Cleaning the house is not difficult. But it is very tired and if there are untidy stuffs, block your way, it is definitely inconvenient to work. Moreover, if there are the wires of various electrical appliances in the house crossed along the ground for plugging in. In every room, and corner of the house. It’s very annoying isn’t? How good, if we have the ways to hide these untidy wires to make the house clean. So, HomeGuru has a variety of ideas by using unique and easy-to-find equipment’s without technician needed.

1. Hide untidy wires in the corner of the TV.
2. Keep the untidy wires in your work table
3. Versatile chart corner
4. Kitchen corner


Hide untidy wires in the corner of the TV.

In living room not only have TV but also have other electronic devices. Which can entertain members family. such as digital tv box, Audio speaker, game station consoles, all of them have wires connected to each other both short and long wires. Some placed behind the TV. Some placed on the floor. It’s not just untidy but also a good dust collection place. Few houses will already have wiring boxes to place the wires.

Therefore, we recommend a spiral wrapping, just put all the wires together. Then use the twine to keep and wrapped the wires to be finished.

ชุดเก็บสายไฟพร้อมหัว ท่อย่น ที่เก็บสายไฟ


Keep the untidy wires in your work table

Work table is very popular corner for untidy wires form office appliances. Such as computer cable, Printer cable, Laptop cable. it can cause property damage. If your brush into it or some people who like to bring food and drink to eat when working, if you do not want this bad situation happen. Quickly organize the wires on your desk. We recommend a beautiful color or two-tone color of cable tie following your personal preference. You can Put all the wires together or roll separately.

เคเบิ้ลไทร์ สายรัดเคเบิ้ลไทร์ เคเบิ้ลไทร์มารคเกอร์

สาย ไฟ บ้าน

Versatile chart corner

Organize a multipurpose charting corner with a variety of charger cables, adapters, electronics. By using a stylish storage box to hide the wires. Which now has a variety of ready-made designs. There is a hole in it to pull the end of the charting cable out of some length as needed. This type is good. Inside the box, there is space to store the plug and adapter. When you want to use it, just select a cable to chart and match with your device. It can also be a home decoration.

กล่องอเนกประสงค์มีฝา กล่องอเนกประสงค์


Kitchen corner

There are many appliances in each house’s kitchen which often located together in one place near the plug, such as an electric rice cooker, Boilers, microwaves, ovens, fryers and more. When we bring the wires together then picking up and using. It can cause confusion. Which is the short length of the wires that are unequal. So, tidying up the wires is not enough. need to add a unique identity and these small appliances can be moved and used in different places. Comfortably. It is not enough to hold the wires in place. We recommend to use a variety of colored hooks to separate the electrical wiring for each type of appliance. As for the hook, if you want longer or shorter wires, you can adjust them anytime. It’s easy to use, move and clean.

เทปหนามเตยม้วน SOFT TOUCH เทปหนามเตยม้วน แผ่นเทปกาวคอมมานด์ยึดสายไฟ

จัด บ้าน ให้ น่า อยู่

Hopefully all these simple ideas of how to hide the wires can help lighten up and easier cleaning your house. make the house look better. for any devices can be purchased at HomePro every branch near you.

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