If smart phone were the 33rd organ of the body of people this generation, the face mask would be the 34th organ of the body. It has become something that everyone must have with them all the time. With the situation that is surrounded by disasters such as the epidemic, COVID-19 can come back anytime and small dust PM 2.5, which is starting to concentrate every moment. Always wearing a face mask, it helps reduce the risk to health to a certain extent. There are many face masks sold in the market. Choosing the right type of mask for the purpose can prevent both respiratory tract infections and prevent the danger from some types of dust pollution. But if you choose to use, if it is not suitable, it may not help anything either. In this article, HomeGuru will take you to get to now the different types of Face Mask. So that you can choose to buy, choose to use, meet the needs of the most.


Face mask, choose to use according to the situation

1. Medical mask or 3-layer pulp

A 3-layer pulp mask or surgical face mask made of cloth or polypropylene which is a plastic that is safe and inexpensive. You can buy them at convenience stores. It can prevent pathogens containing 3 micron particles that are spread through coughing and sneezing such as bacteria, virus, influenza and COVID-19, however, the limitations of this mask is not attached to the face. When inserting, there may be gaps on the sides and bottom to allow air to flow through. Therefore, it cannot prevent dust particles smaller then 2.5 microns.

หน้ากากอนามัย PM2.5 หน้ากากอนามัย mask หน้ากากอนามัย


2. Carbon mask

Carbon black face mask, it’s not unlike a medical mask, but it has a carbon layer that filters out fumes and odors better. It can filter pathogens with particles 66.37% of 3 microns, and if wearing 2 sheets, it has an effective protection of 89.75%. The efficiency of preventing PM 2.5 dust, if it is shaped like a pulp mask, it cannot filter dust particles smaller than 2.5 microns because the also has a gap for air to flow in. But if it is a feature that covers the face, nose and mouth, it will be more effective.


3. N95 mask

It is a highly effective mask. The special characteristics of this mask are A shape that can cover the face, nose and mouth completely (some models also have a breathing hole), thus preventing pathogens with particles as small as 0.3 microns such as the COVID-19 virus. In addition, the N95 mask prevents PM 2.5 small particles as well, with a high filtration efficiency of 95 out of 100. The mask is best matches the situation of dust and germs.

The disadvantage of N 95 mask is that it is expensive and not suitable for use in patients with lung disease, asthma and pregnant women. Because the breath is difficult to pass through due to the internal resistance, makes breathing difficult.

หน้ากากคาร์บอน PM2.5 หน้ากากฟอกอากาศ หน้ากากอนามัย

หน้ากาก N95

4. Cloth mask

Cloth masks can be washed and reused, so they are more economical. The dustproof feature will not be able to filter germs with very small particles sizes because the fabric has large fibers. But there are fabric types with small fibers. It is effective in repelling water well such as Salu, synthetic cloth, cotton muslin. The more fiber washing is smaller, about 1 micron (COVID-19 virus size 0.05-0.2 microns), when combined with two layers, it will prevent 54-59% of pathogens, which is sufficient for people who are not sick to use in congested areas. But not suitable for dust protection PM 2.5.


5. Sponge mask

It is a mask made from polyurethane carbon. Used for filter air, smoke, dust, this type of mask makes breathing easily. It can be washed, able to restore the original shape without losing its shape. As for the protection efficiency, it is able to protect pollen and small dust. But it cannot prevent dust, PM 2.5 and viruses. Therefore, it is not the most relevant mask of the situation.

หน้ากากผ้าปิดจมูก คล้องคอ หน้ากากกรองฝุ่น PM2.5 หน้ากากอนามัยเด็ก

6. Cloth mask from Amicor fiber

หน้ากากผ้า Amicor 3D Dexzon

It is a new innovation of fabric mask from DEXZON that has been tested in the lab that can kill 99.96% of SARS and COVID-19 viruses within 15 seconds. It can inhibit 99% of bacteria and inhibit the growth of fungi effectively. It also blocks 98% UVA and 100% UVB protection. The outer fabric is made of Polyester and Amicor that have been carefully woven. The inner material is made of 100% Cotton to reduce irritation from wearing a mask for a long time.

The face frame is designed with a 3D shape that fits the face for perfect protection. It has a soft wireframe that can adjust according to the nose’s shape, reinforced with a stopper ear strap to adjust the wearing distance as needed. Also, the edge design, easy to remove the wireframe, is soft, does not irritate the skin. It is comfortable to wear, has good ventilation, reduces humidity, reduces unpleasant odors, and does not fog up the glasses. It can be washed and reused more than 100 times.

หน้ากากผ้า Amicor หน้ากากผ้า Amicor


The right way to wear a mask

Clean your hands before wearing a mask. If it is a medical mask, turn of the dark green side of the mask. Because the green past has a waterproofing compound. Therefore, it should not be put upside down. But if it is a colorless mask, notice the crease of the mask. The side where the crease is pointing down is on the outside. Remove the side with the thin metal, placed at the bridge of the nose, press the metal to bend to the bridge of the nose. So that the mask is close to the face as possible. Then, pull the lower mask down to cover the chin.


Other things to consider in choosing a mask

In addition to looking for the right features, also choose the size of the mask to fit the size of your face. If you are a child, you must choose a specific size. So as not to make the mask too big. The mask should not be placed on the table while removing. Because they may touch germs on the surface or buy a face mask with a neck strap, convenient and safe to use, without the risk of additional germs.


For protection from various pathogens. Both bacteria, the COVID-19 virus and dust, you must also take care of yourself and develop healthy habits along with wearing a face mask, such as regularly washing your hands with soap or using alcohol gels, reducing the use of hands touch on your face, table, bathroom and hand rails in public places or in time of dust, PM 2.5 must refrain from exercising outdoor. You should have an air purifier at your house for increasing safety, more comprehensive in life.

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