Downlight is more than lighting; it creates the atmosphere in the room to be warmer, more beautiful, and more pleasant. Currently, downlights are very popular in installations because they have a long service life, save electricity, cost-effective prices. Most importantly, illuminate the room’s beauty. There are various applications such as Recessed Downlight, Surface Downlight, Square Downlight, depending on the application needs. Including styles in designing and decorating different homes. Today, HomeGuru will take every home to get to know the downlight. That is one of the items to add light, help change the atmosphere in every room to be more pleasant, to make it easier to buy and install.

Get to know the downlight


A downlight, also known as “Downlight Luminaire,” is a light that produces light in a downward manner. The light is distributed at the bottom, making it suitable for installation in every room in the house. Especially homes with not much space to get enough light. The appearance of the downlights, despite their small size, helps to change the atmosphere of every room in the house warm, comfortable, outstanding, charmingly luxurious. And most importantly, it saves more energy than other light bulbs as well. For these reasons, many homes are favor using downlights.

4 popular types of downlights

There are 4 types of downlights to choose from depending on the installation. Each type has differences and suitable for different applications; let’s see.

1. Recessed Downlight


This type of downlight is popular because a Recessed Downlight is a beautiful light when installed inside the house or condominiums. It will add beauty and luxury to the room harmoniously. You will not see the light bulb emerging from the wall of the ceiling of the house. The lamps are smooth and in line with the entire ceiling.

2. Surface Downlight


Even if it is a light that gives light, it can be called another home furnishings to help make the house stand out. Because the Surface Downlight has a cylindrical shape, after installation, the lamp can be clearly seen. Therefore, it is suitable for a house without a ceiling or a house decorated in a loft style that emphasizes the design and decoration to see the material’s structure without any additional decorations.

3. Pendant Luminaire


Outstanding in terms of design with a variety to choose from. In addition to the primary function is lighting, it also creates the mood of every room in the house. Hanging downlights also help to decorate the room with uniqueness. Because the installation will have cables hanging from the ceiling. For anyone who likes a cool style or a loft style, this type of light should be an excellent solution for use.

4. Semi Recessed Downlight


If you want a light with an unusual design, a semi-floating recessed downlight should be an interesting alternative. Because the installation of the semi-recessed downlight is embedded in the ceiling with part of the light emerging. Therefore, it is suitable for home decorations who want to add a playful design to the room.

ไฟดาวน์ไลท์สี่เหลี่ยม ไฟดาวน์ไลท์ ไฟดาวน์ไลท์ LED

How to choose the perfect downlight for your lighting needs


Using downlights such as Recessed Downlight, Surface Downlight, Square Downlight is recommended to use with energy-saving lamps. You can install it both vertically and horizontally. The installation is different as follows.

• Installation of downlights in a horizontal manner, the characteristics of the light are distributed in a wide area. Suitable for installation on narrow ceiling walls.
• Vertical installation of downlights is preferred because it dissipates heat better than horizontal installations. But it is necessary to determine the installation point first because the light may interfere while doing activities with family members. Most of the light bulbs used are chopsticks.

Not only the installation but also the selection, there are many considerations in the installation as follows.

• Illumination of downlight

In order to get the right light and suitable for use in each area before purchasing Recessed Downlight should be observed on the side of the box before purchasing. The label shows the information, the width of the light radius, and the height of the lamp. It makes it easy and convenient to determine the installation location, number of bulbs, and height when installing in the application area.

• Reflection of the light is available according to the needs and suitability of 3 types:

1. Full illumination, a smooth, glossy surface known as Clear Anodized
2. Sparkling light at specific points, glossy but has a refracts light, known as Beehive Facet
3. Soft and sparkling light that is a square surface with refraction angles, called Sand Blast & Line Facet

• Height of the lamp

The size of the lamp height is a matter of concern. It is necessary to have a gap during installation. And choose the right fit for the wall and ceiling space to be installed because it will help cool down while running. In most cases, the installation distance is at least 5 cm.

Install downlight in the proper position.

The location of the downlight installation in each room is different as follows:

• Bedroom, each downlight should be installed at a distance of 1.5 meters.
• -Working room, each downlight should be installed at a distance of 0.8 meters.
• Living room, each downlight should be installed at a distance of 1 meter.

In addition to the distance, it is essential to consider the height between the floor and the ceiling, which should be about 2.5 meters high, and the size of the lamp for aesthetic installation.

โคมไฟดาวน์ไลท์ ไฟดาวน์ไลท์ โคมไฟดาวน์ไลท์ LED

Downlight can be regarded as a popular lamp in the installation of applications, especially the Recessed Downlight. In addition to lighting, the light also gives a warm and cozy feeling every time it is turned on. But before buying downlights, be sure to consider the factors HomeGuru mentioned above. Both in terms of space size, installation position, and the style of the home design that is suitable for installing downlights or not. Don’t forget to consider energy-saving and lifespan to help reduce costs in the long run.

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