‘High Pressure Cleaner’ an electrician tool to help ease the cleanliness for those who have to drive their favorite cars up the hill often and the cars get dirty, and you have to go to car care shop. Or you have problems such as the washing and parking zones in the house are dirty due to daily use. Plus, the washing and parking zones are exposed to both sun and rain and become stain, which is hard to clean. Anyone who has encountered this kind of problem must definitely love this type of high pressure cleaner. How to buy a high pressure cleaner? Let HomeGuru suggests you.

What is high pressure cleaner?

An electrician tool helps to clean effectively and versatile cleaning such as floor cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, furniture cleaning or it can be used to clean car that can easily wash away dirt. It can save both energy and time. Most importantly, there are various prices of High Pressure Cleaner, depends on the functions. The price starts at thousands only.

How many types of high pressure cleaners?

If divided by source of energy, it can be divided into 2 types:
Electric type which ranges from 220V. called 1-phase (use ordinary house power) to 380V. or called 3-phase (for industrial use)
Engine type which is suitable for use in the absence of electricity or outdoors. It has light weight, easy to move, durable, but it has a lot of noise and exhaust fumes.

In addition, if divided by water temperature, it can be divided into 2 systems:

Hot water system some models can heat up to 100 degrees Celsius, often use in industrial or livestock, because it can take advantage of hot water to kill germs and can clean oil stains without having to rely on any cleaning agents.
Cold water system is an ordinary water temperature, for general home cleaning or car care business. Work by using the water pressure sprayed out according to the strength level that can be adjusted as appropriate.

How to buy high pressure cleaner?

Since there are many sizes to choose from 100 – 200 bars which causes the water pressure to have different strength. Choosing to buy a high pressure cleaner, you must consider the need for use. And then select the size of the bar appropriately.
Size 100 – 130 Bar is the small high pressure cleaner that is not expensive. It is suitable for general cleaning. It can be used for car wash, bathroom cleaning, balcony cleaning or a small area such as house or condo.
Size 130 – 160 Bar is suitable to use in medium-sized industries and above. It can be used with a car care business that requires continuous use. The water pressure is usually used continuously for about 2 hours.
Size 160 – 200 Bar is suitable for large industrial use or hotel business that needs cleanliness and speed rather than general work.

Which brand of high pressure cleaner is good?

In addition to choosing the size of the bar. Choosing to buy a high pressure cleaner also has other factors to consider:

  • Recommend to choose a high pressure cleaner that is easy to find the spare parts and has warranty
  • Recommend to choose coiled copper motor and avoid charcoal brush motors that are very hot. It cannot be used continuously.
  • Recommend to choose electric system to suit the area of use. For home use, choose 220V. power.
  • Recommend to choose motor speed lower than 1,400 cycles because it is more durable than other types.
  • Recommend to choose very high water flow rate for effective use.

How to use high pressure cleaner safely?

  • Choose to use 2-layer rubber hose with anti-moss properties.
  • Before use, arrange water tube straightly, make sure it doesn’t coil up, to prevent damage internal pressure.
  • Choose to use high quality filters in the case of high hardness.
  • Check he cleanliness of the filter before use every time, it may have dirt stuck in the tube.
  • Choose to use peripherals or an extension cable that is the same size as the standard cable of the machine only.
  • Choose an outlet that can be plugged in without being too tight and not too loose.
  • The length of the peripheral should not exceed 20 m. and the peripheral area should have a ground support for safety.
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