Is the Water Filter Necessary? For daily use of water, the tap water should normally be clean enough for use, isn’t it? Not strange, many people are skeptical and understand that water filters are essential for home in brackish, saltwater, groundwater, or needing water from a problematic source. But in fact, a water purifier is useful for every home in every area. HomeGuru is ready to let everyone find the answer that is the Water Filter Necessary? Is the water that passes through the water purifier really clean? Including water filtration systems and various water filter problems as well.


Why use a water filter?

A water purifier is a device that will be installed in order to filter water before being used in the home to ensure that the water has been filtered from the machine is clean. Much safer than water being delivered directly from plumbing or water pipes. Therefore, there is no doubt that the water passing through is the water purifier really clean? Because the water purifier will help remove any contaminants, including germs, bacteria, limestone and chemicals that may contaminate the water. Which these contaminants are removed according to the type of water filter in different stages.

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Is the Water Filter Necessary? If using tap water

Many people have doubts that if they live in an area that already uses tap water. Not an area that has saltwater, brackish water, or hard water from groundwater use. Is the Water Filter Necessary? Tap water is actually clean water that can be consumed. It can be consumed as announced by the waterworks. But the process of delivering water from the water purifier that reaches the water supply pipe of each house may be contaminated by a broken water pipe. Some of the water pipes have accumulated deposits that are dirty or even dirt from repairing water pipes as well. So installing water filter system in another layer is a matter of greater peace of mind for water users.


Installing water filters for the whole house

If you want to install a water filter system to be able to use clean water throughout the house. The correct way to install a water filter is secondary to the water meter. Before entering the water tank or water tank inside the house. It is to filter all the water before entering the home water supply system including drinking water filtration systems by installing it in a position that this will not affect the water pressure. Because the water is collected in the water tank before being dispensed at different locations by the water pump, but in the case of installation without a water tank, it will affect the water pressure in the house. But more or less depends on the strength of the water supply before entering the house and the type of water filter used to be installed.


Which types of water filters are there to choose from?

Generally used water filters can be categorized into 3 types, each with different advantages and disadvantages as follow:

1. 1-step water filter

This type of water filter is usually dark blue. Because it is a color that prevents sunlight, which is the cause of the occurrence of algae. It is a water filter that can fit standard size filters 10 inches, 20 inches can be connected to 1-3 cylinders and change the internal filter to suit the water conditions in the installation area. Available in both a normal barrel and a Big Blue type with 1-inch hole allowing good compressive strength. It has a higher flow rate than conventional, but less than other types of water filters and is considered to have a general level of filtration efficiency. The advantage is that both the machine and the filter, the price is not very high, easy to install, does not take up space and easy to maintain.

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2. Stainless water filter

Many people are familiar with each other as a rocket water purifier. It is a large water filter from 6 to 40 inches. The material is usually stainless steel or thick steel, contains a large amount of filter media and a PVC valve to control the flow of water to filter or rinse. If installed in a residential area, usually use 6 – 12 inches, but if installed in a large industrial factory, the size used depends on the water filter needs. Special sizes can be made to larger than 40 inches. The advantage of the is type of water filter is its high efficiency in water filtration. It has a large flow rate, has Back Wash, which washes the filter and can withstand the sun and the rain. But at the same time, it takes a lot of space in the installation, has a lot of weight and has to be installed with PVC pipes.

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3. Fiber water filter

It is a water filter that uses a fiber material. There is a control head of the machine that can be rotated to the desired symbol position, such as to filter the water or wash the filter, etc., which are currently both Manual and Auto Control, the system of use is the same as the water filter used in stainless steel. But it is cheaper than the stainless steel. It has high filtration capacity. Good flow rate, light weight and wide range of sizes. The disadvantage is that the installation requires PVC pipes, which requires a lot of space for installation and less durability than stainless steel.


The features of these 3 types of water filters differ depending on the needs of use, but choosing a water purifier for the whole house. The most important thing to consider is the care of the filter or the filter media. By washing or changing the filter regularly so that it does not become a reservoir of germs and dirt that will cause various water filter problems.

How to fix basic water filter problems?

Both drinking water filters and water filters are used. When it comes to using too much, there will be some common trivial issues. But these problems can be solved in the first place.

1. The water filter is clogged by dirt causing the water to flow slowly or not at all. It usually occurs in the filter media and the connection pipe. Initially, both internal filters and welding pipes must be thoroughly cleaned.

2. The water flows slowly. Wash the water filter and it is still the same. This may be because the water filter is installed at a level above the pipe level that the water pressure from the water supply pipe does not reach. This can be solved by moving the installation point not more than 2 meters above the pipe level or install a booster pump to speed up the water flow.


3. Leaky or broken water filter cylinder caused by excessive water pressure. The water pressure is higher than 3 Bar, causing leakage and rupture. This can be corrected by installing a pressure reducer or water pressure reducing valve.

4. The water from the water purifier is cloudy. It has an unpleasant smell because the filter has expired. This is a common problem as many homes may neglect the replacement of filters or filter chemical. Initially, fix it by changing the filter or new filter. And make a schedule for changing filters or filters attached to the machine to remind you of when the replacement cycle is reached.

5. The water from the water purifier is cloudy after replacing the filter which caused by a new filter or resin filter that reacts with water. It makes the water appear yellow or milky white. This can be corrected by letting the water flow through the filter for 10-20 minutes, or by opening the water before each use, 2-3 liters for 1-2 weeks, the yellow resin will gradually fade away.

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Although all the problems mentioned above can be resolved by themselves initially. However, it is a common problem and cannot be ignored. So if you are unsure of whether to solve the problem on the spot or not, you can have a professional Home Service from HomePro available both before and after installing a water filter in complete cycle. Both services and installation of water filters and cleaning services including home mechanic program that will help solve home problems 24 hours a day, so no matter where the water purifier will have a problem, it can be solved immediately. You can inquire about additional services via Inbox, Home Service by HomePro page: via Line : or Call Center 1284

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Now, you probably have the answer. Is the Water Filter Necessary? Because HomeGuru has compiled everything you need to know about water filters to help you make a decision. Nowadays, water filters are not the first devices that most people think of. But it is definitely a device that has more confidence in the house.

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