“Ladder” is an important tool that every family should have at home. There are a variety types of ladders for specific use. If you do not choose carefully, there might be an accident. You have to pay attention for choosing a ladder. Learn the different types of ladders that suits your work and safe.


Types of Ladders

1. Household or typical ladder: Most of these ladders are small and moderately strong. These ladders are not use often. It is for necessary use only.
2. General business use: Or it could be called a transport ladder for craftsman work. This type of ladder is commonly used for craftsman work such as painting the house, checking the roof and trimming tree branches.
3. Industrial use: A ladder designed for accommodating heavy weight. Suitable for transport heavy mechanic tools up-down the ladder. It may come with a platform for putting a tool box for convenient use.

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Things to consider before choosing a ladder

1. Consider the type of work and type of a ladder. Because of the design of each ladder has an unequal strength. Choose a suitable ladder for your work.

2. Total weight for using a ladder. Each ladder will have a maximum weight limit; you have to add the weight of tools with your body weight (if you have mechanic tools with you). You have to pay attention to ladder weight for your safety. Although, a ladder is generally designed to accommodate extra weight. But you should not overload it.


3. Consider an appropriate height of the ladder. A ladder that can stretch up-down is very convenient to adjust the height.

4. The materials of ladder is important if you use the ladder for electrical work.

5. Although, the ladder is easy to use, however, you should follow the warnings and prohibitions in the handbook strictly. It is necessary for you to read and understand guidelines in the handbook. In order for you to use a ladder safely and correctly.

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TIPS : Other factors for choosing a safe ladder.

Choosing an appropriate ladder, you have to consider the base or the floor that you will put the ladder on firmly. Also, consider “the height of work,” choose a ladder that is higher than the work place at least 2 meters. For example, if your work is 4 meters high, choose a ladder at least 6 meters high.

Prohibitions for proper ladder use: you should not sit or stand on the top of ladder. It might be dangerous if you faint or lose a balance. When you sit or stand at the top of ladder, you cannot grab hold of it. If you stand at least 2 steps lower. when losing a balance, you can hold the ladder steps to support yourself. Standing on the ladder, whether it is a leaning ladder or an A-shaped ladder, you need to balance yourself.

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Make sure your body touches at least 3 spots of the ladder while working or climbing. Another factor in using the ladder safely is ladder that can accommodates weight. Each ladder supports weight differently. Therefore, choosing a safe ladder is important. For example, if a ladder can accommodate 120 kg. of weight, which means the weights of a user plus the tools should not be more than 120 kg.


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