Remove the sewer pipe is one of our worrying isn’t? For the house that are concerned about unpleasant smell, especially around the bathroom and kitchen. “HomeGuru” often face the sewer system of the bathroom problems, plumbing the sewer pipe systems at the bathroom inside the house between the upper and lower floors is different. So people think, it’s complicated to remove sewer pipe position. But actually if we can choose the proper type of them. It will be easy. Every house can do it by themselves.


Knowing the sewer pipe type before removing them

“Sewer pipe” is an important device that help for drainage, Especially for the waste, inside the house, can flow outside as well. For prevent unpleasant smells or various insects annoying our living. Plumbing system or the sewer pipe is one of the components of the plumbing system. Sewer pipes are divided into two type as follow

Bottle Trap. It looks like a pipe stack. Often installed with a washbasin and urinal or in a small area. The advantage of a bottle trap is, it can prevent unpleasant smells and pests from coming into the house without any worrying. Because the drain hole is under the water level on the other side of the pipe. It can be removed and washed when it dirt or have sediment and small debris falls into the end of cup pipe. Prevent clogged water pipes, and low water drain’s problems.

But the disadvantage is, the distance and level of the pipe cannot be adjusted. It must be installed directly to the holes of the wall, which must carefully look at the installation distance, for not cause any problems later.


P Trap or U Trap is a sewer pipe that looks like a bend P-shaped . Often installed at the sink, bathtub and wash basin. the advantages are fast draining and can prevent bad smell. Also can adjust the level and distance.

But the disadvantage is their Installation space must be wide because the drain pipe size are larger than bottle traps and can’t remove for cleaning. When scraps are dropped, it is necessary to eliminate them before using the sink to prevent further problems.

ท่อน้ำทิ้งแบบ P Trap ที่ต่อเชื่อมกับอ่างล้างจาน หรืออ่างล้างหน้า

In addition to the sewer pipe, main components of the sewer system is also the other pipe such as :

Trap pipe for trap and treat the wastewater before it is drained into the water source. The pipe will connects between the rainwater drains and sewer pipes in the system

The pressure pipe send wastewater from low to high places. They can withstand the pressure generated by the pumping of the water pump.

Gravity pipe get wastewater by the size of the pipe depends on the volume of wastewater that must be received

ท่อน้ำทิ้งโถปัสสาวะชายแบบกระปุก ท่อน้ำทิ้ง 2 ทาง ท่อน้ำทิ้งอ่างล้างหน้า กระปุก 16 ซม.


Knowing the size of “sewer pipe” before removing them

Different pipe sizes can affect to the strength and durability of different water pressure. The thickness of the pipe is generally 5.5 to 8.5 inches. Each house can choose a proper thin and thick pipe according to the using. Such as sewer pipes in the toilet, basin and sink, the size of the pipe should be 8.5 inches or more, but for trap odors pipe should choose a thick pipe that can handle the pressure of the water pump. Most of the thickness of the pipe is 13.5 inches or more.

3 areas in the house that suitable to remove the sewer pipe

Bathroom sewer pipe

Space under the bathtub- If there is an renovation or repairing a bath in the house and need to remove the sewer position , recommend to move the floor drain to the corner of the bathtub more than the middle to make the bathtub more beautiful , easy to tile and convenient to drain water Because the tiled floor will slope in one direction


Washbasins sewer pipes. They have several of materials. Such as PVC or stainless steel basin drain. But no matter what kind of material. When using the washbasin for a long time. The water will hard to flow. It is recommended to clean with this easy steps. before you decide to remove the sewer pipe position, just turn them clockwise to remove and clean pouring out the water trapped then clean it. When it clean turn the cup counterclockwise and close it tightly, the important is, during removal and cleaning, do not forget to observe the rubber seal is broken or not. Using the sewer pipe for a long time, the rubber seal may deteriorate. Need to maintain

ตะแกรงกรองอเนกประสงค์ สะดืออ่างล้างหน้าแบบกด อุปกรณ์ข้อต่อน้ำทิ้ง


Kitchen sewer pipe

It’s a P-Trap type, which should choose a P-Trap with a vent for easy cleaning. Sewer pipe size should have a diameter of 2 inches during the installation or removing of the sewer. No need to be worry about installation or removing the sewer but have to look at the structure and water circulation system Inside the house and don’t forget to install a grease trap for reduce the problem of clogging drains. And contaminated fat as well


Air conditioner sewer pipe

One causes of drip-air conditioner problems is not carefully install or remove the sewer pipe. Causing the water from the air conditioner can’t fully drained. Then the water remain in the air conditioner then damage to the device and home furniture. Installation Air sewer system is mostly use PVC pipe. Which will be connected from the cooling machine inside.


So, it’s recommended to insulate Air-conditioner sewer especially if it is necessary to run pipes on the ceiling. It should be insulated along the entire line to prevent any damage to the ceiling of a water leak. But for the house which is connected Air-conditioner sewer down in to the drain should bend like an “n” or do TRAP.

น้ำยาขจัดท่อตันท่อน้ำทิ้ง น้ำยาขจัดท่อตันท่อน้ำทิ้ง เกล็ดขจัดท่อตัน ท่อน้ำทิ้ง


Although removing the sewer pipe position inside the house sounds like a difficult matter. Because it is related to water systems and sewerage systems but if every house has the basic knowledge as “HomeGuru” mentioned above. It will be easier. The important thing to consider is the strength and durability of the material to prevent rusting, broken while using and the selection of proper pipe sizes. If not confident, we recommend to find a professional to guide you and install or relocate the sewer. For confidence and prevent any damage

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