Sanitation and safety in the home is something that everyone is paying attention to. But sometimes small things that we overlook or unexpected may have a huge effect. Let’s see what are there. We have recommendations that can be modified quickly or easily to improve hygiene and safety in your home.

Door knob


ปรับบ้านให้ปลอดภัย ปรับบ้านให้ปลอดภัย ปรับบ้านให้ปลอดภัย ปรับบ้านให้ปลอดภัย

Round door knobs are something that we often handle and may have dirt at all times. In addition, knobs like this may be difficult to use in case that your hand is wet or for the elder whose hands may not be strong. Try switching to a knob with a lever. Reduce the chance of hand touch. It is easy to open. Just use pressing down or in case while carrying things, you can use your elbow or other items to open the door for convenience and safety in the house.



ถังขยะ ถังขยะ ถังขยะ ถังขยะ

Trashcan is something that we use every day and of course, the spot is easily stained with dirt. If you reduce the chance of touching the trash in the open-close, it will help to have better sanitation. Try to find the gray trash bin to open or to the automatic lid open trashcan and you should choose a trash bin with a smooth surface. Reduce the chance of staining and accumulation of dirt including being able to be cleaned completely. Just as this, your home is even more sanitary.



Our country has a lot of dust. Frequently cleaning the house probably not easy for some people. But most of them will sweep the floor every day. Sometimes more than once a day. Sweeping the dust causes small dust to rise and float to other areas instead, such as a shelf or sofa. Try to find a cordless electric broom that is convenient to use. By sweeping dust into the machine and dump them later. Reduce the distribution of dust in the home for better hygiene.

Liquid soap dispenser


Believe it or not? Liquid soap dispenser is a collection place for dirt. Because before pressing, our hands are always dirty and many people may forget or overlook to clean the press of these devices. Try to find an automatic liquid soap dispenser or automatic pump bottles to use. Certainly, it helps to improve sanitation and more convenient to use than traditional dispenser for sure.

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