The gas stove is an essential tool for cooking great, quick and tasty dishes, which all require the heat from the gas stove to make them. Have you ever known that gas stoves with all the same appearance, actually, have a wide variety and differences that can be classified into many categories. So HomeGuru took the opportunity to introduce a gas stove that is easy to use and convenient to finish in one step. Just choose the right one for use only.


Ordinary stove

This ordinary stove, we will delve into each other a lot. Because every house must have by working to provide a double fire It is made of multiple materials and has a nice appearance. Looks like a western stove. Nowadays it is widely used with famous housing estates that buy a house, plus a complete decoration. But the service life is not comparable from the brass material which has better heat conduction properties, high heat resistance, making it last longer as well. These types of burners come in many sizes. Depending on the size of the gas stove from 3.5 – 6 “inches with a gas blasting system, the flame rises from the two burners. It can adjust the heat level as needed which is a direct burning causing a lot of heat. Therefore, it has a disadvantage that may cause incomplete combustion, causing the black container to bend Suitable for cooking dishes such as frying dishes.


Infrared stove

Infrared stove has a ripple The materials are various. But recommended made from ceramic to withstand higher heat. There are sizes of the diameter of the burner from 5 to 7 ”, with a gas-permeable system through the porosity, so the flame is low but still provides high heat energy. Adjusting the heat level is not as diverse as a conventional gas stove. Thanks to the gas permeability principle, the infrared burner heats evenly and saves up to 40% gas, suitable for cooking, grill, stew well.

หัวเตาอินฟาเรด หัวเตาอินฟาเรด หัวเตาอินฟาเรด


Turbo stove

Turbo stove is to squeeze the burner head into a small hole to increase the gas pressure. Thus accelerating the fire stronger than other types of burners. Giving heat energy fast, save cooking time, a small disadvantage is that if used for a long time. This will cause the bottom of the container to have black soot on and this type of burner has a shorter service life than other types.


High pressure cast iron stove

High pressure cast iron stove or known as Hua Fu stove. Designed for cooking heavy loads. Therefore, having to use a very hot flame. Because this type of hob is made of cast iron, it can withstand the heat from a strong flame and can comfortably carry the weight from a large pot or pan. Suitable for many restaurants that need to cook in no time.

หัวเตาเหล็กหล่อ หัวเตาเหล็กหล่อ หัวเตาเหล็กหล่อ


A summary of stove type. What kind of stove readers like? Let’s go and choose to use it. Let me secretly tell you a little more that the element that maximizes the efficiency of the gas stove to function perfectly is power. Therefore, before you buy, be sure to look at the power of that gas stove as well.

Finally, for the safety of life and property, you should buy gas stoves with accessories that meet the standards and certified by reliable agencies with (TIS mark), which HomePro has a wide selection of standard gas stoves and staff who can provide professional advice as well.

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