One of the dreams of movie lovers is inevitable to have your own movie theater by using a home theater system that has a large screen as you wish and providing a realistic picture like watching a movie in the cinema. Therefore, HomeGuru would like to pamper movie lovers with the technique of creating a home cinema that they want from a home theater audio. Even if you sit and watch movies at home, you can still get the atmosphere like you are in a large movie theater. Most importantly, you don’t have to invest as much as you always think.


The paradise of movie lovers is to watch their favorite movies in a private room with a big screen. Therefore, we will take you to create a simple home cinema suitable for the Stay-at-Home era.

1. Build a home cinema with a large screen home theater set
2. Make a movie theater; the seats must be comfortable
3. The light in the room must not be too much
4. Room size affects the sound quality of a home theater system
5. Difference between home theater speakers and soundbar
6. Simple techniques to make a fantastic home theater room


Build a home cinema with a large screen home theater set

When building a home cinema, choosing a large enough TV to use is essential, but it should not be so big that it damages the eyes. The popular screen size is 60 – 70 inches or more. It is best to choose 4K and LED screen quality because the picture will have high resolution and sharpness to enhance the movie viewing experience. Since movies, today are of relatively high resolution and use countless new techniques in production. Therefore, the quality of the screen is an important thing that should not be overlooked.

People with a low budget but wanting to have a movie room may choose to use a projector instead because their starting price is only in the thousands. It can be used with the wall of the room, but the quality and color of the projected image may not be as good as using a Smart TV.


Make a movie theater; the seats must be comfortable

Any house has a room wide enough to make a small movie theater and install a home theater audio. Choosing a sofa as a seat is advisable, as some homes may use a regular sofa and decorate it with a table for treats. But if the budget is higher, you may choose to use a sofa bed because it can be adapted to use in various ways, including turning into a bed for chilling movies on the weekends.

The light in the room must not be too much

Making a home cinema with a home theater set, the important thing is to arrange the lighting in the room so that it doesn’t hurt your eyesight to make a good movie room, it must be prevented from entering at all or as little as a possible outside light. They may use opaque blackout curtains because, in addition to preventing sunlight from coming in, it also makes the room cool.

Even if we control the light from entering the room, it doesn’t mean that the room will always be opaque. Because in the end, the lamp must be used in the room. Just have to choose a light that can adjust the brightness to make watching each movie the most enjoyable.

In addition, another help that should not be overlooked is the Ambient Light, or Smart TV backlight, where the light adjusts to the screen while reflecting the light to the wall. It is called another item that makes the movie room look beautiful, has dimensions, and also helps to protect the eyes well.


Room size affects the sound quality of home theater system

In addition to controlling the lights and choosing a suitable smart TV for movie lovers, the size of the room is equally important. Because the sound from a home theater audio depends on the size of the room. Generally, home theater speakers have a unique tone, but be sure to choose the right size for the room. For example, if the room is narrow, but the audio equipment is used more than necessary, the reverb and dimensions of the sound are not as good as they should be.

Difference between home theater speakers and soundbar

Many people who want to buy home theater equipment are hesitant about what kind of audio equipment to use. Between a home theater speaker set and a soundbar speaker set, which one is most suitable for living space and home cinema?

1. Home Theater Audio

For a home theater speaker set is suitable for a vast space, full stream of equipment and speakers, and distance between the seat and the screen. It can also be positioned as standard speakers, whether a center speaker, surround speakers, bookshelf speakers, or floor standing speakers. Without making the room too cluttered, but get good sound.

The popular audio system is “5 speakers”, also known as “5.1 speakers”, but if any house has a vast room, it may be possible to use a Home Theater 7.1 system as well.

In addition, the advantage of choosing a home theater audio is that there are a variety of technologies to choose from, giving you the ultimate movie experience. The position of the speaker can be adjusted freely. You can also add or upgrade speakers for better sound and better quality.


2. Soundbar

The advantages of a soundbar speaker set are that it takes up less space, has only a few components, is easy to move the speaker, and uses fewer wires. Some models are wireless or Bluetooth speakers that sound similar to home theater audio to some extent. This makes it suitable for homes with limited space, not very wide, and still can’t use a home theater speaker set.

The Sound Bar speaker set is mainly suitable for condos. Not suitable for large rooms, even when used in the home, because it will not get clear surround sound. But if you want good sound quality equal to that of a speaker set and a home theater audio, you must use a subwoofer.


Simple techniques to make a fantastic home theater room

Now that you’ve got the idea of setting up a home cinema, now it’s time to make a home theater audio room so that you can choose the right equipment. By the way, making a home cinema or a room for watching movies must consist of 3 main concepts:

1. Room layout

• Must be a room with no walls adjacent to neighbors, such as a townhome or commercial building.
• The room wall must not be attached to the room used for relaxation or work of the members of the house.
• Ceilings, walls must have no leaks.
• If the house is at risk of flooding, the cinema room should not be placed on the ground floor or basement.

2. Room size

• Making a movie room in the house, the important thing is the size. The appropriate size is width 15 x length 20 x height 8 feet at least.
• The size and number of devices should consider the number of people in use, as this means cost savings.

3. Doors and windows

• A cinema room or a room for a home theater should not have many doors or windows due to the need for soundproofing.
• Do not choose rooms with windows or glass walls.
• Choose a room with the least amount of light.

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Once you’ve decided you want a movie room complete with a home theater system. Equally important is the purchase of equipment and home theater audio that fit the space, has a standard within a budget that is enough for your wallet. Plus, you want to get a great sound system and suitable equipment to make your home cinema. You can come to buy at Homepro because we have many promotions waiting for you!!

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