Every home should have this problem with a fan not spinning. Because your fans, when used for an extended period of time or heavily, especially in the summer, frequently have issues with the fan not rotating the spindle stiffness or the fan spinning slowly and with no strength at all. Don’t worry, HomeGuru has organized a cause. Also included is advice on how to repair a sluggish spinning fan for everyone to read. Of course, repairing a non-spinning fan is not as tough as you might imagine; what options are available?

• What causes the fan not spinning and how to fix it? HomeGuru has the solution.

1. Why the fan is not spinning?
2. How to repair a non-spinning fan on your own?
3. Recommend a good quality fan.

• Why the fan is not spinning?

Let’s look at the reasons why the fan doesn’t spin or causes the fan to spin slowly so we can identify and repair the problem right away.


1. Dirty impeller spindle

This is nearly the main cause; note that when our fan is operating, the fan is not spinning or fan not rotating at all, even when the power is connected in. If this is the case, filth, such as hair, pet hair, and dust, is most likely becoming entangled in the blade’s spindle.


2. The spindle and bushing are worn out.

If the first cause of your sluggish spinning fan is not the spindle and bushing, the next likely cause is the wear out of the bushing. What is the bushing? I’ve never heard of the ring-shaped bushings stated, which cover or support the spindle between the motor and the fan blades. If the bushings wear out or break, the fan will spin slowly or not at all if it is heavy.


3. Fan motor issue

If you turn on the fan and there is no motor working, the fan remains silent as if nothing happened, or there is a burning odor coming from the motor. It’s not difficult to figure out why the fan is spinning slowly, sluggishly, or not rotating at all. This indicates that the fan motor has already abandoned us.

Now that we’ve determined the source of the fan not rotating or causing other weird symptoms to occur, let’s look at how to fix it. But let’s agree ahead of time that anything we can do by ourselves is acceptable. If there is anything we are unsure about doing on our own, it may be preferable to have someone who knows or has experience assist us. The main thing to remember is that no matter what problem you fix, remember to disconnect the fan first for your personal safety.


• How to repair a non-spinning fan on your own?


1. If your fan not spinning, try cleaning it.

If it is discovered that dirt has been entangled in the fan’s spindle, causing the fan not rotating, you can clean it by following the methods outlined below.

– Disconnect the front fan grille.
– Rotate the blade lock before removing the propeller.
– Wash all removed parts, including grille cover, lock, and impeller, with plain water to eliminate dust. This is fine, simply wipe it off with clean water.
– After washing, dry entirely without water. (Dried in the shade)
– Next, drop multipurpose oil or a lubricant like grease or Sonax into the impeller’s spindle. It will help prevent the fan not rotating.
– Using a screwdriver, loosen the fan lock nut and remove the motor cover in the back to clean it, as there will be more dust in this location than in the front that we removed. Allowing more dust to settle at this stage will make cooling the motor more difficult, resulting in heat build-up and a shorter fan lifespan.
– Wipe away the dust that has accumulated around the motor with a dry cloth.
– Once all of the equipment that we removed is entirely dry and can be returned to its original location, try to see if the fan spinning slowly returns to the cool fan for us as previously.

2. Replace the bushings and the spindle.

To replace worn out bushings, bushing pads or spindle, you can go to a fan parts store or an electrical supply store and buy new ones. We propose that if you want to replace any of the three things stated in the set, you should take a photo of the parts of our parts and tell the shop exactly what brand or model they are, so that they can make the necessary adjustments to your vehicle. When it comes to making a change, it’s far simpler to watch a video on YouTube and follow through with the instructions than it is to read them in a manual. If you’re unsure if you can do it yourself, you can hire a nearby mechanic who fixes non-spinning fans.

3. Fan motor issue

Replacing the motor is more expensive than purchasing a new fan for fixing a non-spinning fan, thus this method isn’t the best bet. As a result, if you’re looking to lose money, this is a worthwhile endeavor and one that will not consume any of our valuable time.


• Recommend a good quality fan.

It’s time to replace the fan for people who can’t solve the fan spinning slowly or cannot fix a non-spinning fan. Is there a particular model or brand that interests you?

Floor Fan


พัดลมตั้งพื้น 16 นิ้ว

• 16-inch stand fan with ball bearing motor provides maximum airflow with low noise and save more energy.
• Innovative 2-layer spiral grille increases air pressure and wind power up to 12 meters
• Specially designed 5 blades reduce noise and generate cool air flow.



• 3 speed settings for cooling of the entire area.
• Left to right oscillation and stay still option
• Ball bearing enhances the performance of the motor and thermal fuse that terminates the power automatically.


พัดลมตั้งพื้น SHARP

• 16-inch, 3-bladed blades spread the wind.
• More safety with a front-rear grille.
• 3 levels of wind power can be varied without slowing the fan.

Desk Fan


พัดลมตั้งโต๊ะ 18 นิ้ว

• Push-button control with 3 Speeds adjustment (High, Medium, and Low)
• PP and ABS plastic material, strong and durable
• Special bearing motor, auto smooth operation


พัดลมตั้งโต๊ะ 12 นิ้ว

• 12″ Desk fan with 3 adjustable speeds
• 120-Degree angle swing adjustment for wide air flow
• Single-phase power, voltage 220V, input power 40W


พัดลมตั้งโต๊ะ MITSUBISHI

• Desk fan with clear 18″ propeller and push button control for maximum airflow
• Durable concealed motor with low power consumption.
• Thermal fuse automatically cuts off when the motor heat over 140C to protect motor burned out

If you’d like to learn more about a high-quality fan that we recommend, visit at Which brand of fans should you choose?

Fan not spinning is not difficult to fix, so if you have an issue like the one described above, whether it’s a fan spinning slowly, a sluggish spinning fan, or a fan spinning slowly, try what HomeGuru has suggested to fix the fan not spinning. Guaranteed to assist your fan spin better than before, but if you think you can get a new replacement, you may come to see all brands of high-quality fans at HomePro in every branch or shop online at www.homepro.co.th Please call the Call Center at 1284 for further details.

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