Of course, you should Choose the Floor rug that will definitely enhance the atmosphere of the house to look more outstanding. But today there are many types of rug to choose from, including the shape, color, pattern, material and size of the rug, from the size of a door frame to the large size that can cover the entire room! How will we know which type of rug is right for our home? This is not difficult at all.

Because HomeGuru has compiled techniques for choosing a beautiful floor rug and suitable for home.


Why do we need floor rug in the house?

Carpeting the home is the easiest and fastest way to change the look of your home. Because one carpet can change the atmosphere of a normal room to look warm, lively, lively or luxurious in a blink of an eye especially carpets that are soft to feel relaxed and give the foot a soft touch which can help to prevent the violence from slipping accidents. In addition to this, it also helps absorb sound in the activity zone, watch movies, listen to music of the house and helps to maintain the temperature in the room causing the air conditioner to not have to work too hard.


Techniques to choose a rug to suit the home

Lifestyle is a determination

Before choosing to buy a rug, the first thing we need to know and find the answer clearly is what direction will the decoration of our house be? Based on our own lifestyle, such as if you don’t have time to clean your house, you should avoid woven rug that has a lot of surface roughness. Because carpet like this is quite collecting dust and difficult to clean. But if it is a house that is often socialized, you may have to avoid rug that is made from fur or a long hair rug. Because there is a chance that the carpet will easily has stain. You may have to clean it often.


Carpet color creates Mood & Tone

Rug of the same shape, same size, manufactured from the same material. But if the colors and patterns are different, it can create a different atmosphere. Because color truly determines the overall mood and tone of the room. The rug has a light color, suitable for small and narrow rooms. Flooring with light-colored carpet will help the room look spacious, airy, bright and more comfortable. But not suitable for rooms that have a lot of dust or dirt because the dirtiness can be clearly seen. The middle-toned rug is a color that goes well with every room, as it will blend easily with various furniture, not too striking. While the dark-toned carpet will make the room look elegant, modern, formal and easy to care for and rarely see stains as well.


Another technique for choosing carpet colors that will help make the room look beautiful and distinctive is the use of principles 60-30-10. Which 60% means the proportion of most colors, such as the wall color that will determine the proportion of other elements that is the secondary color tone that corresponds to the primary color. Which is 30% of the furniture and then followed by the highlight color scheme that makes the room 10% more prominent, such as the color of the lamp or carpet floor.


Rug size, area design

Although rug can be used in all areas in the house. But you must consider the usage characteristics of the area and the size of the area compared to the size of the rug, with the technique before leaving the house to buy a rug is to prepare the data by measuring the comparison of furniture in the room and determine the rug size in order to help save time when choosing to buy.

ขนาดพรม ขนาดพรม ขนาดพรม


Choose a rug that is suitable for the area of use

Rug for living room

Living room is considered the most popular room for rug in the home. A simple technique for choosing a rug for this room is to choose from the overall decoration style and the environment of the room. To make the room look spacious, use bright colored carpets like white, cream, or bright-colored carpets like yellow, blue to help the room look more lively.

But if you want the room to stand out, choosing a rug that contrasts with the overall color of the room can help add dimension.


The rug area is suitable for the living room or living room, such as short-haired carpets or smooth rugs such as nylon. Since it is a room that is used and pressing quite heavily especially if it’s a room that doesn’t focus on air conditioning is almost always open. Choosing short-haired rugs or a smooth surface rug will be able to clean easily does not collect dust as long as a long hair rug.


Another important thing to consider before making a living room or living room rug is to choose the rug and sofa to match both the color tone and size. Because sofas are the main furniture of the living room. Therefore, the carpeting must be mainly based on the area of sofa placement, which is to choose the carpet and sofa laid out together can be done in many ways. If the area is large, it is advisable to choose a large rug that covers the area around the sofa. But if there is not enough space, you can place the rug slightly out of the front of the sofa. Just this, it looks good.

ขนาดพรม ขนาดพรม การเลือกพรมกับโซฟา


Rug for the dining room

A dining room must be soiled, spotted, messed up as normal floor mats for decoration that suit this room. It should be a short hair rug or a smooth surface rug such as polyethylene rug (Polyethylene) produced with recycled plastic which does not cause allergies or nylon (Nylon) that trap dirt, good protection against water, marks, scratches and easier to clean than other types of rug.


For the shape and size of the appropriate dining room rug depending on the style of the table – dining chairs that have any shape is a square, square shape or rectangle and how wide. How many people can support all the members? The simple technique to look good is to choose a rug according to the shape of the dining table.

การเลือกพรมกับโซฟา วิธีเลือกซื้อพรม พรมสวยๆ


Rug for bedroom

Bedroom is a room that needs a relaxing atmosphere for the most effective relaxation. The rug used in the bedroom should be a long, fluffy rug that feels soft and comfortable, such as wool carpets or acrylic carpets that look like synthetic wool carpets. The advantage is cheaper, gives beauty and texture that is as soft as real fur. Without having to encroach on animal life in any way. There is also a polypropylene carpet (Polypropylene) that looks elegant, can be waterproof and trap dust is excellent.


Techniques for buying long-haired carpets with tight weave fibers can test the firmness by swiping the fur of that rug that has feathers or fiber coming out of his hand or not. If not available, it is considered valid. As for the rug arrangement in the bedroom, it can be done in many ways as well. But we would recommend choosing a rug that is wider than the size of the bed to be able to be placed on both sides of the bed. Putting in this style, in addition to looking beautiful also feels good when the feet touch the soft surface before going to bed.

พรมสวยๆ การเลือกพรมกับโซฟา วิธีเลือกซื้อพรม


Lastly, regardless of the style of the carpet chosen to decorate the house. The most important thing is to keep the rug clean. In order not to make the carpet beautiful become a source of accumulation of germs in the home. HomeGuru hopes everyone’s next carpet purchase will have no mistakes and get a beautiful area rug.


Change the atmosphere of the house as desired. Suitable for the home and individual lifestyle.

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