Hand rail or holding rail is Another device that can be designed so that everyone within the family can use without limitation, regardless of age and physical condition. But how can it be designed so that railing can be convenient and become another furniture that can be installed continuously from one room to another without feeling uncomfortable. HomeGuru has recommendations to install hand rail.

Types of hand rails That should be kept at home


1. Hand rail in a straight line

Hand rail in a straight line or single handrails. The length is available in many sizes, 35 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm and 120 cm. It is used to support you while walking, standing, or posture. It can be installed on the wall both inside and outside the house.


2. L-shaped hand rail

L-shaped hand rail is an additional device installed in the bathroom to help support the elderly, disabled people, or pregnant mothers to sit easily.


3. V-shaped hand rail

V-shaped hand rail is another device for helping to balance or use a buoyancy aid in the bathroom, just like a V-shaped support rail as well.


4. U-shaped hand rail

U-shaped hand rail is a folded up and down balance rail. It can be installed on the wall next to the shower chair or a toilet bowl to lift up.


5. T-shaped hand rail

T-shaped hand rail is suitable for installation in the bathroom to help support and prevent accidents such as slip-proof in the bathroom by installing on the wall or the floor next to the toilet.


6. Long hand rail

Long hand rail is suitable for houses that want to make continuous handrails from one room to another. For the walk of the elderly to be continuous which the homeowner can choose to install as appropriate for the corner of the room to maintain the beauty.

3 rooms that should have supporting hand rail attached


Bathroom design requires attention and considering the safety of everyone’s use in the home. Especially, homes with elderly people, people with disabilities and pregnant mothers living with non-slip devices in the bathroom, such as support, are essential.

ราวพยุงตัวแบบเส้นตรงธรรมดา ราวพยุงกันลื่นตัว T ราวพยุงกันลื่นตัว U


Hand rail or bathroom supporting rail should be attached to the wall of toilet area. You may use L-shaped support rail (L) for easier balance or use a continuous support rail that can be installed according to length. And can adjust the angle as needed and the suitability of the bathroom for the walk of the elderly or children to be continuous and safer.


Because relaxation needs a design that is perfect, especially for the elderly. The bedroom is a room that is regularly used and is used during the night. Therefore, it is a risk for the elderly or children. Installation of support rail in the bedroom such as bed area or install continuous handrails to connect to other rooms such as bathrooms, living rooms, safer and more convenient.

ราวพยุงตัวรูปตัว L ราวพยุงตัวรูปตัว V ราวพยุงกันลื่นตัว U



Kitchen is another favorite room that older people who love to cook cannot live without. Therefore, the space design and the selection of safety equipment is therefore a very important issue. Especially for flooring, should choose materials that are easy to clean, durable, not slippery, both dry or wet, of course, if the kitchen is wide, then it is necessary to stick continuous support area of the walkway to prevent slippery throughout the walkway.

ราวพยุงตัวรูปตัว L ราวพยุงกันลื่นตัว U ราวพยุงตัวแบบเส้นตรงธรรมดา


Aside from support care about firewood, such as gas stoves, electric stoves. You should have a button on the front or side. So as not to put any part of the body close to the stove set on the stove and choose a shallow sink instead of a deep sink for easy to use without having to bend over or reaching out to wash the dishes too much.


How to install the supporting hand rail correctly?

Installing hand rails for every home can be easily installed by yourself. You just have household tools and drill bit. In general, there are not many steps to support. Drill a hole in the wall at a position of approximately 2.5 centimeters deep and use an anchor to put in the hole drilled with a hammer. Until the end of the anchors grew, then take the screw to hold the rail to the anchor and closing the cover is complete. But for continuous support there will be additional equipment to install from other types of support rail as follows:

  • Hand rail – The diameter is 3.4 cm. The initial length is 100cm.
  • End Cap
  • Elbow, handlebar, angle adjustment
  • Long rod attach to the wall
  • Hand rail length joints
ราวพยุงตัวรูปตัว L ราวพยุงตัวรูปตัว L ราวพยุงตัวรูปตัว V


The steps for installing a supporting hand rail

1. Use a pencil to mark all positions of support on both sides to drill holes. After that, use a drill to drill holes as marked to mark all points.
2. Buried anchor holes at the position of the drill. Complete with tightening screws to secure the end of the handle. Then put on the support rail and tighten the knots to secure the end of the handle on the other side. If the support rail is too long, the biceps can be cut to the desired length.
3. Attach the support rail’s mounting bracket to the end of the handle rail.
4. If installing the support brace continuously in the corner of the room between the support rod. You must install the support rod and install the angle adjusting elbow and secure the release screw to secure the support rail. But if the seam is not in the corner of the room, use a joint of length to connect the support.
5. Try to see if the brace is strong or not. If unstable, it is recommended to screw it again.


Hand rail is not just a device that helps with safety only. But it can also be designed to be flexible and adjust the usage to be (Flexible Use) to match the style of each house to connect to every room in the house is continuous and safety.


Good hand rail, HomeGuru recommends to use a support rail with a pipe size of 3.4 centimeters for easy grip. The material of the support rail should be made of printed PVC. It will help the material to be cool. It can be caught uninterrupted.

The inner core should be aluminum material to prevent rusting and can maintain the beauty of the home as well.

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