Naughty children are normal because childhood is a time of learning. The children are interested and have fun capturing items to play. Sometimes being naughty can cause an accident with the innocence of the children themselves.

In this phase of the outbreak of the COVID-19, daycare centers and schools are closed. So children can’t go anywhere. They must spend the day all day. Although many parents trust that home is the safest place. But in reality there may be spots that are left out. You should look for accessories to increase the safety for children play and have fun. This will help build confidence for your children and they will be no longer naughty.


Recommend 7 items to help increase the safety of children

Rubber bumper on the corner of the table

The height of the table is the same height as the child’s head. Therefore, it is a risk point for young children to often hit the edge of the table. Especially the corner table that has a sharp angle may cause deep cuts when bumping. Parents should find rubber or foam cushion to stick at the edge of the table to increase the softness. Reduce the dangers that occur when children inadvertently walking or running.

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Rubber flooring to prevent bumping

Children’s behavior often like to run and jump frequently. The accident caused by slipping has the highest record in the house. The indoor play area should be covered with non-slip, soft surfaces such as rubber flooring, sponge cushions, foam flooring which is not easy to fall. If choosing jigsaw rubber sheets and attach them together, it will help add fun activities for children to play with.


Bed barrier

Many homes train babies to sleep on beds that are above the floor. Sometimes, parents or babysitter do not notice that children still sleep well on the bed. But they are naughty may cause the child to climb or roll down from the bed and injured. For a baby bed younger than 5 years old, there should be an accident prevention device such as a bed barrier. You should choose a barrier that is attached to the mattress. There is no space between the mattress and the divider because it will not be harmful to the children.


Plug cover to prevent electric shock

The power plug is one point that the naughty children is interested in. With a hole, many children like to explore by poking fingers in, which may cause electric shock, is fatal. If installing a new plug, choose a plug with a safety cover or if it is a general model plug, should be protected by using plastic plug cover to attach the extra cover. And do not ignore the wires that are scattered on the ground. It should be tidy or use the tape to stick to the floor to prevent children from pulling, playing or walking, tripping over the power cord.


Fan net cover

Desk fan or floor fan that are spinning is an electrical device that children like a lot and often hang around with their little fingers. They like to play with it and get accidents when parents aren’t looking. Until being swept by the blades, often get injured. If switching to a wall fan or a bladeless fan will reduce the accident quite a lot. But if still not convenient to install. It is advisable to find a fan covering such as a grill or net covering the fan. It can cover all the fans in the house as well.

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Door sealing tape

Every house and almost every room with doors that often opens. Young children are not strong and are not as careful as adults. Often closing the door and pulling the hand out in time causing quite a bit of injury. This problem will disappear when attaching the door sealing tape to prevent the door from pinching the fingers of the child. There are many styles to choose from, such as a rubber pad attached between the door and the frame (at the hinge), which has a small gap that the child’s finger can insert. With the type that is inserted into the door is a device to control the door to close gently.


Stairway gate

The last risk point and the most dangerous point is the stairway area, because if an accident falls down from a high place, it could be a danger to the life of the child. The terrace area before the stairs, so there should be a door to separate the stairs to prevent the baby to crawl from a height or even a naughty child who is running. If there are no gates, you may not notice while children are running.


During the spreading of virus, many people spend more time at home. It is a good time to have more time with your family. Try to look for activities at home, such as inviting children to cook savory dishes. Find activity area for your children to have a play area. And don’t forget to prepare the house for safety in order to play comfortably.

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