“Swollen Door in the Rainy Season” Rain comes, there are problems, of course, the upcoming rainy season not only carrying moisture, chasing away hot steam. But the humidity that comes with the rain often causes various materials. The house is made of wood, causing the deflection, swelling, and deformation. Especially the wooden doors that are manufactured from softwood or which have not been baked. When exposed to rain or moisture will result in the expansion of trees. Until causing swelling, twisting and buckling causing the door to become stiff, unable to close completely, difficult to open, and loudly creaking to annoy the ears every time when using the door.

In this article, “HomeGuru” has solutions to the problem of swollen wood during the rainy season. Try using starting from the easy way from expertise to the use of professional skills.


How to solve the problem of swelling door from easy to difficult?

Sanding the door with sandpaper

If you notice that the same door that was in normal use starts to become stiff and the wood is swollen but not much. Use rough sandpaper No. 80 or No. 100 to polish the door in the area of swelling. After that, try closing and opening the door. If returning to close, not stiff, not loud, it can be used as normal. This method may require a lot of effort and time but is the easiest and requires the least equipment.

ประตูบวมตอนหน้าฝน กระดาษทราย กระดาษทราย


Use a wood scraper cutter

When the wooden door is swollen making it difficult to open and close. Considering that if sanding with sandpaper would have to sit and scrub for many days. No carpentry tools in the house like chisels or planers. It is recommended to use a large cutter to gently scrape off the swollen wood. Adjust the wood so the door can be closed Using a cutter will eat wood better than using sandpaper. But while using, don’t forget to pay attention to the sharpness from the knife as well.

ประตูบวมตอนหน้าฝน สิ่วปากบางด้ามยาง คัตเตอร์


Use piglet or steel grinding wheel

If in the house there are hand tools, such as electric grinding stone or we call the Piglet. This tool helps repair doors faster than using other devices. Before repairing, it is recommended to remove the hinges. Take the door to mark the point where the wood should be eaten to a deep point and gently grind to check the fit with the frame. You should use together with sandpaper for a smooth door surface. Be careful not to eat too much wood until it creates gaps. Because it will be a way for mosquitoes, cockroaches and other poisonous animals can enter the house.

ประตูบวมตอนหน้าฝน เครื่องเจียร์ เครื่องเจียร์

Remarks: The electric grinder is a specialized tool and has a high risk of accident. Users should have the right skills. It is necessary to install both the sun visor and protective gloves. Always wear glasses along with choosing the blade to match the job type.


Using a planer

For people who are a bit more professional, skilled mechanic, able to use woodworking tools well, and already have a planer. Use a planer as an aid to shave excess swollen wood to the surface of the plane. The trick is to set the planer blades to fit the wood eating process, gradually clearing, eat the wood piece by piece to prevent any possible errors. If too deep, will fathom the wood is not smooth and the wood can be torn and damaged. After the planing is finished, the sander is kept with fine sandpaper. You will have a door that works well and works neatly.

ประตูบวมตอนหน้าฝน กบไสไม้ กบไสไม้


Aside from the door, the door frames made of wood also have the opportunity to twist. If repairing the door and still experiencing symptoms, try to examine the jamb as well. You may have to polish and adjust together for the door to work well during the rainy season.


All 4 methods can solve all problems. But it is necessary to choose the one suitable for the problem level Which, if having the tools and skills and choosing a planer, is the fastest and most convenient solution. However, the rainy season problem is not only the door is swollen but there are still many problems with the house. Follow the solutions in the next article with the HomeGuru.

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