HomeGuru has collect methods for cleaning different types of pans one place. For you, butler, maid, try to use together. Both eco-friendly cleaning methods can remove common stains after use. And a built-in help to remove heavy stains that hold onto the pan to be gone in no time. But do not leave the chemical residue causing harm to health for good hygiene and extending the life of the pan to be used for a long time together. In which this work the electric pan has no involvement. The pans in use today are divided into two types, plain and coated. Which each type can also be divided into different types of applications:


Coating Pans

There are 3 types of coating pans commonly used today. Because it has similar main features:

Teflon coated pan, marble coated pan and ceramic coated pan

It has similar special properties: the food does not stick to the pan even using little oil. These types of pans are pleasing and perfect for those who are concerned with their weight because you can not cook food on the pan with very little oil or some people may not use at all. Cleaning is so easy. Just use ordinary dishwashing liquid. Scrub with a soft sponge. Gently is enough and you should not use any type of metal scouring pad to clean it This will cause the coating to come off easily and its service life will be shortened. But if the pan has a lot of stains that get stuck with a little heavy cooking. Pour water into a saucepan, and then boil the stains and boil it. Let it cool and then wash will make it easier to wash.

Moreover: The marble-coated pan will be strong. More durable than other coated pans even slow heating. But retains heat for a long time. As for the ceramic-coated pans, although they are excellent and beautiful, be careful because they can easily break.

น้ำยาทำความสะอาดภาชนะ สเปรย์ล้างจานซันไลต์ ใยขัดแอนตี้แบคทีเรีย


Simple Pans

A simple pan is a pan made of a variety of materials. Which we have been familiar with for a long time, divided into

Cast iron pan

Cast iron pan, not much used by people. Because of its heavy thickness The price is high and is easy to rust. But to heat for a long time and very durable Suitable for frying various meats especially beef steak. As for the cleaning method, it can be washed with normal dishwashing liquid and scrubbed completely until the stain is gone or use a stain remover to help it do this without even less irritation to the pan surface. It should be wiped dry and apply a thin layer of oil. Pre-coated to preserve the pan surface and prevent rust.

น้ำยาล้างจาน 3M ฟองน้ำ ใยขัด ผ้าไมโครไฟเบอร์คัลเลอร์

กระทะเหล็ก คราบดำ

Brass pan

Brass pan It is popular to make Thai desserts because it is clear, colorful, beautiful, but some people can also use it to cook stir-fried, stewed dishes and when used for a long time will cause dull stains to be shiny as before. If the stains are not very stubborn, natural cleaning is good preservation. Using lemon and salt Slice the lemon into halves, dip or sprinkle salt, then scrub the brass pan thoroughly until it gets a pleasant luster. Then wash, clean and dry before storing in a dry place. And if there is a stubborn stain, use the ketchup that you already have on the kitchen and spread it evenly. Brass pan, let it sit for a night, then wipe it off with a soft dampen cloth. Then washed and cleaned as usual will get a clear brass pan without any haze.

น้ำยาขจัดคราบเคลือบเงาภาชนะ น้ำยาทำความสะอาดภาชนะ ฟองน้ำ+ใยขัด


Aluminum pan

Aluminum pan Most of the restaurants are commonly used because they are lightweight, heat quickly Instant cooking. Without having to nurture a lot, no matter what kind of stir-fried dishes you want. But the disadvantage is that food is often stuck in the pan if not enough oil. Cleaning can be done with both general cleaning agents and stain removers. You can use metal fibers or sponge as your convenience.

แผ่นใยขัด ฝอยสเตนเลส น้ำยาล้างจาน


Stainless steel pan

Stainless steel pan Beginner cooks may be confused as aluminum or stainless steel because they look very similar. Heavy weight that is stainless steel pans heat slowly but retain heat longer. The advantage is that it does not react with acids, so it can cook a variety of food, including Thai, international for cleaning, use only normal dishwashing liquid. But should be careful about wrinkles, which should not use metal scourers or ice bubbles If the stain is stuck, open the water for a while. Before washing, you can use a nylon brush to scrub off heavy stains first, which will help to wash the pan completely. And now, some stainless steel pans can be washed in a washing machine.

แปรงไนล่อนล้างกระทะ ฟองน้ำตาข่ายแอนตี้แบคทีเรีย ผงทำความสะอาดภาชนะ


HomeGuru comes with a few tips: all kinds of utensils, not just pans, should be left to normal temperature before washing them. So as not to damage your favorite utensils, for example, if you wash your pan hot. Will cause the pan to twist and deform. As a result, when cooking the pan, the heat distribution of the pan is not as good as it should be. And using a nylon brush to scrub food particles and stains on it, it will help to wash more deeply, too. And it should be wiped dry before storing in a dry and ventilated place every time

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