Many homes are interested in setting up a home office to make working from home more enjoyable because many people must continue to work from home permanently during this time period. Therefore, home office design must have a good mood, proper working environment will help to concentrate on work and make work more efficient. As for setting up your home office so that you enjoy working from it, HomeGuru has some helpful hints.

• How to set up a work space during WFH?

1. Ways to organize your home office
2. Worktable items during WFH


• Ways to organize your home office

1. Office color schemes

Because color has a direct effect on brain function, affecting both physical and emotional components, it also affects performance. By working in offices or offices, using your preferred colors for inspiration may choose colors from various objects to help decorate, such as postcards, notebook covers or storage boxes, etc. But the advantages of home office design by yourself is to freely customize your preferred color from your surroundings, wall color, furniture color, color of appliances and decorations as you want.

2. Lighting in the office

Lighting is particularly crucial in work spaces, especially in work corners that are isolated from any section of the room because they are typically poorly lighted by the ceiling lights. As a result, when sitting for a long time, it may induce eye strain, headache, fatigue or irritability easily. Therefore, installing a spot light to have enough light to work can benefit in terms of job efficiency and health. The key thing is that no matter what sort of bulb you use, you should utilize lighting that help protect your eyes and you should open windows and doors to enable the light shine through.

3. Bring some naturalness into the office.

Working in an office or many offices without common areas to rest or even windows around the office can easily generate exhaustion and tension. This can be remedied by placing a tiny plant on your desk or changing the background of your computer screen to a natural image. However, for work spaces, you can add naturalness by growing your favorite plants in the room. You can set up a gorgeous fish tank or even an outdoor work zone in the garden on a sunny, relaxing day by employing outdoor furniture that is suited for usage.


4. Adjust the room temperature to suit the work.

When working in an office, you may not be able to control the temperature of the air conditioning, but when working from home, you can. However, the working environment should not be too cold. When the weather is nice, you can opt to leave the air conditioner off or set the temperature between 25 and 29 degrees.

5. Relaxing music can improve the aesthetics of your workspace.

Many people listen to music to unwind while working or to podcasts for information and pleasure to spur creativity. Work spaces should have music-playing devices installed so that employees aren’t forced to wear headphones all day like they would in an office. Or if you want to work quietly and do not want to generate noise, you can choose home office design by choosing an area that is not adjacent to the neighbor’s area. A soundproof room made of sound-absorbing materials can be made according to your budget if you’re recording a sound and need it to be exceptionally quiet.

6. Increase the working environment by adding aroma to the room.

In addition to light, color and sound, another thing that helps create a good atmosphere at work easily is establishing a soft aroma that helps to relax from work. By home office design, you can opt to utilize scented candles or essential oils as you prefer. Such as relaxing lavender, refreshing lemon, cinnamon to promote concentration, etc.

7. Pay attention to the air quality in the office

Another element that cannot be regulated when working in an office is air quality. However, home office design can be as simple as utilizing an air purifier, opening doors and windows for natural circulation, or browsing for beautiful air purifying plants. Mango plants, Indian rubber trees, Peace lily plants, Golden Pothos plants, and bamboo palm trees can be used to assist beautify the office environment to make it more refreshing and workable.


8. Prepare the office’s working equipment so that it is ready to use.

Working from home frequently results in a lack of equipment or tools that are required on a regular basis, as opposed to working in an office or office. As a result, for home office design, you should seek for tools or facilities that will allow you to work comfortably so that you don’t have to waste time hunting for items like notebooks, whiteboards, calculators, and work files.

9. Prepare your drinks for a hard day of work.

Because work demands nutrients that help refresh the brain and body to feel energetic, not too fatigued. So having some water, beverages or snacks in the work spaces will help you feel better, not having to walk in and out between the office and kitchen as often. However, avoid quick meals or food. That is damaging to the body and turn to consume healthy food, as well as get up to stretch and lessen fatigue from work often.

10. Select the appropriate desk and chair

Desks and office chairs are the major pieces of furniture that must be purchased carefully and attentively since they play a very essential part in the work. By picking a desk and chair for the work spaces, it must be fit for each person’s body. Because if you choose to use it badly, it will disrupt the concentration of work or have to get up to change the position often. The work chair should be a chair that can be adjusted to a low height, the height when sitting down should be Place your feet comfortably on the floor, the back of the chair must be level with the position of the spine. You can use a cushion or a healthy back pillow to help you sit more comfortably.

The desk should be large enough to accommodate a computer display that is 24 to 34 inches away from the screen. The top of the screen should be slightly lower than eye level, with enough space for the keyboard at a suitable level and about eye level. However, for setting up an occasional outdoor desk in the yard, you might choose a multipurpose folding table that is lightweight and easily foldable for usage on sunny days.

• Worktable items during WFH.


โต๊ะทำงาน FURDINI

The L-shaped corner desk in a gorgeous and dark design by FURDINI is composed of high-quality materials and supported by sturdy steel legs. The top particle table is 15 mm thick and covered in scratch-resistant PVC. There is plenty of room for storage, making it ideal for a home office with many work equipment. It aids in allocating space for use in a variety of ways that are both handy and adaptable.



A gorgeous wooden desk from the FURDINI brand, suited for a home office furnished in a Cozy and Minimal style. Made of high-quality wood that is both strong and long-lasting, with a veneer finish that adds a lovely natural touch. It has drawers for keeping books, documents, and accessories, which helps to make the home office look more ordered and elegant.



This wonderfully designed foldable table from the brand FURDINI can be utilized as a garden desk on chilly days. The tabletop comprises MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) for a fine, smooth surface and is covered with PVC to avoid scratches. It can be waterproof and attractive like natural wood, support up to 60 kg, be folded, easy to travel, and suitable for all applications.

A home office with a nice and comfortable ambiance ideal for working from home during this period can be made at home by yourself using a few basic home office design techniques provided by HomeGuru. Anyone who has to work at home for a long time attempts to put it to use. And if you don’t have any furniture or decorations for organizing your office, don’t forget to visit one of the HomePro branches near you or shop easily online at Please contact Call Center 1284 for more information.

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