Some rooms can feel confining and uncomfortable if there’s low square footage. That’s why, when outfitting small spaces, everything counts. With a few clever interior design-inspired tricks, you can learn how to make a room look bigger. A room decoration makes the room appear more airy and open and makes the house clean, welcoming, and well-ventilated. Today, HomeGuru will open up simple room arrangement techniques, including some cool tricks that will help arrange a bedroom look wider, airy, and open like a piece of cake.


When the house space is limited, it is impossible to allocate the rooms perfectly. Finishing and organizing the room is as simple as possible.

1. Make the room look bigger, must know how to hide things
2. Use light colors, making a space feel open and airy
3. Get creative with multi-functional furniture
4. Use mirror to make a room look bigger
5. Divide the space without using wall partition
6. Make the bedroom spacious, just put a new bed.
7. 5 items for making a room look bigger


Make the room look bigger, must know how to hide things

The first technique of room decoration to look wide will help make the room look as open as possible. Whether in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, you can use this technique. That is, knowing how to hide as many items as possible. Choosing to keep only the things used regularly, but if it is a trinket or a miscellaneous item, you should keep it out of sight. Some houses may choose to use built-in storage cabinets because they do not waste space and can store a lot of things, but some homes may choose to use furniture that has a variety of functions, several storage compartments, etc.

In addition, if certain items are found unused, it is recommended that you take them away. Do not be disappointed, as it not only makes the house cluttered, it is also a good source of dust accumulation in your home.


Use light colors, making a space feel open and airy

In the design world, it’s well known that light color such as white, cream, or earth tone color makes a room look bigger and brighter. Light and bright walls are more reflective, creating a space that feels open and airy, which helps maximize natural light’s effect. The key is to keep windows open to ventilate the room regularly.


Get creative with multi-functional furniture

Using the right furniture is a key way to make a room look bigger. Nowadays, many types of furniture are popularly designed for use in more than one function. Today, HomeGuru will introduce furniture that you should buy next for your house, which has already been fully functional and meets the needs of modern homes.

1. Storage Bed

Choosing a bed with storage is very helpful, especially in bedrooms with a small area because they allow more space to store things such as books, laptops, clothes, socks, shoes, etc. You can use the bed instead of other furniture that is unnecessary

2. Sofa Bed or Sleeper Sofa

Another piece of furniture for modern homes that want to make the room look bigger is the sofa bed or the sleeper sofa. It’s a sofa that adjustable and folded into a bed, saving space and being versatile and lightweight. Women can easily adjust by themselves, but the limitation is choosing the suitable sofa cover material for their home, use, and care.

โซฟาเบด โซฟา โซฟาเบด FURDINI

3. The multi-functional desk

For anyone in the Work from Home situation, having a suitable desk can help work more efficiently. Choosing a multi-purpose desk with space for storage, easy to fold and store without dismantling, reassembling, and placing it out of the way. The trick to choosing a good table is to choose a bright color scheme such as beech and white. The table legs should not be dull, as they collect dust easily and are difficult to clean.

4. TV floating shelf

Whether it is a small house or a large house, all must have a TV or Smart TV, which, if placed on a table or a general TV shelf, it may make the house look cramped because most of them are solid door types and difficult to move. Therefore, to make the house look wide, you should choose a floating TV shelf because it is easy to clean on the floor, does not accumulate dust, can use the top area as a shelf. Select a TV shelf and choose a shelf with an open and close function; if you prefer a floor-mounted type, you should select a built-in type at the bottom base.


5. Dressing table with mirror

When choosing a dressing table, choose a table with a mirror whereby the cabinet should have storage for makeup and skincare. Some have side drawers with makeup zones and a cosmetic storage area. It helps to eliminate the need for additional shelves and storing various compartments.

Use mirror to make a room look bigger

Mirrors can make your room look larger and more open. Use a focal point and angle your mirrors toward it to give the illusion of depth. Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night. Placing a mirror near a window to reflect the world outside is especially effective.

Divide the space without using wall partition

Although the partition walls make the living space look proportionate, the disadvantage is making the room smaller than before, especially the bedroom partition. If you want the room to be airy and open, look comfortable, not too claustrophobic, you should arrange the bedroom to look wider by dividing the different corners of the room to determine which corner to use. Then rearrange furniture such as a bookshelf that is paired with a desk.


Make the bedroom spacious, just put a new bed.

A simple technique for organizing a bedroom to look wider is the placement of the bed. If using a single bed, should place the bed close to the corner of the room. It gives the room more corridor space and can place additional furniture or decorations such as lounge chairs, dressing tables, plants for the room, and mirrors. However, if a king-size bed, it is recommended to place it in the middle of the room with the head of the bed next to the wall on either side.


5 items for making a room look bigger

Decorating a room to be spacious, airy, and comfortable, an interesting technique is to choose a few items or accessories to make the room look more beautiful and inviting.

• Wall shelve are used in condos or smaller rooms because they allow space to organize the room and display decorations.
• Planting plants in the room are a small technique that helps make any room look soothing with its green foliage. There are many plants to choose from, such as spotted betel, snake plant, monstera. It is important to choose a tall white plant pot or choose a weave pot to add a minimalist and natural look.
• A bedside table is the easiest way to make your bedroom look wider: choose a small table with storage drawers and use it as a corner for smartphones, books, lamps, or other decorative items.
• Carpet floor is another tool that makes the room look more spacious. It also makes the room look an illusion of depth, not bulky, which is vital to help relax and soften your feet.
• Lamps and room lights are another technique that gives a bedroom a dimension, livable and minimalistic look. If it is a lamp, it can be placed next to the bed, but it can be decorated around a curtain or a small reading corner if it is a cord to decorate the room.

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That’s all techniques to make the room look bigger from HomeGuru. Including items that help make the room decoration look good, more beautiful, and livable. So if you want to look for furniture or cool items for decorating a bedroom to look wider, you can go shopping at HomePro.

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