Water pump is one of the essential equipment in the home water system especially for homes with weak water flow problems and a house with a bathroom on the second floor and the third floor of the house. Therefore, need to be installed automatic pump or high pressure water pump to help pump water from the ground floor to the upper floor. But choosing a water pump, nowadays, a variety of factors need to be considered in order to achieve. A suitable and cost-effective automatic pump for the different applications of each home. Which will be considered in any matter before choosing to buy and choose to use that water pump. HomeGuru has knowledge and 5 models of water pumps, that help save water and electricity bills, the main things that every home needs to consider before buying automatic pump for every house.

1. Things to know before you buy, what kind of water pump is good?
2. 5 water pump models help save energy use, have money left to save

If the water pressure in the house is sufficient to use, Installing a water pump may not be necessary.

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Things to know before you buy, what kind of water pump is good?

Water pump type, choose to suit home use

The types of pumps that are commonly used in many homes today are divided into two main types:


• Automatic pump with constant pressure

We often see many homes using automatic pumps. This type is quite a bit. Because not only will it deliver a constant water pressure at all points. No matter where the water is activated at the same time in the house at the same time, another important highlight is the look and design, it is also suitable for setting up for use in modern homes. Plus, the sound while the machine is working is still low, not disturbing people in the house as well. But the disadvantage of this type of water pump is. The water pressure may not be that much. If compared with other types of water pumps such as automatic pumps with a pressure tank.

• Automatic pump inverter system

Appearance design of automatic pump Inverter System will be similar to automatic pump. The pressure is constant, that is, it is not very large. It helps to save installation space. But the only difference is the system of the water pump. It will work with an inverter system that will help every home to save electricity while using more, for example, if installing a 400 watts water pump, but having only one point of water use. Power consumption is only 100 watts. But if it is a simple automatic pump, it will consume a total of 400 watts.

In addition to saving energy Automatic water pump body Inverter system. There is also a screen that can be adjusted to use the water as needed. Including a system for calculating water consumption which helps with convenience Suitable for the lifestyle of people in the digital age.


• Automatic pump pressure tank type

This type of water pump is equally popular. Because it is a pump that provides very good water pressure compared to the two models mentioned above, many homes that do not adhere to the design are popular because in addition to being efficient in their work. Still have a not very high price. But the disadvantage is the service life of the pressure tank may not be durable. It is noisy while it is activated and consumes a lot of electricity even when only one point of water has been activated.


Size of the water pump is important to use

The size of an automatic or electric water pump is related to the size of the living space in the house. Number of family members and the water consumption of each house, for example, a 1-storey house with 2-3 family members should choose a 100-150 watts water pump or if the water pressure is enough, it is not necessary to install it. Choose a 250 watts automatic pump and a 3-storey townhome may choose to use a water pump with a power of 400 watts or more to deliver the water pressure to the point of use.


Water pump installation point It’s equally important

Selection of installation point Automatic pump that should be installed away from the wall. Or about 30 centimeters of house fence to help the unit heat dissipation easily and easy to maintain. The installation point should be a point where there is no water stagnation to prevent moisture that may result in damage to the motor of the water pump. And more importantly, you should place the water pump in the shade, out of direct sunlight and rain to help prolong service life.

5 water pump models help save energy use, have money left to save


1. Automatic pump STIEBEL 3A-CS 300 Watts

If the focus is on design and about saving energy in the use of lights. Although, not an inverter system, but the automatic pump STIEBEL 3A-CS 300 watts is another model that I would recommend for homes that want to increase the water pressure to have a constant use of water in the house. This model is a very popular model because it is premium at an affordable price. And has functional functions that are efficient and smooth throughout use.

The system works as a water pump, automatic self-watering system. The machine has an on and off switch with protection against damage while there is no water entering the pump and has a meter system to help measure the water pressure automatically. It is suitable for homes with 1-4 water points and has 4-6 family members or more.

ปั๊มอัตโนมัติ HITACHI

2. Automatic pump HITACHI WM-P750XV 750 watts

Automatic pump HITACHI WM-P750XV 750 watts is a high pressure water pump. Inverter system that can control the rotation of the motor according to the use of the water stroke. Thus, helping the house save electricity while being turned on the machine has modern technology. It provides constant water pressure. Ensures no noise during operation and able to absorb 20% more water than general water pumps, and the installation is not complicated because the machine is compact. It helps to save space inside the house.

ปั๊มอัตโนมัติ MITSUBISHI

3. Automatic pump MITSUBISHI EP-205R 200W

A house with 3-4 family members lives in a 2-3 story house. Choosing an automatic pump MITSUBISHI EP-205R 200 watts is considered sufficient for use. Because in addition to the water pressure is constant. The machine also helps to save electricity. With the standard number 5 label, low noise while working. Therefore, it does not disturb family members while doing various activities.

The machine has a water reverse flow protection system. There is a housing cover to reduce the worry of insects and rodents biting the wires which is widely used in many homes for this water pump.

ปั๊มอัตโนมัติ CARINA

4. Automatic pump CARINA CA-150 150 watts

If a house with limited space, such as a 2-story townhome, installing a compact, easy-to-install electric water pump such as the CARINA CA-150 model will save a lot of space in the house. Plus, save energy with 5 fiber-saving label standards, the machine is strong, durable, anti-rust, suitable for homes with 1-4 water usage points with dry water protection and the system will automatically cut off within 4 minutes.

ปั๊มอัตโนมัติ SUMOTO

5. Automatic pump SUMOTO POMPA ENERGY CUBE 750 watts

Another version of automatic pump that is an inverter system that will help save electricity for the house. Without having to worry about installation space. Because the device is compact, suitable for use within the home that is not very large. With 1-4 points of water transfer, the machine has a transmission distance of up to 20 meters and can adjust the speed of the motor according to usage.

When you know the basic considerations in choosing to buy water pump. The equipment may seem complicated and complicated because it is related to water systems and the home lighting system as HomeGuru mentioned above to some extent already. It would help many homes consider purchasing decisions automatic pump. A machine that is worth both the use and can help save expenses in the house quite a lot. But in addition to considering buying, it is equally important to maintain and check the operating conditions of the automatic pump regularly to help extend the service life as well.

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