Heat proof paint or heat reflective color, an innovation invented to help reduce heat for residential houses or office buildings without having to add structures or rely on additional installations like under-ceiling insulation, slat, roof awnings or other thermal insulation equipment. But it is the house proof paint or that many people call it cool house paint as part of the house. But will the heat protectant paint really help prevent heat? And will have heat proof paint from any interesting brands, HomeGuru has compiled it for everyone to prepare for the summer.

1. Innovation from NASA to house paint
2. Which heat-reflective paint to choose?
3. Good quality heat resistant paint that HomeGuru highly recommends


• Innovation from NASA to house paint

For anyone who is wondering whether house paint can really help keep the house cool or not must explain that in general heat resistant house paint. The heat-reflecting paint contains a mixture of ceramic coating, developed from the Ceramic Microspheres used to coat the NASA space shuttle to strengthen the acrylic polymer resin (Acrylic Poly Maleic Resin) Polyester fabric and titanium dioxide (Titanium Dioxide) with high solar heat reflection properties. But it has a low heat absorption value which can reflect heat and dissipate heat well. Until it has been further developed into heat proof paint that we see today.

It can be called heat proof house paint. It is an innovative thermal protection for homes or office buildings effectively. Both environmentally friendly, it can reflect UV rays and provide excellent heat protection. It is recognized in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising if cool home colors become the color that will appeal to consumers today. Because in addition to actually helping to reduce heat, it also results in refrigeration appliances such as air conditioners without having to work hard. Making it last longer as well as lowering the electricity cost as a result of choosing to use heat-proof house paint. Therefore, it is considered a cost effective long-term investment for a home and suitable for the weather of Thailand very much.


• Which heat-reflective paint to choose?

At present, it can be seen that heat proof house paint. There are many types of production, both for the walls of the house, the deck, or even the roof of the house. This will help both increase the efficiency of reflecting heat to the house. And help make the exterior colors look beautiful and bright as new in them. But according to industry standards, it is set to heat proof paint must have efficiency in reflecting radiation not lower than 80%.

Cool home colors are often popular types of acrylic paint colors, which, if desired, is very effective in reflecting heat and low heat absorption. HomeGuru is recommended to use heat resistant house paint with a bright color tone such as white, cream, light gray or other colors in light colors because it will help the house cooler than the dark color house paint. This is because the nature of dark colors absorbs more heat from light and sunlight than light ones. It can be observed from the time we look at dark objects will not feel much stinging. But if looking at light colored objects. The lighter the color to the white point, the more stinging the eyes will be. That is because light colors have more reflective properties than dark ones, so the choice of house paint color scheme has a direct effect on the indoor temperature as well.


• Good quality heat resistant paint that HomeGuru highly recommends

Many people are looking for heat proof paint. Let the house stay, probably have seen a variety of colors to prevent heat Many brands have been through some eyes, more or less. Each brand has the same thermal protection properties. Until sometimes it is not correct, right? But do not worry, because HomeGuru has collected heat-resistant paint that is interesting and popular.

1. Exterior Paint TOA 4 SEASONS # AG1000 Semi Gloss 5 gallon (SKU: 234984)

Reflect 95% of heat


Acrylic watercolors mixed with special quality pigments. It can be used both outside and inside. Reflects heat more than 95%, reducing the surface temperature by up to 12%. The paint film is durable in all environments, compared to conventional paint, up to 4 times. Prevent the occurrence of mold and moss. Resistant to alkali stains in cement. Easy to wipe clean, Abrasion resistance, does not peel off with innovation from the United States. Safe with healthy paint technology that is free from lead and mercury. Suitable for use on plaster, flat tile, concrete or similar surfaces.

2. Exterior Paint NIPPON PAINT COLORSHIELD PLUS BASE A Semi-Gloss 2.5 Gallon (SKU: 217653)

Reflect 95% of heat


Exterior paint that has been certified by TISI. No. 2514-2010 and No. 2321-2006 and has a green label, mild odor, low volatility, free of mercury and lead. Prevent fungus and moss, protecting for 15 years, with Micro Penetration Power technology that allows the color molecules to penetrate deep into the inner cement wall, increasing the resistance to extreme weather conditions. With properties to prevent surface deterioration including the use of technology Solar Reflect (Solareflect Technology) that reflects the heat up to 95%, the color film does not fade. It does not deteriorate into dust, have a firm grip, will not peel off and also help reduce the temperature inside the house, keep the house cool and save electricity.

3. Exterior Paint DULUX WEATHERSHIELD ULTIMA BASE B Semi Gloss 2.5 Gallon (SKU: 1016619)

Reduce the temperature by 5 degrees Celsius


Premium grade exterior and interior acrylic paint that comes with 5 technologies for the home to the full potential. Both Keep Coo technology reduces the temperature 5 degrees Celsius to help save energy and keep the house cool and comfortable, Color Lock technology is effective against UV damage. Resistant to sunlight and all weather conditions, Stay Clean technology to resist dust and dirt, Alkali Guard Technology to protect against alkali salt. Keeps the walls from fading from moisture. With SMART RELEASE technology that helps prevent mold and algae for 2 times longer than before, it is also certified to the high efficiency energy-saving label No. 5, helping to save electricity and protect your family from all weather conditions in one.

4. Exterior Paint DELTA ChillShield BASE A Semi-Gloss 2.5 gallons (SKU: 1145631)

93% heat reflection


Exterior water-based paint in One Top Paint is applied to the face in a single round. With more than 57% more color texture, easy to apply, completely covered, smooth and let the color penetrate deeply as the same texture as the cement wall Long lasting than general paints, Low VOC formula, mild odor, no mercury and lead, safe and can move in immediately. It has an efficiency of more than 93% reflecting heat, helping the house cool and comfortable. It can be used both inside and outside the house. And it can be used on both new and old cement surfaces, wipe clean, easy to clean, strong comfort.

5. Exterior Paint BEGER COOL DIAMONDSHIELD 15 BASE B Semi-Gloss 1 gallon (SKU: 1050136)

Reflects heat 97%


Home paint that reflects more than 97% heat to keep the house cool, saving an average of 32.95% on average electricity costs. Add beauty to your home with innovative ceramic microspheres and Diamond Bond that enhances the bonding power of the texture of color. Making paint film strong and strong adhesion, durable that stains cannot adhere to it. With self-cleaning feature Out of color aneurysm problems, prevents alkali and salt stains, help inhibit dust, prevent mold and algae, free from lead and mercury. Safe for health and helps the house to be beautiful every day for more than 15 years.

6. ParaShield Coolmax BASE A semi-gloss 2.5 gallons exterior paint (SKU: 1024643)

Reflect heat 96.2%


New choice of heat proof paint and waterproof paint, excellent performance. It can reflect solar energy up to 96.2%, reduce the average temperature 14.1 degrees Celsius, saving 43.3% average electricity by a combination of Cool Max. Technology containing super titanium which has special properties can reflect UV and infrared rays. With a special blend of advanced microspheres that are tightly arranged in an insulating layer The heat cannot pass through the walls of the house. And Oxy-Link Technology from Germany designed with a special densely woven color film, easy to wipe clean, does not peel off aneurysm stains are not embedded on the paint film. The color is so beautiful, clean as new for more than 15 years.

No more doubt, right? Heat proof paint, can it help reduce heat and keep the house cool? And is it worth it or not to invest for a home in the long term? If you can answer your own questions that are worthwhile, do not forget to shop for cool home colors and complete home products at every HomePro branch near your home. Or visit us to buy products online at www.homepro.co.th that comes with delivery service to your home. For further inquiries, please contact Homepro Call Center 1284.

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