How to get rid of centipedes from entering the house, especially during the rainy season when the humidity accumulates, which is the preference of the centipede beast. Therefore, living inside the house needs to be more careful. These venomous reptiles love humidity, especially in the bathroom area, in front of the house. Therefore, it is necessary to ventilate the air inside the house to reduce humidity. And if in the hometown there are cracks or large holes in the walls or floors, immediately do repairs to prevent centipedes from entering the house.

Because if a centipede enters the house and a family member is bitten or accidentally stepped on the centipede, it may result in severe consequences that require hospitalization. Today, HomeGuru brings a method to kill centipedes. The beast that comes with danger in the rainy season that every home can follow is also safe and definitely effective for every home.

Centipedes thrive in wet, damp, and humid areas. In rainy season, you need to be extra careful than other seasons.

8 effective and safe ways to get rid of centipedes by yourself

1. Caustic Soda is perfect way to kill centipedes.


In addition to the properties of caustic soda that can help solve the problem of clogged pipes. Another benefit is preventing critters like centipedes from entering your home. Besides the small holes or nooks that are the entrance to the centipede, the sewer area in the house, bathroom, the kitchen is another channel through which the centipede can enter the house.

How to use it is not difficult; just mix the caustic soda with water. Then pour it onto the drains in the bathroom, kitchen. The caustic soda is corrosive, which is so hot that centipedes and rain insects won’t dare to come up to the sewers.

2. Termite powder can treat your home.


Termite powder is not only used to kill termites, but also another how to get rid of centipedes as well. But use it with caution, homes with small children or pets may not be very suitable. Because the use must sprinkle the termite control powder around the house, such as the floor, the wall, the fence. This is the point where the centipede can crawl in. When the centipede hits the termite powder, it will exhaust and eventually die.

3. Lime, way to keep centipedes away from house.


Humid soil is often a meeting place for critters such as centipedes and rain insects like tiny millipedes. Spreading lime over the ground and in gardens with lots of plants can help reduce the number of centipedes and other animals. Because lime is like an item that helps drive the living space of these beasts to another place.

ปูนขาว ผงกำจัดปลวก เกล็ดขจัดท่อตันท่อน้ำทิ้ง

4. A small piece of soap can also help repel centipedes.


The soap we use to clean the body is another way to get rid of centipedes in sewers without harming family members. Just take a small, unusable piece of soap and place it around the drain grate.

Every time the water flows through the soap we place on the water pipes, it will prevent the centipedes from crawling up the drain. This method is simple and uses something close to you. Many homes may try this as a primary method of repelling centipedes and rain insects.

5. Wood vinegar for pest control.


The highly acidic nature of wood vinegar is readily available from agricultural supply stores. Just mix wood vinegar with water in the proper ratio and spray it around the house, fence, and floor. It will reduce centipedes and other beasts. But users must be careful not to touch the body and wear gloves when spraying every time because it may cause burning due to high acidity.

6. Centipede repellent solid type.


Another option to get rid of centipedes is to use a centipede repellent solid type. Which is currently available in a variety of brands, plus the price is still tangible. The choice of use depends on the needs of each home. Place the centipede repellent in the damp outdoor garden area without worrying about evaporation because the centipede bales are resistant to sunlight and moisture.

Or may choose to hang at various points of the house to increase the efficiency of the smell. Do not allow the centipede to enter the area where the centipede repellent is placed.

The selection for the use of centipede repellent solid type should choose ingredients extracted from nature as herbal scents to prevent harm to the surrounding environment. It typically lasts for 60 days.

ก้อนป้องกันตะขาบ สเปรย์น้ำส้มควันไม้ไล่แมลง สเปรย์ป้องกันงู

7. Chickens, pets that help get rid of centipedes.


The house has a garden area and a grazing area, such as a small chicken, besides being an alarm clock in the morning. Chicken is also useful and is another way to kill centipedes by natural method.

Because of ground-grabbing chickens’ nature, centipedes that live and slither on the ground may immediately become food for chickens. But if raising chickens inside the house, you need to take care not to disturb and damage your neighbor’s vegetable garden.

8. Clean the house regularly.


Cleanliness inside and outside the house is a matter of concern. Because dirt can not only bring beasts like centipedes, snakes, and rain insects into the home. It also negatively affects the health of the family. The outside of the house, if it is a garden area, should be mowed regularly, especially in the rainy season when the grass tends to grow faster than in other seasons. If there are a lot of fall leaves should be kept clean, not allowing the overgrown to become a centipede habitat.

Inside the storage room should be checked regularly and cleaned, open the ventilation door to reduce humidity and musty smell to some extent. And if there is a large pile of books, should find a suitable storage place, should not be piled up in a damp place. Because it is a good habitat for centipedes, find a well-lit area or store it inside a bookcase to keep your home tidy.

The methods to get rid of centipedes, as suggested by HomeGuru above, in addition to alleviating family members. It also helps reduce hygiene problems, cleanliness, and the incidence of germs caused by these beasts in the house. And not only do centipedes stare to take shelter in the house, but many other beasts such as rain insects, snakes, rats, and cockroaches need shelter. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention and keep the house clean, germ-free daily.

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