Have you ever need your favorite clothes immediately?!! But!!! You just wear it two days ago or washing your clothes and dry them and suddenly the rain falls and make your clothes wet and dirty with dust. And even in the rainy season, it rains everyday and rains for three or four days in a row. Encountering such a difficult problem… we come to the end of the problem with clothes that do not dry, and encounter the thunderstorm, tornado with the tumble dryerHomeGuru has good information about the tumble dryer. Let’s compare the washing machine with dryer and a single tumble dryer. Or you may have both of them for good use.

1. Tumble dryer What’s good about it?
2. Or not have it!
3. Let’s compare some advantages and disadvantages of having a dryer
4. Get to know the clothes dryers, which are commonly used, there are 2 systems:
5. How to buy tumble dryer?


Tumble dryer What’s good about it?

Many people think that Thailand is a tropical country is very hot. When it’s hot like this, the clothes are washed for a few hours and then dried. Therefore, a tumble dryer would not be necessary. If you bought and used it, you may waste your money and installation space. Hot weather is not a problem. The problem is when you need to use cloth products in an emergency. Whether it is clothes, towels, scarves, shoes, bags, as well as bed linen, sofa linens, table covers that can be cleaned with water. You know, a dryer can help you a lot. You just toss the clothes when finished washing them and put them in the dryer. In just a few minutes, you will have a completely dry cloth that you can use as you wish. You don’t have to wait and hang around overnight to waste time. Or you may feel thrill whether the clothes will be dry? And also it helps to avoid the problem of smell, damp, mold, bacteria on clothes as well. Plus, save space for drying clothes, reduce steps in the process of cleaning clothes can be several steps at once, saving time, saving energy. Suitable for homes with limited space especially condominiums, apartments, flats.

เครื่องอบผ้าฝาหน้า เครื่องอบผ้า เครื่องซักผ้าอบแห้ง


Or not have it!

As you know, tumble dryers have many uses. Washing machine drying Is to wash and clean clothes and various fabric products. Some brands may add special feature programs, such as deep clean laundry innovation. The program can choose to wash according to the type of fabric, thick, thin, cotton, synthetic, wool, the preservation program does not damage the fabric. And many other innovations that each brand will come up with to produce a washing dryer, the dryer that comes together in one machine cannot dry clothes completely. It is just a system to shake off the water out of about one garment. But you still have to put the clothes in the sun and wait for them to dry completely again before they can be used again.


Let’s compare some advantages and disadvantages of having a dryer



It can be washed at any time even on days when the weather is not good

Some fabrics may shrink

Dust does not adhere to the fabric

May cause the cloth to fluff easily

Save time

Nearby atmospheres may have higher temperatures

Save space, no need to mess around with drying clothes

More costs

The fabric dries completely for instant use

The fabric does not smell. Free from mold and bacteria

Maintain color and texture (The fabric does not stiffen from sunburn and licks)

Get to know the clothes dryers, which are commonly used, there are 2 systems:

1. The Vented Hot Air System works by blowing hot air and releasing steam to dry the fabric in no time. It is actually completely dry and smells clean and pleasant to use. And the price is pretty good. But the hot air blowing system must have a pipe to drain the hot air from the machine to the outside air. Which installations must be hung on the wall or windows. It is a bit of a hassle for those who live in condominiums or the apartment may not be easy to install.

2. Condenser condensation system works by blowing hot air as well. But condenses moisture to the container inside the machine and then can drain the water later. But the fabric will not dry as much as a hot air blowing system. And has a relatively higher price. But it will be comfortable that there is no need to connect the hot air duct to be complicated. And there are sizes to choose from, so it’s easy to install, just need a power plug to use the device. This system is suitable for spinning, drying, and further ironing. Because it is easier to iron than clothes that are dried in the sun.

เครื่องซักผ้าฝาหน้า เครื่องซักผ้า HITACHI เครื่องซักผ้า


How to buy tumble dryer?


When choosing an electric appliance, price is a top concern. It should be selected within the projected budget. Able to afford without affecting other expenses that will follow throughout the lifetime of the dryer, such as electricity costs, additional products, machine maintenance cost. Which you selected clothes dryers must be efficient and cost-effective, value for money and really meet the needs of the family.


For the most part, the price and design and materials used to produce the dryer will go hand in hand. In which the perfect design is not the least important. If you have to waste space in your home for one or two electrical appliances that are strikingly beautiful and show off like home furnishings, that would be worth it. It can be used as a home decoration at the same time.


You should choose a dryer with a capacity that is suitable for the number of members in the house. And frequency of use for a great value for money. This is simple. By selecting a machine with a size of the dryer that is close to the washing machine that is used. For convenience in moving, the washed laundry into the drying cabinet with ease. You may need to look at the capacity of the washing machine and the capacity of the dryer. Most of the dryers are used in the household will have a capacity between 6 – 10.5 kg. Another issue that cannot be overlooked is the perfect size of the area for placing the dryer. Do not get in the way, which should be planned to accommodate each other before choosing to buy. And if any home is not serious in the regular washing of clothes. There is enough space for drying clothes in the sun. Or have a washing machine and dryer to use already, you may consider a small tumble dryer. Which has the right size, is cute, lovely to use, try to choose for separate use. With not many clothes, it would be nice. Which now he has complete functions that are not deficient in standard machines and save space for storage as well.

Various additional functions

This add-on function is also a great help. Only having a dryer can not be the answer for busy city people like us, but if there are different types of drying programs, such as a drying timer program that can calculate the completion time. Have Program for adjusting the level of working heat fabric preservation program or programs that cover everyday use and can remember to use it regularly without having to reset it every time it is used will make it worth having in possession.

Insurance and service

Almost all electrical appliances will have appropriate insurance coverage. Which conditions should be carefully considered for the best value for money wasted. And after-sales service that covers repairs, replacement parts. Check the machine according to the period of use. Without charge when using the device for not long enough or not exceeding the warranty conditions.

Replacement parts

Replacement parts when the built-in parts are damaged. Some people forget to think that they can be purchased for a cheap price. When some parts are damaged. Some that are important, you may have to pay for parts at a similar price to buy a new device. Because they may have to order parts from an overseas origin company and waste time on importing items. Therefore, ask the seller for necessary replacement parts before making a purchase.

ตู้อบผ้า เครื่องอบผ้าขนาดเล็ก เครื่องซักผ้าอบแห้ง


When you know this It is your turn to decide whether to have a tumble dryer or not as convenient, but the washing machine, dryer, tumble dryer, small tumble dryer. All are useful appliances that facilitate, makes it easier to manage cleaning jobs in our home. You will have more time. If you still have questions or still can’t think of anything, check out the tumble dryer at the nearby Homepro branch.

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