If you are facing a kitchen faucet problem. In that case, water leaking or dripping all the time may be a sign that the kitchen sink that is currently in use is deteriorating or may have a problem. In addition to causing the water to drip, it also makes the water flow slowly. So today, HomeGuru will take you to deal with the problem of water leaking from the kitchen tap, new housekeeper edition, guaranteed that it’s easy and definitely saves time.


The problem of water leaking from the faucet is a huge annoyance for housewives. Therefore, HomeGuru will take you to a simple solution to the end, all the root of the problem.

1. What is the cause of the water leak?
2. Must-have home appliances for fixing kitchen faucet
3. Easy techniques to fix a leaky kitchen faucet
4. Additional tips when repairing the sink faucet by yourself
5. How to choose a quality kitchen faucet?


What is the cause of the water leak?

There are different causes of water leaks among water leaks, and HomeGuru describes the main reasons why sink faucets are leaking.

• Rotary valve to open-close kitchen taps with debris or limescale stuck.
• Limescale accumulates around the water inlet hose
• Failure of the water on-off valve or the valve head
• Deteriorated rubber seals cause leakage
• Leakage at the connection point of the water inlet hose
• Non-washable internal corrosion
• Internal mechanism problem

Must-have home appliances for fixing kitchen faucet

For anyone who wants to repair the sink faucet by himself, preliminary must prepare the equipment for repair and fix first.

• Plumbing pliers, locking pliers, or adjustable wrenches. The size must fit the sink faucet.
• Kitchen sink, in case the faucet needs to be replaced, such as internal corrosion or problems with the faucet mechanism.
• Rags for covering the faucet head.
• Waterproof rubber, for changing when the rubber is worn.
• The sandpaper for sanding the rubber tires used is too thick to prevent water leakage.
• Threaded tape is used for repairing or fixing


Easy techniques to fix a leaky kitchen faucet kitchen faucet

Among the water system problems that occur in the home, water leakage problems, leaky faucet problems, or constant dripping from taps. It’s a problem that can happen to every home. Most of the fixes have to be checked within the tap to see if there is a problem in order to find a correct solution. Thus, HomeGuru will summarize this solution from start to finish for all the causes of the problem for you.

1. Check the cause of the water leak

The first order of solving the problem when a kitchen tap is leaking is to check where the tap is located. By the way, look at the droplets or water stains that occur, whether it is the joints of the faucet or not. If yes, turn off the water valve completely by closing only the valve supplying water to the dripping faucet.

2. Remove the water tap

When the valve is closed, and the leak area has been checked, bring a rag prepared to cover the faucet. After that, take a wrench, pliers, or screws to loosen the tap. By turning it counterclockwise or in other cases, the faucet can be unscrewed without using a rag.

3. Observe corrosion marks and limescale

Once the kitchen sink has been unscrewed, we can lift the lever out. The cover doesn’t affect the water flow, but if you notice it, you’ll find that there is a lot of dirt inside that can slow down water flow. You should wash it right away.

As for the waterline area, when removed, it must be adequately cleaned. After that, use a screwdriver to remove all the limescale. Remove the limescale and notice that there are no signs of corrosion. If the surface is even and smooth inside, you can continue using the faucet. But if there are apparent corrosion marks, the faucet may need to be replaced with a new one.


4. Check the condition of the valve head

After cleaning all kitchen sink parts, check to see if the valve body is worn out or has any debris. If not, then the water leakage problem is not caused by a fault of the water switch. Therefore, when cleaning is complete, it can be put back in its original place. Use the wrench to turn it back in a clockwise direction to tighten the tap, and don’t forget to put the O-Ring back in. (O-Ring is a black or white rubber band)

Once the installation is complete, try turning on and off the water. Whether there is another water leak problem or not. If not, everything is normal; this is because it may cause the valve body to move or loosen when using it. In addition to turning, it on and off, you should check for water leaks by twisting the end of the faucet pipe as well. If no water seeps out, it’s in good shape. But if still moving, it is not tight enough, re-tighten the faucet to prevent further water leaks.

5. How to fix if found corrosion or worn-out rubber leaks

In the event that the tap neck is leaking, it is most likely caused by deterioration of the sealant. Therefore, replace the worn-out rubber band. Then insert a rubber band that is the same size as the original or thicker instead. But if the rubber you put on is too thick, use sandpaper to polish the rubber to be thinner. Once the assembly is complete, put the equipment back in and check to see if there is still a leaking problem.

Also, if there is a problem with the connection point of the water inlet hose, in the process of removing the water inlet hose, re-tighten the threads with tape. After that, assemble the parts back to their original position.

6. Replace the kitchen sink with a new one

However, if in the process of disassembling the components, there are obvious signs of corrosion, not just limescale deposits or rubber seals that are not completely sealed to cause water to seep through the ceramic on-off valve. It means that the sink faucet has to be replaced with a new one because even after fixing the above steps, in the end, the water still leaks as before.


Additional tips when repairing the sink faucet by yourself

• In the case of repairs as recommended by HomeGuru, leaks are still found without obvious limescale erosion. It is recommended to start over from the beginning and check again.
• For taps that can’t turn to loosen, try putting a water pipe on the handle of the wrench or pliers that are used and gently move until it loosens.
• If the leaking area is not caused by joints, dirt accumulation, or a leak at the faucet body, it should be replaced with a new one. Because there may be a problem with the mechanism inside.
• When buying a sealant, the old band should be taken out first and compared with the new one to obtain the same size. Especially the diameter that must be the same as the original.
• If the sealant does not have the desired size, it is best to choose a smaller size only because it can still be moved or stretched. Do not choose too large because it may looser than the sink faucet pipe.


How to choose a quality kitchen faucet?

In addition to repairing the single sink faucet by yourself and Choose The Sink Faucet Wisely, you should choose a standard model that is versatile and suitable for the kitchen. The simple technique of buying a sink faucet is as follows:

• The new sink faucet should be the right size for the size of the sink, with the right height, not too much or too little to be able to use it comprehensively, suitable for various equipment in the kitchen.
• The selection of the sink faucet can be either cold-only or hot-cold, with adjustable temperature and water flow rate.
• A good sink faucet should rotate at least 90 degrees to make it easier to use.

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Now you know how to fix leaking kitchen faucet problems from HomeGuru that are easy and cost-effective in repairing the sink area. Now you won’t have to worry about dripping water around the kitchen tap anymore. For those looking for a kitchen sink at an affordable price, you can go to all HomePro stores and find many products at great prices, top value, and high quality.

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