Valentine’s Day, a festival of love, there is bright pink color everywhere as we see. On this special occasion, many people are looking for ideas to impress their lovers or planning to celebrate together on this special day. But if anyone still has no plans to go out or anyone who is still single, don’t be sad. This year, HomeGuru invites you for ‘Valentine’s Day Home Decoration’, make your home bright and beautiful. Special than every other year! We believe that showing love doesn’t need to give gifts or a romantic dinner only. By spending time together with family in a warm, sweet home is a happiness for everyone on Valentine’s Day.

How to start ‘home decoration for Valentine’s Day’?

Sometimes romance doesn’t come because of luck. It is a good planning to let you know what you should do before-after, and how much you should do. The first thing you should know is… who are you going to decorate the house for Valentine’s Day? The house will be decorated according to the style suitable for the specific person or people whether it is your lover, family, friends or yourself. Then, determine which part of the house you plan to decorate.

When you already know your goal for Valentine’s Day home decoration, the next step is set the theme for romance. How romantic you would like your home to be? Sweet, cute, warm or sexy? Setting a theme helps you to decorate your house easily.

And finally, the last step for Valentine’s Day home decoration, is to decorate your home according to the style selected. In fact, red and pink colors are likely the symbols of love. But sweetness is just not defined by these colors. You can add purple, black or gold color home décor items for contrast. If you would like your home to look sweet, we recommend pastel colors such as green, yellow or blue. These colors are vivid and sweet; they make your home romantic as well.

Color of Valentine’s Day home décor.

The easiest way to decorate, add romance and sweetness to your home is the selection of home furnishings according to the color scheme selected. It does not necessary for you to have many home décor items, but emphasizes on the large pieces that are apparent. Recommend to decorate with beautiful, sweet colored curtain or lovely candy colored cushions.

Decorate your home for Valentine’s Day with lights.

No one can deny that light is the set of an atmosphere. When looking for romance on a Valentine’s Day, setting candles, or even artificial candles and dim lights all over the room would be surely romantic!

Decorate your home for Valentine’s Day, add romance with music.

Whether it is love songs or instrumental music, when turning the music on, make you think about sweet memories of the old days. Or even the sound of nature can build up a romantic atmosphere.

Decorate your home for Valentine’s Day with delightful fragrance.

Simply bring scented candles, essential oil or fragrance stalks and put them on different spots of the house to create relaxation. Especially, the aroma fragrance gives sweet scent to your house.

The romantic that you should not overlooked.

Choose Valentine’s Day home décor or furniture that has smooth texture or soft touch. Recommend to choose satin bed sheets or sateen sheets with unique luster, or choose a sofa with thick fabric for you to lean on at your sweet home. That would be great enough!

Sweet dessert at your sweet home.

One thing for decorating your home on Valentine’s Day that many people has neglect or even unaware of, which is sweet desserts or colorful candies! They are yummy and make you happy. They would make good home décor. Make sure you always have them at your home!

HomeGuru hopes these tips will help fulfill your Valentine’s Day home decoration perfectly.

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