“Iron” is an important equipment to make fabric smooth, beautiful, clean and no wrinkles. Generally, “Electric Iron” is used every household, with its light weight, easy to use and can iron all kinds of clothes. But some fabrics are thick, they need more force to iron smoothly. Therefore, a development of iron is “Steam Iron” which is designed to use steam to loosen fabric. It is easy to iron fabrics, no need to exert mush energy and it is twice as fast. So it is an important equipment for ironing clothes. With more functions, you need to take good care and pay attention to steam iron such as cleaning steam iron. It is important to know how to clean it. HomeGuru recommends how to clean steam iron and remove slag the right way and electrical appliances do not lose quality.

After using the steam iron often have stains on the stainless steel soleplate. Over time, these stains will accumulate so much stains which called slag. Therefore, you need to be persistent on cleaning steam iron to remove slag that is so sticky. If you need to clean steam iron, it is not so difficult, you can do it by yourself with house items.

What is steam iron slag?

It is dirt that causes the steam iron to have stains and makes the performance worse which is called slag, comes from clog in the iron that accumulates germs. The more water that is used, the harder it is. Slag will form and harden faster. In general, some brands of steam iron have a system to clean the steam iron slag already. But if your steam iron doesn’t have this system, you can do it by using a tray Quick Calc Release at the end of an iron. Pour dirt and use a wet cloth to wipe the slag inside. Now you can remove the slag out of steam iron.

How to clean steam iron?

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Clean steam iron with toothpaste
Do you know toothpaste in the bathroom is an important aid in cleaning steam iron? By removing stains on the iron, no matter which brand, color, you can simply rub it gently on the burn area. Then, turn on an iron for a while and let it cool down. Then, bring a damp cloth to wipe out those stains. This is a simple method that helps to remove the burns of the iron thoroughly.
Clean steam iron with vinegar

Ingredients in the kitchen that give more benefits than flavoring, clean steam iron with vinegar is a simple tip that people may overlooked. By applying a small amount of vinegar, boil and mix it with salt. When the salt dissolved completely, let it cool down for a while and then bring cloth and dip it in the mixture. Then, wipe out the stain on the steam iron until it’s gone.

Clean steam iron with detergent

Helper that removes all stains and also it is another way to wash steam iron that is not complicated. Just bring a small amount of detergent mixed with warm water. Mix them together and then bring a damp cotton ball and wipe out the stains and burns. Lastly, let the iron dry for a while. Now you have a clean steam iron just like new one.

Steam iron maintenance

A simple way to do it regularly so that the steam iron can be used for a long time. After ironing, you should unplug it every time. Wait for a while to let it cool down. Use a soft cloth or damp sponge to clean the steam iron. Apply taper candle or lightly lubricate the soleplate of an iron regularly, in order to maintain the smoothness, not jamming when ironing.

How to clean steam iron? This is a basic way that you can clean steam iron by yourself. You can also use house items to clean it. Steam iron should be cleaned every 4 months.

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