especially when moving furniture. Most of the time, many homes with engineered wood flooring prefer to decorate the floor with carpeting to add a beautiful pattern to the interior and help prevent the floor from scratching from use.

As for cleaning, it’s not complicated. Just use a damp cloth to wipe clean. It is recommended to use a cleaner for engineered wood flooring directly. Do not use detergent as it will stain the floor, and it is difficult to repair to be beautiful as before.

Which room is suitable to install engineered wood flooring?


Engineered wood flooring s an ideal flooring material for the interior decoration of rooms, especially bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Engineered hardwood is a natural patterned hardwood floor with warm tones. When installed in the room, it will help the room stand out and be beautiful. In addition, there is a touch of wood in a natural style that adds charm, modernity, and luxury to the decoration design even more.

How to install engineered flooring


Engineered wood flooring can be installed in two ways: PU glued engineered wood flooring and engineered wood flooring with padded foam. Both methods have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs and characteristics of the original floor, which will be different, let’s see.

1. How to install PU glued engineered wood flooring – It is the installation of wooden floors on tiled or cement floors. It is necessary to clean the surface of the polished cement floor thoroughly without dust to help the adhesion of the Engineered Floor Plank to the ground floor firmly. And it is necessary to measure the floor level before laying, with the floor level difference of not more than 2 mm per 1 meter.

• Pros – PU adhesive installation will give the floor more firmness. However, engineered wood flooring will not adhere to the sub-floor structure.
• Cons If it is damaged, it cannot be repaired or is difficult to do. The entire engineered floor needs to be dismantled and reinstalled.

2. How to install engineered wood flooring with padded foam – It is popular for installation because it is quick to install and applied over the existing cement floor without polishing. It can be laid over the same tile floor immediately, just like installing a laminate floor.

After the floor preparation and cleaning is complete. Then, level the floor by laying a foam foundation at a thickness of approximately 2 mm. to help level the floor smooth, reduce noise and feel comfortable while walking.

• Pros – If the floor is damaged, only the damaged area can be repaired without dismantling the whole plot.
• Cons – If engineered wood flooring is installed at unequal levels, it will feel sagging or collapse when walking.

พื้นไม้เอ็นจิเนียร์ พื้นไม้เอ็นจิเนียร์ พื้นไม้ engineering wood

Engineered flooring is another flooring material that gives beauty and warmth and adds distinctiveness to every room in the house and environmentally friendly wood flooring. Because it is wood from a planted forest that does not destroy nature. Thus, it is another choice for homes looking for flooring materials to decorate their homes or renovate the house.

And for anyone interested in installing engineered wood flooring as HomeGuru mentioned above. Most importantly, it’s best to find a technician specialized in installation to avoid mistakes. Because wood flooring is a material that requires long-term use. If installed incorrectly, it may result in wasting both time and expenses that escalate.

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