Nowadays, finding fitness places are not difficult to find… they are almost everywhere. But with today’s economy, people are thinking more about spending money. With bad traffics, it might be a good idea to do fitness at home. Invest a good exercise machine once for a long term use. You can become healthy everyday. Let’s get to know a cardio workout machine, it is an intense muscle exercise machine, which focuses on body movement. It will make your heart beats faster, blood circulates better and improves muscle performance.

Basic cardio exercise machines that you should have at home

Treadmill: A king of calories burning machine. It can burn the maximum calories among the cardio exercise machines.
Stationary Bike: Cycling machine that help reduce bumping. Good for people with knee problems.
Elliptical Trainer: An oval-shaped machine, reduce bumping than treadmill. Good for people with knee problems. It also helps with the arms and hands exercise.
Stair Climber: Similar to walking up-down the stair. It helps burning fats and strengthen muscles.


Weight training equipment

Weight training should do together with cardio exercise. When doing cardio exercise, the body will get energy from fats. When done with the exercise, it will stop burning fats. For weight training, when you stopped exercise, your body still burn the fats. There are 3 kinds of weight trainings:

1. Free Weights: Exercise by using weight equipment such as dumbbell and barbell, to practice specific parts of the body. To strengthen the muscles, proportionate to the body.
2. Machine Weights: Large exercise machines designed for limit body movement and easy weight adjustment. Fitness functions specially for the arms, abdomen and legs.
3. Body Weights: Exercise by using your own body such as push up and sit up. For the girls who would like to lose belly fats, recommend to do Abs Training. These exercises are effective if performs regularly. There are also other accessories that make the exercise more fun such as push up equipment and ab wheel.


Tips : ** Don’t forget to stretch your muscles before and after exercise, to prevent injuries

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