One of the things that many people might overlook in bathroom décor is Bathroom Mirrors, which is one of the essential bathroom accessories we use a lot of times, but may not be carefully chosen. Mirror is an important piece of equipment that affects usability, whether we will be beautiful or have any mistakes, just look at yourself and look in the mirror, it will reflect and correct. Just choose a mirror that has standard quality. Not just dummy. But in addition, the mirror is an essential accessory that reflects the style of decoration.


Choosing a mirror pattern also helps to complement the beauty or reduce the beauty of the bathroom. Even if we use beautiful and expensive tiles or sanitary ware, HomeGuru has a number of techniques for selecting and purchasing a mirror. So you can choose a beautiful mirror that creates the perfect combination of functionality and completes the beauty of the bathroom.


Perfect sphere shape

A round mirror is a decorative item that makes a great statement in the bathroom. With the perfect circular shape on the wall it catches the eye. Round mirrors are both elegant and modern. But suitable for bathrooms with sufficient wall space. Once installed, there is still room on the wall for the Bathroom Mirrors to stand out.

กระจกเงากลม กระจกเงากลม กระจกเงากลม


Elegant oval curve

The oval mirror gives an elegant appearance with curved lines. It is available from classic graceful shapes to modern capsule shapes. The oval mirror also makes the bathroom stand out as a round mirror. But the oval, slim shape can be used to create an attractive appearance in a small bathroom and still works perfectly.

กระจกเงาวงรี กระจกเงาวงรี กระจกเงาวงรี


Classic square shape

A rectangular mirror with a fabric base is a shape that we are familiar with. Simple and well-proportioned shape. This is one of the most optional mirror designs that can be chosen to suit many styles of bathroom décor. Therefore, we can see that this shape Bathroom Mirrors is produced in various styles. And there are frames with various materials to choose from as well.

กระจกเงาเหลี่ยม กระจกเงาเหลี่ยม กระจกเงาเหลี่ยม


Neatly stored

A mirror in front with a cabinet or shelf, is perfect for small bathrooms. Or for those who want to store their belongings in a mess without clutter. Increase the storage space within the thickness of the cabinet or a model with a shelf that extends. These mirrors can add dimension and playful touch to any bathroom décor.


Spell all eyes

Special shaped mirror, both geometric and free-form shapes suitable for use in creating a distinctive feature in any bathroom decoration. The use of special Bathroom Mirrors should look appropriate with the decoration style. The colors and patterns of the tiles in the bathroom too. In order to avoid competing with the highlights which may make the decoration look too messy.


Therefore, choosing a mirror, you should buy a brand that has a standard sound. Because sometimes a mirror may have a magnification rate or a reflection distortion caused by the use of poor quality materials or substandard production. HomeGuru recommends that if you are unsure, you should try the mirror of your interest yourself and that HomePro is also a source of many mirror styles, many sizes to choose from. You can experience various mirror patterns at every HomePro branch.

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