The hinges are the main components that will make it easier to install or fasten doors, windows, frames, or fix cabinet frames to the doors to open and close. If you’re building your own cabinets or replacing existing hinges, there are endless hinge types to choose from: butt hinge, overlay hinge, flap stay hinge, the choice of which depends on different purposes but serves the same.

Each type of hinge is suitable for installing what type of work. Today, HomeGuru will bring every house to know the hinges, small but brilliant items that benefit the furniture inside the house.

1. What is a hinge?
2. Types of hinges that must know before using them.
3. How to choose door and window hinges for a long service life?


What is a hinge?

Hinge or Butt Hinges are essential components to support the weight of doors, windows, and sash frames to make opening and closing easy. If installed on a door, it is called a notch. This installation requires skilled technicians so that the installation position of the hinges is not mistaken. Because if installed in the wrong position will be difficult to correct.

Types of hinges that must know before using them.


1. Butt hinge

The most common type of hinge used on doors is the butt hinge. It’s so named because the two leaves are mortised into the door and frame, allowing the two to butt up to each other. In addition, it is strong, durable, beautiful, available in various sizes, according to the weight of the door and the size of the door, and is the standard size.

The butt hinge is made of metal, brass, stainless steel, plated steel. And there is no ring. The weight load differs in that the door hinges are installed using ring butterfly hinges, classified into 4 types of applications.

  • Plastic Butt Hinge is used to install doors or windows that are rarely opened or lightweight, which has the advantage of being rustless, slippery, and with no noise when opening and closing doors or windows.
  • Brass Butt Hinge You can install a brass butt hinge on a door or window that is heavier than plastic washers. It is solid and durable to open and deactivate. If used on a door or window that is rarely opened frequently, it may rust and causes friction in use.
  • Ball Bearing Butt Hinge is suitable for heavy doors, frequently opening doors and windows. Another type of ring. However, they are expensive and should not be installed on doors or windows prone to frequent contact with water as they may rust during use.
  • Stainless Steel Butt Hinge is solid and durable, suitable for use on doors, windows prone to be exposed to water, and rarely opened because they do not rust.
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When choosing a butt hinge, you must select each type of butt hinge according to the suitability of installing a door or window. Each type of hinge has different features. The most expensive hinges don’t need to be suitable for all applications.

Besides the popular butt hinges for door installation, there are also concealed hinges that are equally popular. The highlight of concealed hinges is that they are more beautiful when installed on a door or window because the hinge axis is hidden when opening and closing the door.


2. Overlay Hinge

Homes with loose or built-in furniture will likely use an overlay hinge. It is a hinge used to install furniture in almost any room in the house, such as a kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, TV shelf. There will be a system to help open and close the door, as is the current Soft Close to help open and close easily and not hitting loudly. Easy to find and easy to install.

  • Full Overlay Hinge – A full overlay door covers a majority of the side panel (in case of frameless) or frame in face frame applications. The full overlay door is used most often on contemporary, especially frameless European style cabinets.
  • Half Overlay Hinge – A half overlay hinge will be installed on the door in the middle or on the cabinet with the drawer flanking the side.
  • Inset Hinge – An inset door is mounted inside the face frame, flush with the front edge of the cabinet side frame, so the entire face frame is visible.


3. Flap Stay Hinge

You can install this type of hinge on furniture that opens upwards. The appearance of the hinge is different from the general hinge because it has a beautiful design. When installed on the furniture, it will add a more modern look.

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How to choose door and window hinges for a long service life?


The most common problem with hinges, especially butt hinges used to install doors or windows, is the wrong type of hinge. When installed for a while, it causes corrosion problems due to rust. Therefore, before choosing a hinge, it is vital to consider three things:

1. Door size and weight

Door hinges must correlate with the door or window’s size and weight to support it effectively. For example, a large door leaf needs to be chosen with a large core and thick winged butt hinge. Before buying a hinge, measure the width and thickness of the door to ensure accuracy and long-term durability.

2. Material of door hinge

It is advisable to opt for butt hinges or concealed hinges manufactured from a material that can rust difficult. Because doors and windows, especially, are likely to be exposed to rainwater, which is inevitable. For example, hinges made from 304 stainless steel are durable and hard to rust, rot and corrode, giving windows and doors a long service life.

3. Door hinge color

Besides the strength and durability of steel door or window hinges, things that need to be equally important are the design and the butt hinge aesthetics. Because of the doors and windows, it is like a house’s face. Therefore, installation equipment should have the same design and color scheme. The door hinges are available in various colors depending on their suitability and material, such as brass color, stainless steel color, etc.


Regardless of what type of hinge you choose to install on your door, window, or furniture in your home, The important thing that HomeGuru recommends the appropriate hinge for any application, whether it be butt hinge, concealed hinge, or other hinge types. It would help if you were more concerned with performance and longevity than price. Sometimes, expensive hinges that many homes think are durable may not be suitable for installation and can be used in conjunction with doors or windows.

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