If you would like to have a beautiful kitchen with your own skills, it’s not as difficult as you think! With the selection of ready-made kitchen materials, plus the modernization of various devices. Then place it in the right position, ready to use so you can have your own beautiful kitchen.


Arrange the kitchen plan before choosing a decorating set

The location of the kitchen that comes with the function design, you must first explore and plan the usage plan first which you must not forget to look at the angle of the window that is exposed to light that should be the angle of the sink. Determine the exact location of the refrigerator so that you can choose the type of kitchen set suitable for which shape.


U-Shaped Kitchen:

The kitchen space must be wide because the kitchen set will consume the space of the room to three sides.
L-Shaped Kitchen: Can be used with both small rooms and large rooms but the angle may be different.
I-Shaped Kitchen: Suitable to solve small kitchen problems or the kitchen that wants to show or connect with other parts.

I-shaped ready-made kitchen set size 220 cm. x 215 cm.
Suitable for small spaces such as condos or a separate kitchen for use at various points

Choose the shape and design to match the size

After knowing the basic shape of your kitchen. What part must be placed? It’s time to choose the right kitchen style which despite using preference, you should consider the beauty that must come with durability, strength, including design services to see before making a decision or have good after-sales service too.

Cookware position

Set up gas stove, oven, microwave or sink dishes that have to be built-in to the kitchen, use triangular principles to help make positioning easier, such as the gas stove on the left, syncing on the right. The central point is you, yourself that can move and use things easily in all areas of the kitchen.


Distance, height and size that you must know

In all the electrical appliances installation in the kitchen, big or small kitchen, owners should also know in the beginning that they want electrical appliances. How far apart? What is the distance between the hood from the gas stove?

Cabinet set and sink doors help to design various shapes of kitchen as you wish.
You can increase the cabinets or choose the front door according to preference and usage.

Lighting and ventilation

If it is an open kitchen in the house, regarding lighting and ventilation, it’s not a big deal. But if it is a kitchen that must be in the corner of the back of the house with one-way light or the kitchen in the condo that is quite limited. The direction of the kitchen must be facing the light. As for the smell, you must use the hood to help which you have to see that it is a marquee that has to use the air duct or if it is a condo, you may have to choose to embed a counter with a filter system, but do not need to have pipe outside the room to help with ventilation and smell.

Electrical and lighting systems

Aside from the brightness of natural light, you should add light for night time use. By igniting the space under the hanging cabinet for easier use of the counter. Then place the electrical system and weld the points that require the electricity to be orderly. There is a circuit breaker for disconnecting electricity in electrical appliances that may cause a short circuit. Align the plug in an angle away from the water and choose to use plugs with lids for safety.