Other significant rooms in the house include bathrooms, particularly bathroom tile, which is a key component in giving the bathroom additional depth and functionality. People may not realize that in order to make a bathroom functional, it’s best to use type of bathroom tiles that not only make the space appear larger and more open, but are also simple to clean and don’t trap grime. In order to see how to choose basic patterned bathroom floor tiles in guru style, HomeGuru will lead you to show how small the bathroom is not as tough as you think. 


It’s not just about the design when it comes to choosing patterned bathroom floor tiles; it’s also about the substance and type of tile utilized.

1. How many types of bathroom tile?
2. What kind of bathroom tiles to choose? 
3. Tips on how to pick a bathroom tile to make the space appear more open and airier.
4. Tips for tiling the bathroom for simple cleaning without mold.

bathroom tile

How many types of bathroom tile?

1. Ceramic tiles  

It is also known as glazed tile because it has been fired 1-2 times. It is available in a variety of sizes and is long-lasting, simple to maintain, and economical. However, because this sort of tile absorbs water easily, the tile surface becomes slippery when wet. 

2. Terracotta tiles 

It is a type of bathroom tile that ancient people used. It is usually handcrafted and highly expensive, with the tiles calcined to give a natural look. There are two kinds: glossy and unglazed. 

3. Glass tile 

It is a tile resistant to stains and mildew, has a range of colors, looks attractive, and is popular for wall decoration. However, be cautious when installing tiles because they are easily scratched. 

4. Stone tiles  

Nowadays, it is a popular tile because it comes in several forms, including sandblasted, etched, indented, and embossed. However, it is a tile that requires special care, and it is also fairly pricey compared to other bathroom tiles. 

● Marble tiles are beautiful and come in various patterns, but they are readily scratched and stained.

● Granite tiles are flexible, slick, and relatively pricey tile that is also long-lasting. Bathrooms in the rustic style are frequently decorated with this material.

● Slate tiles are the hardest, resistant to cracking and chipping. They come in a variety of styles but are difficult to create due to their varied patterns. 


5. Porcelain tile 

It’s a ceramic tile, but it’s tougher, less porous, and won’t discolor as easily. Wall and floor coverings can be made of the same tile and the interior is painted the same color.

6. Granito tiles 

Tiles made of this material have a low water permeability. It’s a tough, long-lasting floor tile that can take a lot of abuse. Its main ingredient is granite powder, which makes it as durable as granite. Its surface has a homogenous sheen, giving it a feeling of elegance and lightness. 


What kind of bathroom tiles to choose?

Before deciding on the type of bathroom tiles to make the space appear larger and airier, be sure to consider the surface of the application when making your choices, which bathroom tiles can be classified into two groups based on their intended use: 

1. Tiles for bathroom floor  

There are two sections: a wet zone and a dry zone. Tiles with a rough, matte surface, such as porcelain, should be utilized in the wet zone since they don’t absorb water and make the floor slippery. If there is an older resident in the home, it is best to use only matt tiles to avoid any potential hazard or mishaps. The most important thing to remember is that you cannot use wall tiles to lay the floor. 

2. Tiles for bathroom walls 

Glass tiles, mosaic tiles, and ceramic tiles are commonly used on bathroom walls because of their smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. It is more likely that mildew and stains will appear if you choose to utilize worn-out, rough, or matte tiles. As a result, cleaning is time consuming and frustrating. 


Tips on how to pick a bathroom tile to make the space appear more open and airier.

1. Type of bathroom tiles

Many people are unsure whether or not they should opt for type of bathroom tiles that are well-laid out and visually appealing as opposed to the opposite. Bathrooms are light and airy, therefore they’re probably not an option for you. Granito and Porcelain Tiles are the best options because of their great strength, durability, long life, anti-slip properties, and ease of cleaning. 

2. Tile sizes  

If you utilize large slab tiles, it will only generate less stains along the grout grooves, resulting in easier cleaning. And if the bathroom flooring is small, it will make the room appear not too tight, the bathroom looks dimensional, and it will conceal well.  Also, consider whether or not the bathroom tile has been trimmed, as this will allow the tile to be installed closer together, narrow the grout lines, and reduce stains. 

3. Tile slip rating 

All tiles must have an R (Resistance) value or an anti-slip value, not even the standard floor tiles. The value of anti-slip suited for use in the bathroom should be between R9 and R13, with HomeGuru recommending R10 because it will fit, be moderate but not too rough, and difficult to clean. 

4. The tile’s surface 

Tiles come in matte, smooth, glossy, rough, and semi-glossy finishes. As a result, in addition to considering the anti-slip value of the tile, choosing a suitable bathroom tile should have a rough surface to help prevent slipping. 

5. Color and patterned bathroom floor tiles 

If you want your bathroom to be as light, open, and spacious as possible, as well as comfortable and easy to clean as feasible. Dark tones, such as gray, blue, or even dark brown, should be avoided because the soap stains are clearly visible.

However, utilizing bright colors such as white and cream, in addition to being easy to clean because stains are easy to see, helps to make the bathroom appear larger. Furthermore, HomeGuru suggests using the same color scheme as the property’s decoration because it will make the house look attractive, unique, and the tones are not too opposing.


Tips for tiling the bathroom for simple cleaning without mold.

● Antifungal grout which is suited for use in wet places and helps to minimize stains along damp corners.

● Floor tile coating because it has features such as gloss, anti-slip, and waterproof, and it helps maintain the bathroom clean and patterned bathroom floor tiles looking new all the time.

● Separate wet and dry zones to keep the bathroom from becoming wet all over the place and to save down on cleaning time.

HomeGuru Tips: Don’t forget to check with the seller or staff first to see how many days you need to lay the tiles before they can be utilized because the materials of each tile vary and require varied curing times.

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Finally, no matter what type of bathroom tiles you choose, make sure to maintain them clean. Because even if you have the nicest bathroom tile, if you don’t clean it regularly, it will get unclean and unusable. A beautiful set of patterned bathroom floor tiles at an affordable price can be found at HomePro. They have a large range of products for every household requirement, so be sure to purchase there.

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