Choosing to buy an extension plug or power strip to meet home use needs is not just about selecting a trendy brand in general department stores. But selecting a standard extension socket must take into account the quality and safety of its use. In addition, it is crucial to protect in the event of a short circuit as well. Today, HomeGuru opens up all the tips for choosing a standard and safe power plug for you.


For choosing a standard and functional power strip, what should be considered is not just only the TIS standard, but there are also other components.

1. Quality extension plug must have TIS mark.
2. Length of extension plug must fit the application.
3. Material of the socket must not be flammable and not loose.
4. Power cable must withstand voltage.
5. A plug outlet must be tight and not moving.
6. The extension plug must have a power cut system.
7. Choose models with additional features for added security.


Quality extension plug must have TIS mark.

Generally, standard extension sockets must have the TIS mark, which is the industrial product standard certification mark on every brand. The original standard of TIS can still use a fuse. Still, according to the current standard, it must be TIS 1889 – 2012 that has been ordered to be enforced from 2018 onwards; it will not be able to use fuses again.

For the main reasons for the cancellation of the old TIS, part of the reason is the fire and the fuse do not cut the power. Therefore, turn to use only circuit switches or circuit breakers. In addition to TIS standards, you can also buy models that are certified according to international standards, such as CD, TUV, CQC, and CCC symbols.

In addition to observing the new TIS standard 2018, additional things to note to obtain a standardized plug include other elements as follows:

  • Current (Ampere)
  • Voltage (volts)
  • Power (watts)
  • Trademark
  • Model of the selected product


Length of extension plug must fit the application.

Another technique for choosing a power strip to meet quality standards and use is to choose a plug that is the right length. Because many homes want to buy a plug that can be used for many lengths, both near and far. Therefore, if you buy a very long plug but needs to be used in a short distance, you have to keep winding the cord every time. In addition, the wires must be piled together. Which, in addition to being rowdy, may also easily stumble and fall.

In addition, the cable must be insulated with double layers. The voltage should not exceed 440V, and the current should not exceed 16 A. The socket should be made of AVC plastic rather than PVC plastic because it will be smooth and better heat resistance.

The wire size that safe and suitable for households.

• Cable size 0.5 sqmm. can be used with electrical appliances up to 1,200 watts.
• Cable size 1.0 sqmm. can be used with electrical appliances up to 2,200 watts.

Material of the socket must not be flammable and not loose.

For choosing a good extension cord, take a look at what material the socket is made of. Should choose an outlet that is made of non-flammable or flammable materials, high quality, can withstand heat well. Also, if there is an electric shock or there is a fire at the plug, there must be no fire in the house.

In addition, the power strip outlets must have the correct wiring and location of the N L G current. Whereas the ground terminal of the receptacle should be the real terminal, and the brass terminal has the property of preventing electric leakage.

Power cable must withstand voltage.

Another important aspect of purchasing a standard extension socket that should not be overlooked is that the power cable must withstand high voltages. Not lower than that of both the socket and the outlet to prevent power surges That may adversely affect the electrical appliances in the home. The power strip outlet should be around tripod type instead of a flat pin according to TIS standards. There is insulation at the plug pin to prevent shock and keep your fingers from touching the plug pins.


A plug outlet must be tight and not moving.

When buying a power strip, you should select a model that plug outlet must tight, not move or loose. It can be noted that if it is a non-standard model, the price is relatively low. Once plugged in for a while, the hole or socket will become noticeably loose. Sometimes, just by moving or touching the plug, the appliance goes out instantly. If you continue to use it, it can negatively affect your home appliances.

Also, before buying, always shake it to try and hear the sound inside. Checking in this way will let you know if any internal parts are loose or not, especially the solder that has come off. If purchased and used without checking first, it could be a significant cause of the fire.

The extension plug must have a power cut system.

The safety systems that a standard extension socket should have are power cuts and safety shutter. The cut-off system, also known as Circuit Breaker, is an automatic electrical switch designed to help prevent short circuits. It will cut off the power immediately when a fault occurs within the electrical circuit is detected.

It is important to buy an extension socket with Safety Shutter. It is a plastic sheet that blocks the copper terminals and other foreign objects that may accidentally enter or penetrate into the socket. It also helps prevent the danger of electric shock from the house members, especially at homes with small children who may put their hands in the sockets.


Choose models with additional features for added security.

In addition to the main tips, HomeGuru has described above, choosing an extension plug with additional features will help you use it more confidently and securely.

1. On-off switch

Many current power strips have an on-off switch for easier use. The benefit is that it prevents power surges from unplugging and plugging in, eliminating the need to pull out the plug every time. And it helps to save electricity when not in use well. The on-off switch has both a combination switch and a switch that is separated by the socket.

2. USB port

An additional function that many people love is the USB connector that many models have started adding this option. Make it more versatile to use, especially for small electrical appliances such as charging Power Bank. But if you want to charge your mobile phone, you should also see if it’s a model that requires only the charger of the device or not. Because it will not negatively affect the health of the battery later. But if it’s a USB Type-C cable, it can’t be used with a regular USB connector.

3. Surge protection system

The Surge Protector System has the advantage of protecting electrical appliances well, especially in lightning and power failure. This will be more effective if there is a ground or grounded system. Because the surge protection system will immediately bring the current to the ground, keeping the electrical appliances plugged in safe.

4. Heat detection system

Another system that many power strips have added is a thermal detection system that helps prevent short circuit problems. Because sometimes, a short circuit can occur when a large amount of dust accumulates, causing the electric charge to lead to a short circuit.

5. Universal Socket

If there is a Universal port, it means that the extension plug is compatible with any country’s power plug. Whether it’s the round head, flathead, and tripod head, eliminating the need to buy an additional power adapter.

ปลั๊กพ่วง ปลั๊กพ่วง ปลั๊กพ่วง

Now you know techniques for buying an extension plug to get the right quality for your use and safe according to TIS standards of 2018. In addition to considering the above information that HomeGuru has described, let’s try to calculate the rough power first. To see how much power the electrical appliances will use, suitable for what kind of standard extension socket. Especially electrical devices that use a very rotating motor such as vacuum cleaner washing machine and the hairdryer will use different power. But if you’re looking for a good power strip, just head over to HomePro, and you’ll get it at an affordable price.

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