Wood is a popular decorative material for flooring because it looks beautiful in a natural way. There are many patterns and colors. It gives a feeling of warmth, elegance and contemporary. The The use of natural wood in large quantities has an effect on the environment including making the wood more expensive. Therefore, we have to innovate new materials to replace natural wood and has been continuously developed to give it a look like real wood and works more durable than natural wood. Nowadays, there are many types of synthetic flooring that are used as a substitute for real wood, which we are familiar with. Various price levels, including vinyl or rubber flooring, laminate flooring, engineered wood floor. This time, HomeGuru offers a new alternative to an innovative synthetic flooring that is more complete substitute for natural wood – Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) or SPC Flooring.

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Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring was developed to solve the disadvantages of vinyl flooring. Laminate flooring and engineered wood floors, both in terms of features, beautiful appearance, durable, use, maintenance and includes the price. This Synthetic Plastic Stone (SPD) is manufactured with modern technology from the United States. The main material used to produce the core of the floor is a new innovation that mixes 80% of calcium carbonate with PVC resin to produce a synthetic plastic stone or stone composite that is strong and durable. It has a low shrinkage and expansion rate, reduce the problem of deflection or the floor shrinks until a groove. And it has properties that do not absorb water. Therefore, safe from the problem of swollen floors on case of moisture. It also has properties that are non-combustible, non-combustible, non-reactive when exposed to heat. Synthetic plastic stone (SPC) is a material that meets international standards. Free from contamination of heavy metals. Therefore, not a toxic residue. It is also a formaldehyde-free material. (Formaldehyde) is an odorless substance that affects the respiratory system and skin.

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In addition to the durable and water-resistant 3.5 mm. thick core, Synthetic Plastic Stone (SPC) floor is also coated with a special technique for 3 more layers, the first layer is a 0.2 mm. PVC film front, which can print beautiful color patterns of wood with a virtual dimension. And there are many options to suit every decoration style. The middle layer is a 0.3 mm. thick PVC film that protects the skin from shocks, scuffs and dirt build-up from use. The top layer is coated with UV protection. It helps keep the color beautiful, long-lasting, not faded.

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Click-Lock Innovation System

Synthetic plastic stone (SPC) floor is also characterized by its unique innovative Click-Lock system, which allows for quick and easy installation of floor slabs without the need for adhesives to be installed like other flooring materials. So you can install it yourself. The floor plate has a Click-Lock system that designs two different spikes. Just place the first slab on the floor. Then, take the second floor plate and insert it into the lock by lifting the tilt so that the tongue pivot of the two plates lock together. Then, just press down on the floor plate. That’s it, two slabs are locked together beautifully and smoothly.

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Complete accessories for beauty

The finished floor is beautiful. It is necessary to have accessories that help keep the details of the laying or as a material finisher for synthetic plastic stone (SPC). There are specially designed accessories to help make laying perfect. Whether it is an eyebrow, a finish, a different ground, the eyebrow ends, the edge of the floor is elevated. Floor trim and includes a custom designed wall cornice with a synthetic plastic stone floor as well which these accessories have colors and patterns in harmony with the floor tiles enhance beauty.

The difference between SPC flooring and laminate / rubber / vinyl tile flooring

ความแตกต่างระหว่าง พื้น SPC และพื้น ลามิเนต / กระเบื้องยาง / ไวนิล

Get to Know the equipment reinforced for SPC flooring

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Whether you are thinking of decorating a new home to be beautiful and contemporary or want to improve your home for easy maintenance, HomeGuru recommends that the synthetic plastic stone (SPC) flooring is convenient and quick option. Long-lasting and beautiful as well as easy maintenance and finally, it is an environmentally friendly material. It reduces the amount of natural wood used by itself.

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