A musty smell wardrobe, it’s a problem that should not be ignored because it can adversely affect many aspects. Especially the clothes hanging in the closet can be accompanied by a musty smell. When you wear the clothes, the musty smell may overtake the perfume, causing you to lose confidence. Even if the musty smell of clothes can solve by washing and drying, the musty smell is still there because of the wrong solution. Today, HomeGuru brings up a trick to fix the smelly wardrobe problem. Along with the method to reduce musty smells in the wardrobe, it is easy and can be done by yourself.

The causes of the musty smell wardrobe


The problem of a smelly wardrobe is not a problem that cannot be solved. But before fixing it, it is necessary to know the root cause of the musty smell in the wardrobe first to correct it directly and effectively. The cause of the musty smell in the closet can be caused by a variety of reasons, including:

Smell from new furniture – The smell from your new furniture can give you a headache and even worsen your allergies, especially the new wood wardrobe. Therefore, after buying a new wardrobe, you should open the wardrobe to ventilate first and then put the clothes back into the closet.


Damp smell in clothes – Especially during the rainy season, the musty odor problem is multiplied. Hanging the wet shoes or clothes that are not completely dry inside the closet is the primary cause of mustiness and odor in closets.


Shoe smell in closet – Nowadays, families living in condominiums often face the problem of musty-smelling wardrobes caused by a musty smell from shoes due to insufficient storage space and poor ventilation.


Pet smell in wardrobe – Your pets can sometimes cause stink concerns as well. This is especially true for dogs and cats, where you need to bathe them regularly to help reduce their odor. Because sometimes the pets like to play in the dressing room or bedroom. And not only pets but uninvited animals like cockroaches and rats are also cause the smell. They will create a big problem, both odor, and germs.

The unpleasant smell of expired perfume – The advantage of fragrances is that they reduce the musty smell in the wardrobe. But if left for a long time, it can spread a bad odor throughout your wardrobe as well. Therefore, the fragrance must be replaced regularly after the expiration date of use.

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Hacks to get rid of musty smell wardrobe with items that every home has.

The right solution to the musty smell on clothes is to find ways to reduce the musty smell in the wardrobe. This is better than lifting the entire garment out to wash and dry. Because when put back in the same wardrobe, even though the smell of laundry detergent and fabric softener on the clothes, the musty smell is still in the wardrobe. And the musty smell may strike with the scent of laundry detergent until it becomes more dizzying than ever. Reducing the musty smell in the wardrobe can be solved with things that every house already has.


• Soap Bar

The scent of soap will help reduce the musty smell in the wardrobe, especially for new wardrobes or those that don’t have a strong, musty odor. Just cut the soap to the right size and place the cup in the closet for about 6 hours. Close the closet entirely and remove the soap from the cabinet. Or some houses may put a whole bar of soap in the closet at all. Without the need to remove it, the scent of the soap will diffuse into the closet and give it a quick scent.


• Vinegar

The most versatile kitchen item is vinegar. Besides being used to flavor food, it is also helpful in cleaning the house and helping to solve the problem of a smelly wardrobe. Just mix vinegar with water in equal proportions. Then spray it all over the wardrobe and let it dry; the musty smell in the wardrobe will be significantly reduced.


• Baking Soda

As versatile as vinegar is, baking soda. Because not only will it reduce unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator, it can also reduce the musty smell in the wardrobe. Simply place the baking soda in the corner of your closet or in a well-ventilated area with regular baking soda replacement, and being careful not to spill. The baking soda will help the musty smell fade away.


• Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are a staple that can turn a musty smell wardrobe into a fragrant in one night. Just put the coffee grounds or fresh coffee beans in a small cup, and place it in the wardrobe corner. Then close the closet door completely. Leaving it for just one night will significantly reduce the musty smell in the wardrobe. But for those who want a more fragrant scent, you can add vanilla or your favorite scent.

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• Charcoal

Charcoal’s property is that it absorbs unwanted odors. It is popular to put charcoal in the refrigerator in many homes to help eliminate unwanted odors that occur in the wardrobe to help reduce the musty smell in the wardrobe to fade. Just put the charcoal in a mesh cloth bag and hang it on the clothesline or put it in the wardrobe corner. There is a production of multi-purpose charcoal that absorbs moisture, reduces musty smells, reduces bacteria and fungi. It is easier to use without worrying about black stains on clothes.


• Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is not only refreshing but also can help reduce odors in the closet to fade away. Just soak a cloth with warm water mixed with lemon juice and clean it in the musty smell wardrobe. Then let it dry; the musty smell in the closet will gradually fade. Or, in some homes, cotton wool is moistened with lemon juice and placed in a container, and placed in the closet works the same way.


• Fragrances

Finding a scented helper like hanging camphor in the closet will also reduce the smell in the wardrobe. But it needs to be replaced because most of the fragrances have an expiration date.

A musty smell wardrobe, even a problem that bothers and pollutes those around you. But knowing the root cause will help every home reduce the musty smell in the wardrobe in the right way. In addition to the smelly wardrobe problems that HomeGuru has brought up as tips for every home today, the most important thing is to keep the inside of the wardrobe clean and dust-free. Never put clothes you’ve worn back in the closet again. Suppose it is a garment that can be worn repeatedly, for example. In that case, jeans should be exposed to the sun outside to accumulate until it becomes a musty smell.

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