“Color” influences mood and give different energy in many dimensions in Chinese science. “Color” is an important element that has a tremendous effect on Feng Shui. Because it is believed that the house color is related to the destiny of the residents. If you choose the right color, your home will be comfortable, full of positive energy. Therefore, choosing a house color at all, you should not be chosen just by preference. But it should be the right color as well. In the previous article, HomeGuru has written Choosing the Color According to the Element According to Feng Shui Principles. Here comes this article, we would like to recommend you to choose a house paint based on your birthday or has written Choosing the Color According or House Paint According to Birthday to the Element According to Feng Shui Principles. So that it can be applied without having to calculate the date of birth.



People born on Sunday rather have high self-confidence, determination, seriousness and determination will be blown away by red. But do not use bright red to paint the house or bedroom. Because red represents an overly stimulating power. You should use bright colors like white is home paint. As for the bedroom, it should be colored smoke. It helps to add to the matter of peace. But if you like red, it can be used Just paint in other parts and select only part of the wall and cut with light color in order not to make the overall atmosphere of the house too hot.



People born on Monday is sweet, charming, good tastes, doesn’t like chaos. Monday, a color that is very comfortable on the eyes, such as light blue, pearl white, cream, pale yellow, add sparkle with gold decorations or paint the door frames. The windows are colored in gold as well. However, you should not choose to use bright and bold colors. Because in addition to not adding fortune. It also made the people of Monday feel frustrated.

สีรองพื้นอเนกประสงค์ โซฟา สีน้ำทาภายใน



People born on Tuesday is often hot-tempered, impatient, and constantly running thinking. So the right color for the birthday person today should be a color that gives a feeling of relaxation, such as blue, gray and the room that people born on Tuesday should pay special attention to the bedroom. The recommended colors for the female bedroom are light green, light blue, while men may add cool shades of gray to dark gray. It will give you a feeling of calm. It helps to concentrate and not distract the mind and reduce anxiety as well.



People born on Wednesday has good human relations. A romantic, classic and lively person. In the living room and kitchen, it is advisable to choose a color scheme that always feels fresh, energetic and awake. Such as orange, yellow, green and white, clear blue, or classic tones such as white and black. But if you want to paint in the bedroom, you may choose dark colors contrasting with white or light shades to reduce the weight or intensity of the color.



People born on Thursday has a character, a confident person, leadership likes peace, solitude, quiet. Therefore, suitable for earthy home colors such as cream, brown, and gray colors that give a feeling of nature. This creates a peaceful and safe atmosphere better than other colors. For bedroom and living room colors, we recommend painting peach, pastel orange, light blue, yellow, cream or white.



People born on Friday likes nature, freedom, aesthetics like calmness. Declared bedroom and living room colors will be soft colors such as pastel pale orange, light green, and if destined to complement the already calm and warm members of the house. Make sure it’s a peach, pale pink, or white color, and decorated with natural materials like wood and potted plants will go well with Friday.



People born on Saturday has a strong character straightforward and fairly stern, light green is the first choice. Because it helps relieve tension well. You can also use other light colors, such as white, the smoke color that makes the mood of the house look peaceful. Try to avoid choosing a deep blue or blue. Because it makes people born on Saturday feel uncomfortable, rarely in peace.

สีน้ำทาภายนอก สีซีเมนต์สร้างลาย โต๊ะกลาง


Each day, there are many different color schemes that are properly set. Look for House Paint According to Birthday or the birthday color that you consider to be the most fulfilling and felt that the atmosphere fills with good energy. Only this is considered to create auspicious life.

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