Living on condominiums is a new way of life for people today. Living up high, in a small room, might be boring. We can refresh ourselves with the green from the trees. Trees can help prevent the heat of the balcony of our small condo. Decorate your condo balcony with a small garden in a limited space, to create a natural atmosphere. Don’t forget the first important thing! Make sure the balcony area can be used as a garden. Also, make sure that this condo allows you to put or plant trees at the balcony. Some condo may not allow residents to do so.


Cute, Beautiful, Little Garden Is Enough

If the balcony is small, choose flower shrubs and put them in small pots. Place them around or line them up along the balcony. Now you have a cute, beautiful, little garden.


Artificial Glass or Wood Palette to Help Reduce Heat

Terrace tiles are heated during the day. Try to use artificial glass or wood palette to reduce heat and get a new touch of walking.

Make a weatherproof, small sitting corner

Even though, the area is small, there should be a place for sitting and relaxing. Choose furniture according to the size of the balcony. Or choose decent foldable furniture. Choose durable furniture materials that are weatherproof and environmental friendly.


Decorate with colorful lights at night

Decorate beautiful lights along the balcony or put solar cell lanterns at the corners of the balcony. For your convenient, no wiring required, just simply store sunlight energy during day time.

vertical garden for small area

Set up a vertical garden for limited space or small area. Use lightweight flower pots, line them up on the wall. Or plant flowers or grow ivy on the wall. Vertical garden can also cover the air condition compressor as well.


decorative items

Not just only plant trees and flowers, you can also put cute dolls or sculptures to liven up your garden.


that their leaves won’t fall much

Choosing plants, you should consider when it grows. When it fully grown, is it too big for the balcony? Or the leaves will fall down too much? Choose plants that can be taking care easily and not trouble the neighbors.


that water won’t splatter when watering

Placing the plants are important. Make sure that the plants don’t exceed your balcony. Make sure that when you water or pruning your plants, it won’t trouble your neighbors.

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