How to choose a power outlet for home using is one problem that many houses overlook. Because every time you buy a power strip, sometime there’re few outlets, can’t use enough. Or too many outlets, but only a few can be used. But people always say, the more outlets you have, the better it is. but in fact, whether the power strip has more or less outlets, Factors for using the correct way of power plug still have other factors that need to be considered. Today “HomeGuru” will recommend you about How to choose a power outlet or Choosing the suitable power plugs, and electrical appliances with appropriate wattage for the type of power plug.


7 ways to choose the right plug for usage

Check the certification mark

Buying good quality and standard power plugs. Nowadays, it is necessary to have Industrial product standard certification mark (TIS standard power strip) which is a requirement of TIS 2432 – 2555 trailer cable standard, which has determined the electric wire must comply with TIS. 11-2553, which is a mandatory standard. But for The plugs and receptacles must be in TIS. 166-2547, do not forget to observe TIS before purchasing as well.

The length of the cable is suitable for use.

Is it correct that the longer the plug have , the better it is? In fact, it is good to choose a suitable length for your usage. Before buying, recommended to measure the suitable length. If you buy too long cable. It will piles together and difficult to use. The power plugs position is not beautiful. Or sometimes it may cause dangerous to children or the elderly in the house who walked pass or stumble.


Choose a safety receptacle and safety curtain

Selecting materials that are non-flammable or high quality with heat resistant. Should not use cheap power plug. It should consider with the safety curtain or power curtains to prevent harmful that may occur to children in the home who can use fingers to prick or poke into the power plug.

Amount of receptacle and on-off switches

Having many receptacles does not mean, it will get more power. Because if you choose 3 outlets plug with a power of 2,300 watts, the wattage will be average in usage when using multiple appliances in one place. For example, a power plug can support 2,300 watts, while using a 1,500 watt with electric fryer and an 800 – 1,000 watt toaster. When calculate the power consumption, it may be higher than the 2,300 watts

And one more important thing is, selecting an on-off switch. Separate or combined on-off switch. For the house that doesn’t use a lot of electricity or often use, it’s suitable to choose a combined on-off switch. But for an office or computer working. Recommended to use a separate switch. Turning off unused switch will save cost.

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Cut off system or circuit breaker

It should check the power plug. It have a circuit breaker or the system to cut the power or not? Because if the use of electricity is higher than the wires, then it can’t handle. It can cause heat to build up and damage the power cord. Equipment and The appliance in use may be damaged immediately


Product warranty

Although the power plug is long time used products, there is TIS, but one more thing should not be overlooked is the product warranty. If one day the plug can’t use. Every home can claim the products. Or exchange a new product. At present, the period of warranty for each brand of power plugs are not the same. The minimum period is 1 year. The maximum period is up to 10 years depending on the model and brand of the power plug you choose.

Special function with USB port

Product development in the power plug category, Nowadays, new innovations are introduced to facilitate everyone in the family. It is very suitable for modern people’s lifestyle. There is an additional USB charging port that can be plugged into mobile phone charging. Without having to find a power plug. It normally will be able to plug in 2-4 devices.

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What kind of power plug is safe and can be used for a long time?

Of course, the cheap plug often have a short term of using and also have a low safety. So it’s necessary to have a good quality and standard power plug. In addition to consider the wattage and the features mentioned above, considering their brand name will make it easier to make a purchase decision as well.

In the market, there are many brands to choose from appropriate usage. Such as the power strip, “HomePro” have PANASONIC, DATA, ELEKTRA, ANITECH, TOSHINO, The power plug model that “Home Guru” would like to recommend today is

ปลั๊กไฟแบบไหนปลอดภัย ใช้ได้นาน

1. Power strip 3 outlets 3 switches 2 USB ELEKTRA

It is a power strip that can support 10A 2,500 watts and has been certified by TIS for all parts from a round outlet and safety breakers. Cut off when using over power with power receptacle, safety curtain, and Protect children’s fingers. With a standard grounding system and supports up to 2 USB Charger ports for convenience the power strip is thick. And heat resistant, can be used with various types of electrical appliances

2. Power strip, 6 outlets, 1 switch, ELECKTA RD-6101 3 m. White

ELECKTA is power strips for variety of applications. Whether indoor or outdoor using. This ELECKTA power strip is designed with a 3 meter long power cord. Round design, consist with 6 outlets, 1 switch, and 3 legs, compact size can be easily carried. Safe with standard circuit breaker, electric Overload protection. It is certified by TIS as well, if anyone is looking for a gift during the festival, this HomePro power strip is another good choice.

3. Power strip 3 outlets 3 switches PANASONIC WCHG 28334 3 m.

PANASONIC is a popular brand. Like this recommended model. It’s suitable for variety of areas, especially in homes, office buildings, condos, dormitories or co-working spaces, Peripheral electronic devices with a power not exceeding 3500 watts with a power switch. Easy to use if all outlets are activated. Also have a safety curtain to prevent fingers touching electric shock. It is certified by 166-2549 and 824-2008 TIS

4. Power Strip 4 outlets TOSHINO ET-914 USB 3 m.

For homeowners who want to be simple and safe. The Toshino Power Strip is the interesting item, such as the TOSHINO ET-914 USB 3 m. Maximum power 2300 watts. Surge protection and Over power protection for safety during use

ELEKTRA รางปลั๊กไฟ รางปลั๊กไฟ 6 ช่อง รางปลั๊กไฟ

รางปลั๊กไฟ HomePro

Besides choosing the suitable and safety power outlets or How to choose a power outlet, as “HomeGuru” mentioned above. It is important to make sure that the power plug in your home is also suitable for the appliance you use. To prevent using with the insufficient power plug. Which can cause the power plug overheat and a short circuit. And should not use cheap power plug just because they have the same power as the expensive one. If you are not confident in the quality, you can ask about “HomePro” power strips with experts to ensure safety and suitability, which is the most important thing.

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