An awning is an addition to the outside of the house that helps manage the space more usefully. Whether installation sunshade to use as an open kitchen, a laundry area, or even a garage. Currently, there are many types of awning canopies to choose from as appropriate. Especially sheet awning that can be bought and installed easily by yourself until it becomes more popular. Because it provides both comfort and a variety of materials to choose from. Each type of awning offers unique beauty and functionality. HomeGuru would like to take everyone to know the popular types of awnings.

• Get to know the sunshade before buying

1. Type of awning structure
2. Popular types of awnings
3. HomePro sheet awning
4. Awning installation service from Home Service by HomePro


• Type of awning structure

An awning canopy generally consists of two parts: The roof structure and the roof sheet itself. Which the roof structure will be an essential part to support the weight of the roof sheet. At present, three types of awning roof structures are commonly used: steel frame, lath wood, and stainless steel.

1. Steel frame awning

It is a trendy awning roof structure with, modern look that goes well with modern home decor. It is durable, long service life, and is available in a wide variety of styles. You can get it for thousands of baht depending on the type of awning and the size of the steel used to make the awning roof. However, there are disadvantages of steel awning roof structure as well. That is, if the structure is not built correctly, it may cause rust that destroys the steel structure to corrode.

2. Lath wood awning

It is an awning canopy structure made of wood, preferably hardwood, for durability in the sun and rain. The hardwoods that are commonly used are Balau wood and Jamba wood. The advantage of slatted awnings is that they are naturally beautiful and can match any home decor style. In addition, it is lighter than steel and stainless-steel awnings, so it is not a burden on the house in terms of weight but will have a relatively high price.

3. Stainless steel awning

Stainless steel awning roof structure is an awning type that is commonly used in buildings, offices, or factories. Because stainless steel object is not very focused on design and beauty but has the advantage of a solid structure that can be bent into the desired shape. And if you choose to use stainless steel grade 304, it will help prevent rust, increase strength, durability and extend the service life for a long time.


• Popular types of awnings

In general, sunshades can be divided into two main categories based on their ability to filter light according to each material: opaque awnings and transparent awnings.

1. Opaque awnings

It is an awning made from materials that do not allow light to pass through, such as metal sheet awnings, corrugated metal awnings, and vinyl awnings. Each type is different as follows.

1.1 Metal sheet awning

Metal sheet sunshade or metal awning roof is the introduction of steel sheets or metal sheets to be rolled into corrugations to make roofing sheets. It is considered a very popular awning because many brands choose from both cuts to order by area and sheet awning. That is easy to buy, easy to install, lightweight, and relatively cheap. But the disadvantage is that it accumulates pretty high heat. Also, when raining, it makes a loud noise even after the insulation is installed.

1.2 Corrugated mental awning

A corrugated metal awning is an awning that material is a typical house roof sheet. The advantage of this type of awning is that it is relatively cheap and looks like a piece of roof. But at the same time, it is a disadvantage that it is heavy, requires many steel structures, and seems not modern.

1.3 Vinyl awning

Vinyl awning canopies are made from UPVC or plastic, but they are a particular type of highly durable plastic. The installation will make it look like wooden floors are joined together in logs. The advantage is that it looks stylish, beautiful, doesn’t make noise when it rains and is easy to install. Then, of course, there is a sheet awning to choose from as well. The disadvantage is that the price is a bit higher than other types of shelters. And because it’s made of plastic, if it’s exposed to strong sunlight all the time, it’s likely to twist and leak easily.


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2. Transparent awning

It is an awning canopy made from materials that the light can shine through to not cause dark and damp corners, such as polycarbonate awnings and fiberglass awnings.

2.1 Polycarbonate awnings

This type of awning is made from resins mixed with substances that stretch or expand when heated. And loosen when the temperature drops. The polycarbonate sunshade can be divided into two types: honeycomb polycarbonate sheet and corrugated polycarbonate sheet.

The difference is that the honeycomb polycarbonate sheet will look like a fluted board, and the light can penetrate fully. There are many colors to choose from, and the price is relatively low. But it will be loud when it rains and will expand when heated, so it has a short service life. The corrugated polycarbonate sheet looks like a wavy steel roof. The advantages are that it is very transparent, has a wide selection of colors, is lightweight, and is cheap. The disadvantage is that it does not scatter light and expands when heated, so there is a high chance of leakage. The roof sheet may be framed and easily broken, and the service life is not very long because it is made of plastic.

2.2 Fiberglass awnings

Fiberglass sunshade, also known as D-lite awning, is available in both opaque and translucent versions. But usually, it is popular to produce translucent awnings because they are of better quality than polycarbonate sheets. This is because it can withstand more heat and expands more if heated. So, it has a longer service life. The fiberglass sheet’s nature is small, wavy, and covered with another film layer to protect it from UV rays and heat. It is highly durable. Beautiful and no moss, but the price is relatively high as well.


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• HomePro sheet awning

As already mentioned, the awning is currently produced in a variety of formats to accommodate different applications. In addition, sheet awnings are created for ease of installation. Thus, you can install yourself and significantly reduce the installer’s work time. There are various materials and styles to select, like a custom-made sunshade. HomePro has ready-made awnings to choose from, including a metal sheet awning roof, vinyl awning roof, fiberglass awning roof, and polycarbonate awning roof.

If you are interested in roofing or sunshade equipment, visit HomePro and HomePro S in every branch or click to view products via HomePro online: or contact for more information via Call Center 1284.

• Awning installation service from Home Service by HomePro

In addition to the awning, HomePro also offers an awning installation service by a team of professional technicians from Home Service by HomePro. That is ready to provide assistance to install awnings safely and according to the standard steps. The technician team has certificates of specific knowledge and has passed a criminal background check with certainty. In addition, there is a procedure for checking the working system after installation and cleaning. The service area covers Bangkok and its vicinity. As for the provinces, the service area is not more than 30 kilometers from the HomePro branch. Guaranteed work for up to 180 days.

If anyone is interested in awning installation services, you can order the service easily via HomePro online and order services or ask for more information / free consultation at HomePro in every branch, Line : @HomeProService or , Facebook : Home Service by HomePro , Mobile app : or you can call the Call center 1284.


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All this is what everyone should know before buying an awning that HomeGuru has compiled for you to provide information for those who are interested in installing it. The sunshade can be used to suit the needs and suitable for each house as well. Hoping that after reading this, it will help make the decision easier and get an awning roof that you like to use in every home.

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