Everyone should have a swimming pool at home, I believe. Today, HomeGuru has some helpful information for you, including an example of a swimming pool pattern in a home to look at. Making adjustments based on the available area in our house. Swimming and playing in a pool this summer will be both enjoyable and relaxing for the entire family, without the need of venturing outside.

● Ideas for creating a swimming pool at home so that you can swim comfortably and cool off.

1. Look into the possibilities for a swimming pool at home.
2. Understand the pool’s structure.
3. Learn about the swimming pool system in the residence.
4. Swimming pool treatment systems you should be aware of.
5. Incorporating a swimming pool pattern into the home.


● Look into the possibilities for a swimming pool at home.

First and foremost, we must determine the size of our property, as residences as small as 200 square meters can already have a pool. In the case of a new construction, we have the option of allowing the pool to be constructed into the house. A house that’s previously been built will require some investigation to see whether or not you can get into the pool from a particular corner. Even if we don’t need a huge pool, we need one that’s wide enough so that we can swim around and develop our flexibility without having to swim with our arms or our legs hitting the pool’s edge. There is nothing to distinguish a swimming pool from an ordinary bathtub when it comes to taking a dip.

1. Swimming pool for children

It is around 3 x 5 meters in width and length and has a depth of 0.60 – 0.90 meters.

2. Adult-only swimming pool

The width multiplied by the length will be roughly 4 x 8, 5 x 10, 6 x 12, 7 x 14 meters, and the depth will be between 1.20 and 1.50 meters. When standing, the recommended depth for an adult pool is 1.20 – 1.30 meters, which is at chest level.

3. The training pool must have dimensions

The training pool must have dimensions of at least 3 x 10 meters in width and length, as well as a depth of 1.20 – 1.50 meters.

4. A swimming pool for the installation of springboards.

shall have dimensions of at least 6 x 12 meters in width and length, and a depth of at least 2.50 meters.

The west side of the home should not be used as a location for a swimming pool, as it will be exposed to the entire afternoon sun. You can situate the pool adjacent to the house so that it is shaded by the building when facing north, which is the best orientation to place it. You can talk to the people who will be doing the actual construction of our new pool, if we choose to do so.


● Understand the pool’s structure.

For the pool’s structure It is classified into two types:

1. Swimming pool with a concrete structure

The swimming pool pattern in the house, this building both the floor and the walls of the pool are completely reinforced concrete, as the name suggests. It’s up to you to design your own mosaic tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes, and then lay them out to improve various aspects of your home. Aside from the fact that it will take a long time to build and be expensive, it is also extremely sturdy and long-lived.

2. Pool that has been prefabricated

To build the pool, we used a reinforced concrete structure and a polymer material from the factory, which was then attached to it. This will drastically shorten the time it takes to complete the project. Some of the styles may not be available, and the size may not fit your swimming pool at home.


● Learn about the swimming pool system in the residence.

There are two types of swimming pool operation systems:

1. Skimmer

Essentially, it’s a device that uses a channel cut into the side of the pool wall to filter the water. The result is that the water level in the pool is around 4 to 10 cm lower than the surrounding floor. It is a cheap technology that saves water because there is no tank to hold water and the pricing is less expensive than Over Flow.

2. Over Flow

Water from the pool’s overflow trough pours into the water tank, where it remains until the pool water is drained. Afterwards, it’s run through a water filter in the engine room, resulting in crystal-clear water with a surface that’s level with the pool’s bottom.


● Swimming pool treatment systems

Swimming pool treatment systems you should be aware of There are three systems that we are familiar with, namely

1. Chlorine system

It is a widespread and inexpensive pool disinfection treatment, available in liquid, tablet, and powder form, that dissolves into the water over time. Nonetheless, this chlorine can only destroy germs when water’s pH falls within the range of 7.2 to 7.8; it can also cause skin irritation for some people. As a result, the chlorine should be dissolved in the pool during the time when no one is using it because the filter will be running for another 3-4 hours.

2. Salt system

In addition to being safe for use in a swimming pool at home, this natural salt sterilization method increases the skin’s moisture content. Compared to chlorine systems, this system has a somewhat salty flavor to the water.


3. Ozone system

In-home swimming pool pattern; this system is as opulent as its name would imply. No residue is left behind after using this equipment for water treatment. The air compressor generates ozone gas, which is used to disinfect the pool water more quickly than other systems.

Both the space, structure, and various pool systems previously discussed should be surveyed in order to determine whether or not that swimming pool in our house is appropriate for the location and within our budget. What format does it take to get out? A contractor or expert company that we plan to use to create our swimming pool again should be consulted.

● Incorporating a swimming pool pattern into the home.

It has a clean and modern design, with plants surrounding the pool to help obscure the sunshine and make it look fresh and cozy.


Or close to the house If you are challenging, you can jump from the tank.


Beautiful, luxurious, expensive, very fun to play.


Turn on some light, it’s a spot for sitting out with friends.


The swimming pool pattern in a circular-shaped house appears to be minimalist.


Or do what you please, it will look different in another way.


Make a children’s pool out of an adult pool like this so that the entire family may swim safely.


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Cleaning, chemistry, and pool care are all important considerations when you own a swimming pool at home. Make sure to factor in additional fees for the in-house swimming pool. HomeGuru recommended that you conduct your calculations thoroughly to avoid any problems in the future. If somebody sees a swimming pool pattern you like, you should get it ready to show the contractor and then wait to cool off in ours. Every store of HomePro carries a wide selection of stunning poolside decorations. Or buy at www.homepro.co.th online Please call the Call Center at 1284 for further details.

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