Modern Artisan home decoration is a modern, elegant home decoration style with an aura of nature. Modern Artisan is richly comprised of small, delicate detailed home decorative items and home furnishings made from natural materials that are durable, strong and beautiful, making your home pleasant. Decorating the house with handcrafts, DIY or Craft Room no matter what it is called, many people become fascinated with Modern Artisan home decoration for its charm of craftwork, especially the new generation who are in the midst of superficiality from technology. Today, HomeGuru has ideas for Modern Artisan home decoration to share with you.

Modern Artisan Home Decoration: Living Space

For a multi-purpose room like a parlor or a living room, should have necessary items such as scatter cushions and soft blanket. In addition to the utility in itself, it can also be an attractive home decoration. The technique is if you cannot find scatter cushions and blankets that are woven from local materials, simply choose printed colorful fabrics that stand out from other home furniture. You may choose tribal graphics or natural pattern that make you feel vivid and refresh. They will surely be attractive for your visitors.

Modern Artisan Home Decoration: Working Space

n office room is not always a serious room. Make your office room exposure to natural light with a large full-size mirror. If you want privacy, just swipe the cream brown curtains with the texture like woven fabrics to close and turn on the lamp that has natural rounded lines instead. The overall color tone of the office controls the color and pattern imitating nature, from the wall color scheme that matches the top of marble table. The color of carpet is link with all wooden furniture in the room, and insert with a storage box made from a weave, to help reduce the hardness of the gray color tones.

Modern Artisan Home Decoration: Bedroom

A relaxing room such as a bedroom, you can choose a warm wooden bed that matches the wooden floor. But if you like smoothness or unfashionable, you don’t need to choose wooden furniture with thick, heavy designs. Decorate Modern Artisan home by using simple handcraft items such as woven flowerpot that comes with a beautiful, air purify plant. Add a subtle fragrance from your favorite aroma to make a relax, comfortable atmosphere. Recline yourself on soft bed sheet and tribal graphics pattern scatter cushions.

Modern Artisan Home Decoration: Curtain Collection

Another important part that cannot be overlooked for Modern Artisan home decoration is the curtain. Regardless of the choice of curtains, the color tone is solemn but outstanding or a light tone curtains that gives the feeling of warm and transparent, look kind of sweet. Like the fabric of blackout curtains, the lightness of the sheer curtain allows natural light to pass through without losing much privacy. In addition to the curtain fabric that is woven naturally, the carpet should be woven naturally as well. Don’t miss! A wooden leg sofa, the main home decoration furniture. A small detail that makes the room unbelievably

แต่งบ้าน Modern Artisan : Lighting Collection

Modern Artisan Home Decoration: Lighting Collection
Modern lamps style with with hidden special natural marble details. In addition to providing a beautiful light, the design emphasizes rounded lines, giving soft feeling than straight lines. Or a lamp with a corner design, in addition to being useful, it can also be used as a home decoration which goes along well with DIY handcraft or Craft Room. No matter which corner the lamp is placed, it helps drive that corner to stand out.

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