Due to a lot dust pollution, the epidemic is becoming more and more severe every day. Living a safer life is more difficult. It is difficult to escape into the spa and take a rest because of the lock down. Many people have stress and worry about their limitation in their lives. Some people have to stay at home, work at home and study at home. HomeGuru understand and give pleasure, take the opportunity to let us get through the crisis together. Even at home, what would be better than Home Decoration Ideas to be Home Spa or the idea of decorating a house into a stylish spa? Modify your home to relax, dust-free, pollution and give you a good scent all day and able to pamper yourself in very corner of the house. In addition to reducing stress, increasing mental strength, it is also a good health benefit. Let’s see what each corner of the house can do a spa.


Home Decoration Ideas to be Home Spa Manually simple


When it comes to decorating your home as a home spa, most people think of the bathroom first. Because it is a room that can pamper yourself with every step of the spa, from head to toes, such as soaking in a body scrub tub, oil massage, facial mask, hand and foot scrub. You just need to have various spa equipment and products, great items in the bathroom, placed in an easy to reach corner. And in order to create an atmosphere, we recommend you to change lights to dimmer style in order to reduce the light and change the color to give a pleasant mood during the spa treatment or add fresh scented candle to create a scent and add light for more relaxation.

ชุดเทียน LED ฟองน้ำธรรมชาติ ผ้าขนหนู



Place the aroma device away from the steam or diffuser to diffuse the aroma of essential oils for relaxation. You can add flowers or potted plants to brighten your room. Some odor free machines, beautiful designs can be used as a home decoration. And in addition to providing a healing aroma, also reduces dust to create a humiliation in the air and purify the air. Research has shown that the scent of oregano and thyme essential oils can kill bacteria and mold in the air, and stimulates the immune system, make you sleep easily and good dreams.

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Living Room

In addition to your favorite sofa, place a multipurpose massage cushion to achieve the ultimate comfort. Find a massage chair that will give you a relaxing massage after sitting for hours at work. Some models have a head-to-toe massage system. It can pamper you to release your fatigue until you finally find comfort. And you can be more relax by lighting a scented candle that has properties that help reduce stress, worry, and feel fresh and awake such as lavender, vanilla scent, etc. or by masking you face at the same time together with a simple formula. Doing it yourself at home can be more fun. If you use scented candles, make sure to find a candle holder to protect it from the heat and drip of the candle to be safe from flame.

ชุดถาดกลม เก้าอี้นวดไฟฟ้า เบาะนวดอเนกประสงค์


Dining Room

Referring to a living room that can bring scent or light to help create a relaxing mood during eating. You can also marinate your hair or mask your face as well. Without having to care for anyone’s eyes because you are in your own home. You can even drink a glass of herbal tea for nourishment or detox. It can be classified as a spa too.


In the garden or outdoor

Turn your home garden into a resort-style spa without having to travel far to try out any of the best spas that everyone else knows about. Find the perfect corner in the garden, set up a Jacuzzi bath or a makeshift sized inflatable tub to soak in the aroma foam bubbles sprinkled with flower petals or take a milk bath in the outdoor atmosphere. You may add shading with a chic sheer canopy to cover the tub. No need to turn on the music to create an atmosphere. Try to find artificial fountain that creates the sound of a waterfall and you can have your favorite drink nearby to sip and relax while taking a dip as well.

อ่างอาบน้ำ ต้นยางอินเดียดำ ผ้าม่านโปร่ง


This is just a simple Home Decoration Ideas to be Home Spa. You can choose items and spa products that you love and do a spa at home. And use them to decorate in the corner of the house to create an economical happiness. It can be done during work, online learning, cooking, which if anyone wants a fuller mood of decoration, it can be done in the style you like. There are also appliances, many home spa equipment that will make your home a spa-like relaxation such as massage chairs, foldable massage beds, herbal incubators, aromatherapy, herbal powder, scrub, body spa, salt spa and etc.

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