Good Fortune Door Color or Feng Shui Gate Color, it is one of the Feng Shui science that many people focus on when building a house, buying a house or renovating a house. Because the door of the house including the front gate, it is the first barrier that must face the impact of both good and bad before the rest of the house. Therefore, if the color of house door is used correctly with the residents of the house inevitably affects the peace and tranquility of the house as well as being a beautiful home decoration for the year 2021 as well! But what colors will the trend in 2021 be? And it can be used as good fortune door color or not, HomeGuru has gathered information for you.


Good fortune door color of the year and the color trend of 2021

Auspicious color of the year 2021

According to Feng Shui principles Each year there will be different auspicious colors of that year, each color has the power to attract fortune. Bring prosperity and help keep the body healthy. Where we can apply these auspicious colors to adapt to home décor Including bringing it to the house or gate. As for the auspicious colors of the year 2021, it will be used since February 12, 2021, which is the Chinese New Year and is considered the beginning of the Ox or Cow Year, the year of the zodiac is 2021.


Aqua Blue may be called another name light blue ocean. It is the auspicious color of the year 2021 that reflects the desire to find peace in family life. It helps bring goodness to people, provides a feeling of relaxation when stressed or tired It also implies independence and fun in life too.

Metallic Gray is an auspicious color of the year 2021 that is arranged in golden element which is also an element of the year 2021, it is another color that will help bring fortune, prosperity to the home, helps restore the mind to be peaceful and not feel lonely.

White is classified as an auspicious color of the year 2021 that is in the element gold like a metallic gray It can help bring fortune and prosperity to the house as well. It also helps the interior of the house look spacious, airy, beautiful, and stand out with any color.


Color trends of the year 2021

For this color trend of 2021, the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) has predicted that the following 7 shades will be extremely hot. They can be used to design and decorate the house to be beautiful and modern before anyone else including deployed as good fortune door color comfortably.

Desert Flower (PANTONE 15-1435 TCX) The representative of vitality and gentleness reflects looking for something simple, unadorned.

Egret (PANTONE 11-0103 TCX) Representatives of respect, rebirth, light and intolerance.

Petunia (PANTONE 19-3632 TCX) A representative of innovation, technology and equality in all genders.

Canton (PANTONE 16-5112 TCX) The agent of life, relaxation, treatment and environment.

Cyan Blue (PANTONE 16-4529 TCX) Representatives of being aware of the environment and nature including reflecting the start of various environmental technologies.

Blue Fog (PANTONE 15-4008 TCX) Representative of calm and relaxation. It’s a color that eases and reduces detail. Make matters less matter.

Fiesta (PANTONE 17-1564 TCX) Representative of mind power. Stimulate awareness. It is an auspicious color of celebration that responds well to the mind when seen.


Choose Good fortune door color according to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui home doors, if the door color is used in the direction of the house or choose the right door color in the world with the residents, it is believed to bring good fortune, stability, wealth and prosperity to the residents. As good fortune door color according to Feng Shui principles, include the following colors:

Purple door help residents achieve success in their career and help to have financial stability If you want to change the door to purple. You may choose Petunia purple, which represents the cutting edge, technology and equality. Follow the color trends of 2021.

สีน้ำทาไม้ TOA BEGER สีน้ำทาไม้ TOA สีน้ำทาไม้


Red door according to Feng Shui principles Red helps absorb the auspicious yin and yang energy into the people of the house. Promoting money and money to flow without running out of hands. It is another interesting color. But if you are afraid that the red color will be too strong. Try picking up the Fiesta orange color following the color trends of 2021 and it looks no less interesting.

Purple red door is a color that combines purple and red to help the money flow and helps to attract good energy to the people of the house as well.

Brown door good fortune door color top hits color that help in matters of wealth called for money to flow, have money to spend without need.

In addition to the auspicious colors, house door color according to direction. Also, contributes to the prosperity of the residents as well. The door of the house should be in the right direction. The door of the house is suitable for the house, not too small or too big. There are no obstacles until it looks cluttered. Untidy, it also needs to be taken care of not to be dirty, degraded or damaged in order to fully expose the energy to the good.


Choose the color of the gate and fence according to Feng Shui principles

In addition to Feng Shui doors, Feng Shui gates are equally important. Because besides the color of the fence, the house will be something that reflects the tastes of the residents. If choosing the correct Feng Shui fence paint, it will help enhance the fortunes of the residents in various fields as well.

North gate fence choose to use colors that are in the water element, such as the auspicious colors of the year 2021 such as Aqua Blue, Metallic Gray and White, or choose from the color trends of the year. The 2021 colors include Cyan Blue, Blue Fog, and Eqret white. There is also a blue that will enhance your luck in well-being and work.

แปรงทาสีขนสังเคราะห์ ถาดพลาสติก ลูกกลิ้งทาสี ลูกกลิ้งทาสีไมโครไฟเบอร์


South gate fence choose fire element colors such as red, purple, ocher, dark orange, or opt for the Fiesta Orange color based on the 2021 color trend. Trust Additionally, wood-based colors may be added, such as brown or Canton green, following the color trend of 2021.

East gate fence choose wood-based colors, such as brown or Canton green, following the 2021 color trend, and may be complemented by water-based colors such as black, blue, 2021 auspicious colors like aqua blue (Aqua Blue) or use the 2021 color trend like Cyan Blue, which will help boost your health and family vitality.

West gate fence choose to use colors that are in the metal elements such as the auspicious color of the year 2021 like white (White) and metallic gray (Metallic Gray) or color trends in 2021 colors like Eqret White and Blue Fog to promote creativity and children’s power. It may also be complemented by the color of the earth element, such as the sand color.

Northeast gate fence choose to use earthy colors such as earth tones, sand, maroon, dark orange, pink, or choose colors based on the 2021 trend colors like Fiesta Orange, Desert Pink. Flower and purple Petunia, which will help strengthen knowledge, abilities and self-development.


Southeast gate fence choose to use wood-based colors such as brown or Canton green following the 2021 color trend and complement it with black, blue, aqua blue, the auspicious color of the year 2021 or Cyan Blue. Which is in the color trend of 2021 to help add fortune to the residents of wealthy homes.

North west gate fence choose to use colors that are in metal elements such as the auspicious color of the year 2021 like white (white) and metallic gray (metallic gray) or color trends in 2021 colors like white Eqret and blue gray. Fog may be supplemented with earthy colors like sand to promote aid, foster care and travel.

South west gate fence choose earth colors such as brown, yellow, crimson, dark orange, pink, or you can choose colors based on trends in 2021 colors like Fiesta Orange, Orange Pink Desert Flower, and colors. Petunia purple, which will enhance your love and relationship energy.

กาพ่นสีถังบน กาพ่นสีล่างไฟฟ้า เครื่องพ่นสี


For anyone who is planning to build a house, buy a house or renovate a new home for the year 2021, do not forget to bring about Feng Shui good fortune door color that HomeGuru gathered to try and adapt the house to be beautiful and bright, receive property all year round, receive the upcoming new year together.

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