How to get rid of cockroaches, especially the tiny light brown cockroaches. Also known as the German Cockroach. While it doesn’t fly around the house and carry as many germs as a large cockroach, it’s always creepy. It may create a long-term problem of cleanliness and germs that may be more significant problems than large cockroaches.

These tiny cockroaches are often found in damp and stuffy areas such as sewers, bathrooms, kitchens, storage rooms, closets, and even bedrooms. That creates a disturbing problem. Today, HomeGuru has gathered tips on how to eliminating cockroaches with household items that every home can do by itself for you

How to get rid of cockroaches, the most mischievous villain in the HomeGuru style

1. Cleanliness in the house is the first priority.


The easiest way to eliminating cockroaches from the nest that every home can do without any additional equipment is to keep the house clean, free from garbage or dirt. By sweeping, mopping, removing all the rubbish in every corner of the house, clean daily.

Especially in the kitchen, the easiest way to eliminating cockroaches in the nest is to not leave any garbage or food scraps after cooking. Or eat every delicious meal, leave it overnight, should immediately wash the dishes, wipe the dining table and leave the garbage outside the house immediately. To eliminate the food source of the cockroaches, because when there is no food source for the cockroaches, they will directly migrate away from home.

Or in the bathroom, the easiest way to get rid of cockroaches in the bathroom is to clean the toilet regularly, especially around the drain in both wet and dry areas. Because in addition to helping to get rid of cockroaches, it also helps reduce the number of germs and bacteria that accumulate in the bathroom.

2. Mothballs, an item that every home should have


Mothballs are an essential item that many households need to keep in mind and buy regularly. Because in addition to being inexpensive, it is also effective in getting rid of cockroaches or ants completely. Mothballs have pungent odor properties, disturbing the cockroach’s nose and causing a nuisance that eventually runs away from home.

In most homes, mothballs are placed in bathroom drains, kitchens, pantry stands, or where cockroaches are common. This is a very effective way to eliminating cockroaches in the nest. But use it with caution. If a house has children or pets, you may need to find a place to keep it. Put the mothballs in a mesh bag before preventing harm to children and pets.

3. Cockroach killer gel, helps to limit cockroaches in the nest

If you want a quick and easy way to get rid of cockroaches without much effort, Cockroach Killer Gel is one of the good helpers that every home can buy in general stores. The method is simple: fold the paper into a cone shape and dab the cockroach killer gel on the prepared paper. And place the paper in different spots within the house area that often meet those cockroaches.

If a cockroach walks inside a piece of paper daubed with cockroach killer gel and returns to its nest. The gel that is carried on that cockroach will help get rid of the whole nest of small cockroaches without the homeowner having to find another solution to get rid of it.

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4. Baking soda is a versatile kitchen item.


Baking soda is a versatile addition to any kitchen. Just mix baking soda and sugar in equal amounts of water and place the container in a place where roaches are abundant. The sweet smell of the water will lure the cockroaches into drinking. The baking soda mixture will cause cockroaches to suffocate and eventually die.

5. Scented fabric softener that cockroaches don’t like


Scented fabric softeners are an easy way to get rid of cockroaches. Every home has fabric softeners handy for regular laundry use. Just mix fabric softener with water and spray it on various points, such as inside the bedroom and wardrobe. The scent of fabric softener will make cockroaches escape from the closet and the bedroom without exertion because the fragrance is the weak point of cockroaches.

6. The caffeine smell of coffee grounds is a great trap


The smell of caffeine is a great way to eliminating cockroaches used in the bathroom, sewer, kitchen, or even bedroom area. Just mix coffee and water and set it aside for about 1 night. The following day you will see that cockroaches climb into the jar and die by the incredible smell of caffeine.

7. Diatomaceous earth, bait that dehydrates cockroaches

Diatomaceous earth has a rather dangerous effect because it is an extract of diatomite with a large amount of silica. Once the diatomaceous earth is mixed with food scraps, place it in places such as the drain and the kitchen. When a cockroach encounters a trap, the diatomaceous earth will absorb fat and moisture on the cockroach’s skin, resulting in dehydration and eventually die.

While using diatomaceous earth is an effective way to get rid of cockroaches, caution must be exercised. You should wear a mask and gloves because if inhaled into the body may cause health hazards.

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8. Cockroach baits and traps

This method must be very careful as cockroach ants are mixed into the food scraps as bait. The food may be placed in a plastic box and placed in damp corners, trash cans, drains in the house. This should be placed away from children and pets in the house.

The efficacy of cockroach antagonists will be seen immediately because after the cockroaches have eaten, all the food will die instantly. Therefore, many homes use a method of eliminating cockroaches by laying boredom.

9. Neem oil, a natural way to get rid of cockroaches.

Another safe and effective way to get rid of cockroaches is by using natural methods. Using the finished extract of neem oil mixed with water and then sprayed into the place where cockroaches are expected to nest will help these cockroaches escape from the house.

10. Rat and Cockroach Repellent


With modern technology that meets the needs of today’s families who like convenience. This rat and cockroach repellent works by emitting high-frequency waves to disturb cockroaches and mice and covers an area of 150 meters. It can be installed in every corner of the house to get rid of cockroaches in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. It can be as safe and highly effective as other methods.

As mentioned above by HomeGuru, every home can choose the right way to get rid of cockroaches. But the most important thing is to prevent cockroaches from entering the house by regularly cleaning the house, picking up trash daily, checking drawers and cupboards. Including eliminating water sources and closing pathways where cockroaches are expected to enter the home. This method of eliminating cockroaches from the nest is a simple solution.

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