Chairs are essential pieces of furniture that need to be used in every room in the house, including the office, living room, and dining room. Especially in this new era, choosing a chair that meets users’ needs and is comfortable to sit without pain is a matter that many families focus on. Especially work chairs or some homes with children, parents are probably looking for a good quality gaming chair, comfortable all day long. And how to choose each type of chair suitable for use in each room and for different activities. HomeGuru has tips on selecting a chair that will sit comfortably and meet the needs of each room.

Living room chair or sofa chair adds charm to the room.


The living room is considered a multi-purpose room that is the face of the house. In addition, to use as a relaxation area for all family members, it is also used to welcome friends and guests. Therefore, when choosing an important piece of furniture, such as a sofa or sofa chair, selecting according to the room’s design style is necessary. And respond to the use of comfortable sitting of all family members.

In addition to the sofa as the main piece of furniture, the stand-alone sofa chair is equally popular. Because in addition to adding charm and beauty to the living room style perfectly, it also increases the seating area that helps you feel more comfortable and relaxed. However, it is necessary to choose a sofa chair suitable for the living room as follows.


• There are many types of materials to choose from, such as fabric sofa chairs and leather sofa chairs. Still, no matter what kind of material you choose, consider the color tone of the material that should be in the same tone as the color scheme and room decoration style.

• The sofa chair position should choose the proper position to meet the needs of users. For example, place it about 3 inches from the room wall so that the room is comfortable. Or should be placed in a position where they can talk to each other easily without shouting. And the sofa chair should not be placed in front of the corridor because it will make it inconvenient to use and have to relocate the chair.

• Sofa chairs must be compatible with other furniture such as sofa tables and carpets. Both in terms of material and size so that no one piece of furniture stands out too much.

เก้าอี้ม้านั่ง เก้าอี้ เก้าอี้

The office chair must be comfortable to sit and relieve aches and pains


Office furniture, especially work chairs and office chairs has gained a lot of attention in this modern lifestyle. Because many houses have to sit and work at home or “Work From Home” all day. Most of them tend to have health problems such as office syndrome with pain in the neck and shoulders that are annoying while working.

The best solution is to change a work chair or office chair that meets all the body’s needs from the neck, back, and buttocks for comfort and to reduce the aches and pains that arise.

เก้าอี้สำนักงาน เก้าอี้สำนักงาน เก้าอี้ทํางาน

When choosing a suitable work chair, several factors should be considered, such as the height and the softness of the seat cushions that are not necessarily very soft and not lumpy. The chair can be adjusted high-low and recline. A backrest fits in the back with armrests for easy support when getting up or sitting. And the most important thing is trying to sit before buying.


In addition to choosing the right work chair, look for extra items like a butt or back cushion if you want more comfort. It will help to sit and work more comfortably throughout the day. But choosing a work chair is not the right solution. If the sitting behavior or sitting position is still wrong, it can’t help solve the pain problem effectively.

The gaming chair comes with additional functions, perfectly meet the needs of users.


Because the trend of playing games is as strong as working from home in the lifestyle of the new era. As you can see, some homes spend more time sitting in front of their computer screens playing games than working. Therefore, many brands design gaming chairs that come out to support comfort and reduce aches and pains.

The gaming chair will have an unusual and modern look and design. Different from office chairs to meet the needs of users. Some gaming chairs also have additional functions such as a massage system to relax while playing games and recline accordingly.

เก้าอี้เกมมิ่ง เก้าอี้เกมมิ่ง เก้าอี้

Due to its outstanding design and functionality, the gaming chair has become the preferred choice for a gamer, and some homes use it as a work chair. In addition to getting a comfortable chair, it also helps to save expenses as well.

Dining table and chairs help dining room standout in style


Another corner of the house that must be designed and decorated to not spoil the atmosphere during activities with all family members is the dining room or dining corner. It is necessary to choose a table and dining chair to suit the style and needs of eating like a chic restaurant.

Most homes will choose tables and dining chairs in the same style for convenience and ease to decorate. But for anyone who wants to select a chair that changes the Mood & Tone to make the dining corner stand out, beautiful, and perfectly meet users’ needs. You can be considered from a variety of factors Which is as important as choosing a work chair, including:

เก้าอี้กินข้าว เก้าอี้กินข้าว เก้าอี้กินข้าว

• A comfortable chair while working

The comfort of the chair must come first. Should choose a dining chair that is suitable for use. Answer the convenience, soft, not hard, whether it is made of wood, steel, rattan, or how outstanding the design is. But if you are uncomfortable sitting, it can definitely spoil the atmosphere while dining with family or friends.

So how do you know which chair is comfortable to sit on?
It’s essential to sit back and feel the comfort of the chair before making a purchase.


• Designed to match the home decoration style

Even if you choose a comfortable dining chair, don’t forget to consider the chair’s design that must match your home’s decor style, for example.

  • A house decorated in a minimalist style; dining chairs may be Japanese-style wooden chairs. Therefore, earth tones make simplicity comfortable on the eyes.
  • Loft-style house, emphasizing cool, should choose black steel chairs to add more distinctiveness to the loft-style.
  • Scandinavian-style houses emphasizing naturalness may choose to use rattan chairs, which are currently available in various colors.
  • Modern style house, beautiful, elegant, looks expensive. You can choose a chair in various designs. Just choose to match the color tone of the materials in the decoration, such as tiles in the house, to help create a balance that is not outstanding and unusual.


• The chair size must be appropriate

When you get the perfect chair design, don’t forget to consider the chair size, whether it’s suitable for the dining table size and the space in the room or dining corner or not. Choosing a chair, you should first look at the size of the height that fits the dining table or not. It should not be too tall or too short of making it difficult to sit and eat. But, on the other hand, the width and depth of the chair will help you feel comfortable throughout the meal.

The chair is, of course, one of the main pieces of furniture that need to be considered in many aspects, as HomeGuru mentioned above. Before deciding to buy, whether it’s a work chair, gaming chair, dining table chair, or sofa chair. Those chairs must meet the needs of the home decoration style and have a long service life.

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