Grass trimmer, one of the hand tools HomeGuru brought up for garden lovers. Who regularly take care of the garden in front of the house or behind the house regularly. Because in addition to being a labor-saving tool to trim the grass on the lawn to be tidy, beautiful and bare. It is also a great help in handling tight areas that conventional mowers cannot reach.

Get to know grass trimmer before buying


Grass trimmer is a device that looks like a long axis. It can be driven and spinning with the engine or electric motor. The machine is small. The components of the trimmer will have a grass line that rotate at a fast speed and centrifugal force. Thus allowing easy grazing during operation, the trimmer releases the tendons continuously to replace the old tendon that is damaged during use. Most commonly used grass trimmer in tight areas such as around fences, under hedges, or in areas where the mower is inaccessible.

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Which grass trimmer to choose?

There are 2 types of grass trimmer to choose from. It is a motorized grass trimmer and electric grass trimmer. Which the selection depends on the needs and suitability of homeowners. Because each model has advantages and disadvantages that differ according to use.


Motorized grass trimmer, mechanisms of work are use, the engine as power to rotate the grass tendons. The efficiency of use depends on the number of cc. If the CC is very strong, it will have more power as well. Which is available in 2 types as appropriate: 2-stroke engine and 4-stroke engine, the 2-stroke engine is lightweight, easy to use and more affordable. But it will be noisy and consumes more fuel than the 4-stroke engine. This motorized grass trimmer is a hassle to maintain. Because there are many kinds of devices. Plus, there is a noisy noise and there is smoke from use. Some houses are not popularly used.

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Electric grass trimmer, the working system is to use electricity as power to rotate the grass tendons. It must be plugged in during use, if a grass trimmer is needed powerful and strong. Choose a machine with a large watt motor. Grass trimmer this type is very popular in many houses today. Because it is lightweight, little noise. It is consistent in use. But it may be difficult in terms of wires that have to be dragged around according to usage. But nowadays, a cordless trimmer has been developed and designed to reduce the problem of tedious wires and provide convenience for homeowners during use without plugging in.

Cordless trimmer, use the battery system as energy to spin the lawn mower instead of electricity. But battery performance may not last as long as plugging in a power cable directly and more expensive than plug-in models.


Check the list to know before buying a grass trimmer

1. The size of the area because the grass trimmer is a hand tool, not very large and is responsible for trimming or mowing in areas where the mower cannot reach. Therefore, it is suitable for the garden area or a not very large lawn. But if the lawn area is large. It is recommended to use a motorized trimmer rather than a cordless trimmer or an electric lawn trimmer. Because the wires had to be dragged around the area or the battery is not enough for use.

2. Type of grass, with the appearance of the cut leaves. Grass trimmer with the tendons are suitable for grazing small plants. If it is a grass with a tall trunk. Many clusters may not be suitable. It is better to use a mower with metal blades instead.

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3. Grass trimmer weight, if the owner of the house is a woman. Choosing an electric trimmer or a cordless trimmer will be more convenient to use. Because the weight is lighter than the engine model.

4. Budget, if there is a budget to buy grass trimmer. Not a lot to choose from, an electric trimmer type. Because it has a cheaper price than the engine model. However, it must take into account the suitability of use, value and size of the area.

5. Maintenance, if you do not want to complicate the maintenance. Electric grass trimmer is a good choice. Because after use, it can be wiped clean without having to worry about other equipment. It’s like a motorized grass trimmer that requires constant maintenance such as engine oil, fuel, clutch, starter, etc.


Although, grass trimmer is a hand tool that is used less frequently. But which houses have a front lawn and to plant a shrub for decoration, it is necessary to have this kind of tool installed in your house in order to graze little grass without the need to hire a gardener to waste money. But if you are still hesitant and unsure whether to buy which brand of grass trimmer is good? You can read the tips that HomeGuru has put forward as a consideration for buying.

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