Home Ventilating Opening is a helper of heat ventilation and the unpleasant smell inside the house by wind and natural sunlight which many houses overlook of them. Because nowadays there are other helpers that more convenient and faster to relieve the heat to the house than air conditioners. But the disadvantage is , Consumes too much electrical energy and the cost is very high. Choosing a home ventilation system in the rooms by natural way is another idea that “HomeGuru” recommends because in addition for helping to save money in the wallet. Also helps save energy for the house as well


Why the ventilation in the house is necessary?

Home ventilating opening is the ventilation by using natural wind. Allowing the air in the house to circulate better. If not installed Home ventilation system to drive pollutants such as dust, carbon dioxide (CO2) or gas out of the house. it Will make the dirty air circulate and accumulated in the house all the time Which adversely affects health, Especially with children and the elderly who have allergies.

Nowadays, there are various type of ventilating opening which match with a design of the house, such as a circle, square. Most usually install at windows, doors and walls in each room, especially the bathroom and kitchen.


6 Install Home Ventilating Opening for solving high heat problem

Ventilating opening under the roof : House cooling by installation roof ventilating opening is the best and the quickest way for helping relived the heat vapor that has accumulated inside the house. With a mechanism of heat that will float to high altitudes When the air vents are opened, it will allow the heat to accumulate. And circulating in the house, floating away from the house Help the house cooler. But the house which doesn’t have roof Ventilating Opening . The heat will accumulate and soften back down into the house. Making the house hot all day long.


Ventilating opening in the bathroom : bathroom is very important room that has to be installed house ventilating opening system. Because it helps to ventilate and Make the bathroom floor not messy and away from the unpleasant smell, causing of various pathogens. It Should be a appliance that can ventilate air and light can reaches, many houses, especially Housing Estate, prefer to install UPVC windows, prefabricated double sliding doors with mosquito nets it’s convenient and easy to install


Ventilating opening in the kitchen : the unpleasant smell is one of the important problems in the kitchen. Although the kitchen is already installed an exhaust fan and a cooker hood. We should have a window installation and open for ventilation while cooking Which most housing estates usually have installation large windows for ventilation. But for a townhome which have the addition of kitchen in the back of the house, it is recommended to make a double roof. Separated by an aperture and ventilating opening . Because the heat, smell and smoke will rise to a high place and go outside the house more comfortable and quicker than the installation of window, also can get natural light from the aperture as well


Ventilating opening in the bedroom : bedroom is another room which deserves good ventilation. For the good rest all day and night. so, it is best to choose a good air circulation bedroom. The bedroom should have many windows to allow cool air to blow in and the hot wind to blow out. but if the bedroom have limited space, it’s impossible to have many windows, it should install optical films or ventilation fans . also can choose to paint the bedroom in light colours to make the room look open, airy and cool.

หน้าต่าง UPVC บานกระทุ้ง มุ้ง หน้าต่าง UPVC บานเลื่อน มุ้ง แผ่นฝ้าระบายอากาศ เฌอร่าบอร์ด ลายสักเว้นร่อง


Ventilating Opening above the door and window : It can help the house cooler, even without opening the door and window. This type of vent installation is suitable for high ceilings home. It help the house more open by installing ventilating opening above doors and windows. It is recommended to install a mosquito net behind the air battens to prevent various insects entering to the house as well.


Ventilating Opening ceiling : The ceiling of the house no need to be a solid cilling. Because it sometime making the air in the house has no good circulating, it should be wind ceiling ventilating opening. More than just installing a window .Not only make the house cooler , the wind circulate good between the rooms also making the house more beautiful and look good in design.

Installation of house ventilating opening for the house which located on the roadside, have more harmful than advantage .Dust and the smell of car smoke entering to the house’s problem will occur , Therefore need to consider and adjust the installation point to suit the house before installation

หน้าต่าง Aluminum บานเลื่อน หน้าต่าง Aluminum บานเลื่อน หน้าต่างเลื่อน UPVC


Home Ventilating Opening type

Home Ventilating Opening in gable. it’s popular to install under the roof. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor. made of wood material through dehumidification process. Anti-termite coating to extend the period of use

Home Ventilating Opening in square. It is very popular. because of its basic shape. It is a rectangular or square shape, Installed with mosquito nets to prevent dust, insects, and various dirt entering to the house. popular installed inside the kitchen.

Home Ventilating Opening in circle. It’s used to install for cooling the house around the walls and ceilings of the kitchen, bathroom and storage room. Because it is a natural ventilation system. The ventilation holes will have a grill or louver, which each house can choose according to the suitability of the area.

ประเภท ช่องลมระบายอากาศบ้าน

Suitable position to install Home Ventilating Opening

House ventilating opening should be placed in opposite or diagonally positions from each other . Should not placed in the same line to help cooling the house throughout the room. Should not place furniture to block Ventilating Opening appliance. it will make the ventilating opening more uncomfortable .The size of them is also important to consider . Because it affects the cooling of the house. if the ventilating opening are small but the amount of transfusion air is too high .

Or large ventilating opening but the amount of transfusion air is too small. It will affect the speed of the air in ventilation process as well. It’s recommended to install In the corner of the room. The drill is higher from the ground about 2 – 2.5 meters, the width depends on the suitability of the area. And remember to look at the direction of the wind before installation.


Sometimes, even choosing the proper place for installation . But still feel uncomfortable. Should observe the position of your furniture weather it’s blocked the way for cooling the house or not , Or doing activities that have to use heating appliances during the day or not, such as turning on an iron , Cook food which have a long time to reheat. These can increase the heat in the house . Even we have a ventilating opening appliance

A good home design not only should focuses on beauty and interior decoration by a homeowner’s favorite , but also should focus on structure and quality of materials that are suitable for the climate of our homes that are faced with summer most of the year by selecting the proper home ventilating opening as “HomeGuru” mentioned above. It will keep the house healthy, no problems with fussy repairs as well.

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