This era, we are entering the innovation of intelligent electrical appliances known as the Internet of Things, especially a notable “refrigerator” which has developed into Smart Refrigerator or new model refrigerator with functions that are more than just cooling, gimmicks for 4G era, advanced technology operating through smart phone or internet. In addition, new refrigerators save more energy with modern usage that every home shouldn’t miss! What are the advantages of smart refrigerators? HomeGuru has information and recommendations on how to choose a refrigerator. Which refrigerator brand is suitable for you?

Which refrigerator brand is good?

When you decide to change your refrigerator, the first question that will pop up in your head is… which refrigerator brand is good? Presently, the leading electric appliance brands of refrigerators are SAMSUNG, LG, SHARP, HITACHI, MITSUBISHI, these brands have innovations that carry out the competition in the market and are known as Smart Refrigerators with special features such as Side by Side refrigerator, Multi Door refrigerator (refrigerator with many doors), Click! or an advanced technology operating through smart phone, plus beautifully, detailed design and the use of colors to fit well with the kitchen, and it doesn’t look old-fashioned over time. Therefore, we need to pay attention in choosing a refrigerator.

Things we should know

As it is an electric appliance that is quite expensive, therefore, you must consider the details before deciding to buy a refrigerator, not just because of the leading brand names, but you have to consider the features in choosing a refrigerator

1. The features of refrigerator

A refrigerator must provide effective cooling. But for actual use, we must consider other matters as well. Because of the innovation of smart refrigerators can create many more functions such as drinking water from refrigerator door, automatic ice making, fruits and vegetables storage box, air filtration system that helps to remove odors, etc. These are the basic functions that you should consider. It will be worthwhile when you choose it for actual use.

2. The design of refrigerator

A long rectangle shape is the basic design of the refrigerator, no matter which model it is. The new model of refrigerators may have the design of 2 doors refrigerator, 3 doors refrigerator, and multi door refrigerator Click! New refrigerators are design in various angles, similar to shelves in order to put things in order and more efficiently. The open-close doors are in front, side, or become a drawer instead. The color tone is simple and classic, making the refrigerator becomes more than an electric appliance, it also can be a decoration in your kitchen as well

3. Additional features

In addition to the design for the refrigerator to be organized, it is also ready to spread the coolness thoroughly. The new features are important that we should consider, so we can use it happily. The main features that are most likely to be: air filter system to kill bacteria and reduce food odors. Moreover, there is also automatic internal power management system that can save energy as well. The complete smart refrigerator must have a dual cooling system, allowing the freezer to distribute cool air from the ordinary freezer, making the freezer temperature work effectively.

4. Refrigerator price is another important issue

Although, the refrigerators have full function, superb design, how innovative it is, somehow you need to consider the cost. You may a brand of refrigerator in mind, however, you need to consider the comparison of the functions and features of each refrigerator brand before choosing to buy a refrigerator. Or you can study from various reviews and you should think mainly of the use. This way it can help you choose a refrigerator that can be worth the price to use.

Choosing to buy a smart refrigerator is not difficult, but you need to pay attention and understand the use of it according to the main topics that can be considered initially.

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