Home decor is just like fashion apparel. Over time, it may look obsolete or seem monotonous, boring. Investment in a new refurbishment requires a lot of budget. However, changing the look partially can help create a different image than you think. Modifying soft finishing items, such as home textiles or home textiles, can change your home’s look quickly and easily, using a low budget. HomeGuru would like to take a look at the “Ideas for Changing Home” together.


Ideas for Changing Home With simple decorations


Changing of new cushion cover or change to a new pillow, choose the shape and size of the cushions that are different from the original including choosing new colors and styles. This will help quickly change the image in the living room and you can still be able to do it often. In addition, you may mix and match the cushions and cushions that are already backed up. Give a different image and always look fresh.

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Mats and carpets

Bringing together mats and carpets in the living room or bedroom is another way to quickly and easily adjust the look. You may choose pieces of carpet, woven, synthetic or wool or will use mats made from natural materials such as broods, slap or Krajood. Nowadays, there are still many woven mats that use beautiful synthetic materials. The choice of colors and patterns of mats and carpet pieces has a great effect on the look and style of the decor.



The space on the bed is a large area in the bedroom that is often overlooked. Colors and patterns of bedding, including sheets, pillow cases and bedspreads. Therefore, greatly affecting the image of the room. Try to find two sets of new bedding sets that have different patterns or styles. They will change the look to the bedroom easily and quickly. Switching to a bed set also helps to extend the service life and hygienic as well.

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Curtains and blinds

The window in the house is another large area. Therefore, curtains or blinds, which act to block light and create privacy. It is also a prominent decoration of the house. Even if changing the curtains or blinds, not everyone can. But it’s not as difficult as thought. Just have DIY skills, have basic equipment that should be installed at home and interested in home repairs. You can install them by yourself. Currently, there are curtains and blinds. With a standard size suitable for windows, there are a variety of patterns and colors, allowing you to adjust the look of your home easily.

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Adjusting the look by using the methods described above. This helps extend the time for the house to look more beautiful longer. You may need to change to new furniture or a big house renovation in the future.

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