We cannot deny that “high-pressure water” is one of the tools that help you as well. Even if you are not thinking of buying. Which brand of high pressure water cleaner is good? To answer the most problems, today HomeGuru will take you to get to know more about this device. Including the advantages and tips for buying a high-pressure cleaner. As well as introducing good models such as Bosch high-pressure cleaner and Karcher high-pressure cleaner.


For those of you who are looking for an item such as “high water pressure” to use. Today we provide without a vest. But there will be some interesting things, according to HomeGuru, let’s have a look.
1. High pressure water cleaner, an item that you should have at home
2. Benefits of high-pressure water cleaner
3. Check list top 5 high-pressure water cleaners, which brands are good?
4. Which brand of high water pressure cleaner to choose?


High pressure water cleaner, an item that you should have at home

High pressure water cleaner is an appliance that can increase the strength and power of the water. By providing an electric motor that rotates at a high speed Push the piston so that the water can be sent out. The water coming out usually has a pressure of about 100 bar or more, allowing for quick cleaning of any dirt or stains.

For the high-pressure water jet, there are many options for use. From small to large, hot – cold water systems which can be divided into two types of motors:

1. High-pressure water cleaner with Universal Motor

It is a low-cost, lightweight motor that can be purchased in department stores or markets. Use in general cleaning, not very heavy.

2. High-pressure water cleaner with Induction Motor

It is a neck type induction motor. It has a higher quality than a Universal Motor. Low noise and long working time. It is popular with small businesses and industries or can be used in a household, such as a Karcher high-pressure water cleaner.


Benefits of high-pressure water cleaner

For anyone who wants to find a good high-pressure water cleaner to use. First of all, HomeGuru will take you to look at the benefits of a high-pressure water cleaner.

1. Easy to use, not difficult

As I said High-pressure cleaners are a great help in cleaning. As well as applications that are designed to be easy to use Just plug the device in and plug it in to keep the motor running. That’s it, it can be use now.

2. Removes stains completely, not afraid even when buried deep

No matter what brand of high-pressure cleaner or even if you don’t know what to buy. Which brand of high pressure water cleaner is good? But in the end, the advantages of using all brands of high-pressure water cleaners are can be cleaned completely with high water pressure. This allows the water droplets to penetrate into the tiny particles that are firmly attached, removing stains has become so easy.

3. Meet a wide variety of applications

Many people might think that a high pressure water cleaner. Suitable just for local use, but in fact, it can also be used unlimitedly in other areas, such as washing the air, washing tables – chairs, washing cars, cleaning home equipment. Cleaning mosquito nets, balcony glass, moss stains Including the building with dirty stains.

4. Access to restricted areas How narrow is it? No problem.

One of the hallmarks of using a high-pressure water cleaner can clean in a variety of areas. Not limited even in narrow spaces because the brush or other tools cannot be cleaned.

5. Convenient, organized, space-saving

Although the high-pressure cleaner has a power plug and the device together. But with a design that is versatile. Thus, making the device compact, can be stored and moved easily. Do not waste space inside the house.


Check list top 5 high-pressure water cleaners, which brands are good?

1. Zinsano model FA1004 100 Bar
2. Bosch model Easy Aquatak 110 Bar
3. Karcher model K.2.050 100 Bar
4. Pumpkin Chicago model EP-165 165 Bar
5. HYUNDAI model STORM II 135 Bar

1. Zinsano model FA1004 100 Bar high pressure water cleaner

The Zinsano model FA1004 is called a high-pressure cleaner that is quite strong and has gained high popularity. Because it is compact and affordable, it is a model that performs well with a pressure of 100 bar, which is suitable for household applications. The highlight of this model is that there is a Total Stop system that makes it easy to use. Because if the trigger is released, the water will stop immediately. Both the convenience and saving of expenses in the home.

เครื่องฉีดน้ำแรงดันสูง zinsano

2. Bosch model Easy Aquatak 110 Bar high pressure water cleaner

Bosch Easy Aquatak series is a high-pressure cleaner with a definition. “Tiny but mighty” with a compact body, weighing just 3.8 kilograms, making it easy to transport, store and use. But this model also comes with versatility. It has a 450 ml foam spray container that makes cleaning easier. There are 2 types of nozzles for both floor washing and car washing. The power is 1,300 watts, which is enough for use.

เครื่องฉีดน้ำแรงดันสูง bosch

3. Karcher model K.2.050 100 Bar high pressure water cleaner

For the Karcher model K2.050, it is one of the most affordable high-pressure cleaners. But the quality of work is high. Meet a wide variety of applications. The device is designed to be compact in size with a weight of 4 kg, focusing on household use. Easy to move. The machine will provide a water pressure of 100 bar with a flow rate of 340 – 342 liters / hour, important is that it comes with 2 nozzles, a nozzle for scrubbing the floor. And the nozzle for washing the car. In addition, the machine is also guaranteed for a full year.

เครื่องฉีดน้ำแรงดันสูง karcher

4. Pumpkin Chicago model EP-165 165 Bar high pressure water cleaner

Another good high-pressure water cleaner is the Pumpkin Chicago EP-165, which is slightly larger. Because the water pressure is up to 165 bars, it is called used in small businesses or in small industries, which the device has an Auto Suction system that helps suck water from the tank, including an Auto Stop System when released. The trigger stops automatically and is made from high quality materials that are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, providing long-lasting storage and use.

เครื่องฉีดน้ำแรงดันสูง pumpkin chicago

5. HYUNDAI model STORM II 135 Bar high pressure water cleaner

HYUNDAI STORM II is one of the best high-pressure cleaners to use. With a lightweight body size fits most household use. It also has two large wheels that support movement in both flat and rough surfaces. The machine is made of high quality plastic. It can withstand heat well, not spreading fire, which is the highlight of the device is works relatively quietly and with a water pressure of 135 bar, using a power of 1,600 watts, it is considered one of the models worth buying.

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Which brand of high water pressure cleaner to choose?

After we open the list, which brand of high pressure water cleaner is good? And should have been used Now, here are some easy HomeGuru shopping tips that will help you get great appliances for your home.

● In which areas of use are mainly focused, if you want to clean only. You should choose an average pressure of 90 – 100 bar, maximum 120 bar.
● If mainly used with the floor and other applications as well. You should use 120 bar water pressure because it can be used continuously at about 1.30 hrs.
● You should choose to buy a type of copper coil. Because it will work longer than a motor with carbon brushes.
● Choose the right lighting system for your home or the area you want to use.
● Do not choose more than 1,400 rpm because it is a speed that is suitable for general use in the home and is more durable.
● Choose to buy according to the water circulation rate.
● Buy a trusted brand with warranty and after sales service, such as the Karcher high pressure water cleaner.

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We are done with the introduction of 5 high pressure cleaners which brand is good for you that should be bought for home use to eliminate stains and cleaning that waste time by reason. And if you want to pick up a high-pressure water cleaner such as a Karcher high-pressure water cleaner or even a Bosch high-pressure water cleaner, among other brands, you can check out Homepro to find a wide variety of products that are waiting for you.

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